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How To Be Consistent When You Seriously Lack Motivation

Consistency is key to life and in this post we are not only going to tell you “how to be consistent” in your daily life by giving you some great tips, but also why you need to stay consistent in everyday scenario’s in order to be happier in life in general.

You see most of what we do in life requires being consistent but also having the motivation to keep on going.

The two really do require the other one if you want to live a fulfilled and happy lifestyle. Most of what we do in life is dependent on how badly we actually want it. If we want something badly enough then we generally are happy to put in the effort to get there.

Even then however sometimes the dangling carrot in life will still not work as we might have the motivation to get started but not the consistency to keep on going. One of the ways to ensure consistent behavior is to do things that make us happy. Doing things that makes us happy generally gives us the confidence to keep on going as well.

As an example when people are trying to lose weight. They throw themselves in at the gym without any idea what they are doing (this is the motivation), they then injure themselves, do not see any results and then pack it in (this is the staying consistent part). So you need to let go of the past here and move forward with a new and positive mindset in how you look at the things in life that you want to achieve and start again.

How to be consistent
How to be consistent – Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

If you imagine yourself as above however and you want to lose weight. You see a personal instructor who knows what they are doing. They give you a meal plan and a training plan to follow. Every day you follow what they say religiously and record your measurements along the way. By the end of the week you have lost 4lbs and are starting to see results. This is why consistency is key because you will get results you just need to have a plan and follow it through with recording your actions too.

This is the basics of everything in life is being realistic, stopping any overthinking and having the motivation to stay consistent in your approach to things. Changing your mindset and being thankful and grateful for the results that you are getting which will then drive you to do more.

My Top Tips On How To Stay Consistent And Get What You Want In Life As A Result Of Being Motivated

  1. Believing in yourself – One of the first steps to being consistent is by believing in yourself and your ability to do this. There is no point you telling yourself over and over, I can’t do this, I can’t be bothered, I’ll go next week, I’ll do it when, because all you are doing is convincing yourself you don’t want to do something. If you believe in what you want then you will believe that whatever it is that you want will add value to your life and this will give you the drive to be more consistent along the way.
  2. You can do anything – You really can be anything you want to be in life. With the right motivation, confidence, drive and enthusiasm you can do anything. The problem is with most of us is we would like something, but we aren’t willing to give an arm and leg to get it. If you really want to stay consistent then you need to want the result of what you want in the first place. Which means being hungry for it and wanting it that badly that you will not give up.
  3. Don’t think about it too hard – We can all put ourselves off doing things, mainly because we have too much time to think about it in the first place. This is where you need to adopt a DO IT NOW attitude, which means not questioning the Why. Just go and do it. Have you ever been asked to do something by someone and you have thought about it and gone nah I don’t think so. Even though you know fully well that you would have really enjoyed it if you could be bothered going in the first place? Yep we all have a tendency to do these things, so learn to say yes more. This is an important step to changing your behavior moving forward.
  4. Know what you want – If you have a particular goal in mind to achieve then using manifestation and the laws of attraction is great way to be more consistent in life. Why? Because when you can visualize what it is that you want, you can see it, smell it and feel it then the Universe will show you how to get there. For instance if you close your eyes and using the weight loss example as above. See yourself being 2 stone lighter, the clothes you will wear, how fit you will feel, the compliments people will give and the confidence you will have. Then you will be more motivated to get what you want and stay consistent in the process of getting there.
  5. Set yourself a reward – We all need rewards for what we achieve. This is why as kids we get badges, stickers and trophies when we are consistent enough to get what we want. However if you are doing something over and over and there is no reward for doing it then it is highly unlikely you will want to keep doing it, because you will just think what is the point.
  6. Strive to be the best at what you do – This is a pride thing and more about how to live for yourself and not others. When you can look at what you have done and give yourself the recognition you need and reward to be more consistent. When you can look at yourself and be proud of who you are and what you are worth in life. This is all about building confidence and believing in yourself and your abilities and just doing the best you can at every opportunity.
  7. Learn your lesson – Always look back at things you have done and learn a lesson from it. Do you do your best, where you consistent, did you have the motivation, what could you have done better. Learning to be critical with yourself and not blame your tools is a really important quality to have. This will also give you that drive and motivation you need to get better at things. When you get better at something, you become happier and more rewarded in yourself to keep doing it.
  8. What value does it add – Always think about what you are doing and what would happen once you get what you want. If it truly adds value to your life then it is worth the consistency in getting it in the first place.
  9. Never give up – Once you start on a path you are already halfway there which means that you have already put in half the effort. Most things in life take time and if you want to be living the dream then apart from winning the lottery I’m afraid you have to put in the work.
  10. Mind over matter – Tell yourself over and over this is good for me, this is great, not long to go now, this is worth the reward, this is worth the effort. You have to learn how to stay positive in life in order to bring consistency with it.
  11. Form a habit – Habits are formed over a 2mth period as this is how long it takes for things to become routine in your life. So if you manage to be consistent with something for 2mths then it is likely it will just become part of your daily routine and you will just do it without paying any attention to it. So keep going for 2mths and see how you get on.
  12. Choose to be great – Get out there live your life, enjoy every step along the way. See everything as a challenge to overcome and feel great when you get there. Feeling great is a way to become happy again in life. Once you get the reward of achieving things and take responsibility for your own life you will want and will remain consistent at it.

Scenario’s that might require you to learn how to be consistent

  • Be disciplined – Discipline is consistency in a way anyway. This is why soldiers are great at being and staying consistent because they have discipline. Being disciplined means that you do things anyway regardless of whether you want to or not. Or for no reward or recognition. You may not see the point in doing something but you do it because you have to. You can force yourself to do this by following the above and not questioning things and just getting on with it.
  • Staying focused – Our minds tend to wonder all over the place due to all the thoughts that go through our minds every single day. The best thing to do with this is to apply yourself and then take regular breaks from it to rest your mind. This is good anyway because if you are having problems focusing you will get moments of clarity in those breaks that will give you the answers you need.
  • At the gym – Yeah we all can lose motivation here right. We don’t put in as much effort as we should do and half heartedly do just about enough to give us the excuse something is better than nothing. It really depends on what you want to achieve, if you want to be a bodybuilder then you will have to stay consistent and hit your daily goals. If you are just doing fitness try and join a class and this way you won’t be able to slack off as the instructor will likely kick you up the bum.
  • At work – If work is boring then you are not going to get any value from it and will highly likely not want to put the effort in either. The only way you can get around this is by taking on more work and pushing yourself. Ask for additional responsibility, take on tasks you were not asked to do but keep your mind busy and focused and you will probably be rewarded for it too.
  • Everyday – Set yourself goals and achievements daily. Tick them off once you have achieved them. I box for 30 minutes in the morning and then do a 15 mile bike road because I know I will lose the motivation later in the day. This way I don’t question it as it becomes a routine and a habit that you get into and once you form the habit consistency comes with it.
  • In a relationship – Boy this is hard especially when you have kids as both your lives change and your reactions do as a result of this time. Relationships mean taking time for each other, discussing things properly, agreeing on ways forward and supporting each other. If you notice you are becoming someone you are not then it is time to take action on this. We can all grow apart and you need to make things routine in your relationship but not boring at the same time. If you bring your partner flowers every week then continue to do that, if you do the washing up every night then continue to do it. As kids we have to do what our parents say, but at times as parents we are tired and forget to do things, or are too tired. Don’t let this behavior get in the way and stay as consistent as you possibly can with the tips above.
  • With diet – Yep the good old diet. Calories in vs calories out. So you either eat less or exercise more. This is finding something that fits with your lifestyle so you can see results but it is not changing your life dramatically. Anything that changes dramatically is harder to carry out. So no point doing a cabbage soup diet or something silly as it will not last when you go back to eating normally again. So have the motivation to eat smaller portions and exercise more and you will see results. Form the 2mth habit and once you see and feel yourself getting fitter you will love it and keep doing more of it. There is nothing better than losing loads of weight and going blimey I feel great I can tell you.

Frequently asked questions about staying consistent

  1. How do you stay consistent in life? By finding your meaning in life. When you have a purpose and a passion for things, you want to do more of it. This is what will drive you, because you will feel confident about yourself, it will motivate you and you will enjoy the rewards of doing it. Yes you may have some down times but overall you will enjoy the results you are getting. Always look at the results you are going to get for something and see yourself achieving it. This is by far the best way is to visualize your self in your new position with whatever it is you want and then set of on a path to go and achieve it.
  2. How do I train myself to be consistent? This is part down to staying positive and just forcing yourself to do things, even when you don”t want to. Example you should go to the gym or watch tele? Don’t even go near the sofa, just put your gym equipment on and go, you know you will feel so much better by the time you get back and rather than feeling lethargic sitting on the sofa all night you will feel refreshed instead. Form the habit of doing things until they become a routine, we all work better with a routine and we have to do it at work and school, so embrace it in your personal life too. Reward yourself with something every time you make an achievement in life.
  3. Why is it hard to stay consistent? It is those voices in our head that tell us we don’t or can’t do something. It is your mind, you are in control of it and once you learn to tell it to do one. Get a do it now attitude you will stop questioning yourself. Things like giving up smoking or addictions work slightly different however because your body relies on these things, so it is not as easy to stay consistent with this. Anything that requires, physical or mental effort however is totally and completely in your control and you can adopt an attitude of success with this.
  4. How do you stay consistent and motivated? Grit your teeth and force yourself to do it. Believe that everything in life is one step further to accomplishing your dreams. Work hard and play hard. Get rewarded and recognized for your actions and have pride in what you do. It doesn’t matter whether it is a menial task or not it is a reflection of your character and who you are. Just keep going and going until you get to where you want to be.

So there you have it there is all my thoughts on how to be consistent. Life is a journey and stepping stones to living a fulfilled and happy life. I put together a video series to help you along the way in life, to be a better you, to become happy, to be a nice person, to get what you want in life and it is was when I needed to change my life around. You can find it at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

I hope to see on the inside and in the meantime I wish you all the very best of success in your life and also put a great video below that is great for motivation from some of the famous leaders in the World. Enjoy!!!

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