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How To Become A Better Person And Make Everyone Love You

Learning how to become a better person is easier than you think.

If you follow some simple principles in life as most of what you will learn below in these tips are all about staying consistent in what you believe in.

Most of the things we learn in life are through education and who we surround ourselves with in life.

As an example I am divorced unfortunately twice and my children live with their mothers.

Now I brought my kids up to have impeccable manners at all times.

I don’t get to see them as much as I would like to. But when i do their mothers haven’t adopted the same principles and I have to reeducate them when they stay.

This is true with most things in our lives, we get caught up in others opinions and viewpoints and think that they are the correct way for us to act also.

Sometimes however situations in life can make us bitter and resentful and lead to unhappiness.

Which is why we also need to learn to let go of the past and make every effort to cheer ourselves up.

You see if we want to live a happy and fulfilled life then we also need to make every effort we can to change our lives and move forward.

I learnt how to be nice to others from a really young age as my mum taught me impeccable manners and that being kind to others would bring rewards in itself. So below I am going to let you know how I learnt how to become a better person and bring the rewards I need in life to live a dream lifestyle.

How to become a better person
How to become a better person – Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash

How To Become A Better Person Tips And Tricks

  1. Life life for yourself – This is not a selfish thing to do by the way. But first and foremost in life you have to look after yourself first. That means taking care of your own well being and not worrying about what other people think of. Feeling comfortable in your own skin and learning how to be confident in yourself will give you a glow inside that people will respect you for. When you are in a great mood you will find that other people are in a great mood around you too. If you are however complaining about life all the time, then people will shy away from you and that is because they have problems too and everyone is struggling with their own demons. Do worry about other people later once you have looked after yourself first.
  2. Having great manners – Yes believe it or not this is one of the best ways of becoming a better person. I talk to so many people about this and in today’s society people have forgotten their manners. The pleases and the thank you’s have disappeared, people feel like they are taken for granted and no one seems to have any self esteem or be happy. So say thank you for everything people do for you, your friends for helping you out, your mum for cleaning the house and cooking your tea, your dad for working hard, your mum for working hard. Whoever or whatever events are done for you say thank you for it. Also say please when you ask people to do things for you. Most people will do anything to help you but if they are not rewarded or recognized even by a simple thank you, they will just tut and think I’m not doing that again. If you are over the moon with what they have done and praise them and say thank you ever so much, they will always want to help you.
  3. Gratitude – This again is a big one to be honest because not a lot of people are grateful and thankful for things nowadays. Kids just expect designer labels, new phones, food on the table and expect you to be grateful for their presence instead. Maybe we haven’t taught them the right way to act and be grateful but we are spoiled in this day and age. Currently there is a global pandemic and people have lost jobs, lives, friends, parents, partners and at this team we do need to be grateful for the simple things in life. So even if your life seems crappy don’t compare it to someone else, just find gratitude where you can with the life that you have and if we are breathing then we change anything in life.
  4. Overthinking situationsStop overthinking things. If you want to really learn to become a better person then you have to take a deep look inside of yourself. Most of us spoil things in life because we make up people’s minds and situations ourselves first. We think someone will react in a particular way which gets our back up before we even start. Stopping this is paramount because you will build up hatred to situations and people without giving them the opportunity first to prove you wrong. Adopt an approach of okay if that happens, we can do xyz, if it doesn’t happen we can do xyz and just don’t let your thoughts run away with you. If you do something wrong then just apologize for it.
  5. Listening to others – Empathy is something that is hard but becoming a better person also means putting yourself in other people’s shoes. We are often all victim to not listening to other people because we look at them and think, what have they got to be worried about. Mental Health is rife in this day and age however and we need to understand that everyone has another World going on in their head. By not listening to them properly you will make assumptions and only half hear their problems or situations. So when others are talking learn to ask relevant questions about the situation and listen to their feelings and then respond by thinking about it before you speak. If you think about what you are saying and what they have described you should be able to help them resolve their issues. Ask them if it has helped and if you can do anymore to help as well.
  6. Learn lessons – After each situation that you have with someone try and look back with a lessons learned approach by thinking about how you acted. Think about how the conversation could have gone better, what could you do better, did you listen, where you caring, where you supportive, where you helpful. Analyzing these situations will help you become a better person by looking inside yourself to naturally improve your own behavior.
  7. Always be kind to others – Bullying, picking on people, talking about people behind their back are all not nice things to do. No matter what you think of that person or their values, they are still a person with feelings and thoughts. So always in your own mind be kind to yourself and others. By overlooking these situations you will rid yourself of negativity towards others. The one thing you cannot control is other people’s behavior unless you have direct responsibility for them. So try and understand why they are being unkind, why are they mad, why are they doing what they are doing. Quite often it could just be they are having a really bad day, or something has gone really wrong and they might need a little help too. If they are just an idiot and always will be then just cast them out of your life and move onto other people who are more on your wave length.
  8. Help others out – Ask people if they want anything doing. Again I refer to teenagers here (or maybe they are just mine) but they are quite happy for you to do everything for them but very rarely ask if you want anything doing. So be kind and ask people around you, do you need some help with that, would you like a cup of tea, is there anything you need. Doing kind little gestures like this for people will make you and them feel good about themselves. It also helps to believe in yourself more because you doing things from the kindness of your heart.
  9. Life is what it isDo you think everything happens for a reason? Well I definitely do and if someone is rude to me or obnoxious I just see that there must have been a reason behind that. But what I do know is because I am kind, generous, help people, give love freely I know it is generally not something to do with me. Unless it is my wife of course and I could very well have done something wrong and in those circumstances, you understand where the person is coming from. Why they felt like that, why they did the things they did. Then explain from your perspective how you perceived and why you acted the way you did too. Then you appropriately agree on a way forward and make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes twice.
  10. Communicate well – Learning to communicate with others is a great gift if you want to become a better person. Life is really what you make of it and by open with communications, you will find out so many interesting things about people. You will also find out more about yourself too and that is half the battle in life is being happy with what you have but striving to do more. By talking to others it will make you see there is a massive World out their to enjoy, full of lovely people and adventured to be had for the taking.

Becoming A Better Person In Everyday Scenario’s

  • How to become a better person and be happy – Everyone is always looking for things on how to be happy in life and it really is a choice in life. You choose to wake up with a smile, you choose to be motivated, you choose to be consistent, you choose to be kind, you choose to live life. If you follow all my tips above and know that you are a good person then you can live everyday without regrets and smile knowing that you are making someone else’s day a special one. Do more things that make you happy too and that will help put a smile on your face and live for yourself in a positive way.
  • Everyday – Everything in life is a habit and it takes roughly 2mths to form new habits and ways of thinking in your life. So again follow the tips above and try being kind to others, offer them help, look after yourself, find your meaning in life and your purpose. Wake up everyday and set some goals for yourself, reward yourself, recognize yourself for your achievements. When we achieve things in life it automatically makes us happy. Then by becoming a better person too you can back your life up by knowing you are putting your all into it.
  • Your partner (boyfriend / girlfriend)– Relationships are amazing when you learn to communicate properly. That means understanding each others thoughts and feelings and reactions to things. You might not see eye to eye with everything but at least you will have a common understanding of why you disagree. Listen to your partner, encourage them to be the best they can be, be patient with them, don’t react when they are in a bad mood or say the wrong things, support them and tell them how much you love them often and give big hugs too.
  • To your family – Family can be tough and a bit like the relationship advice you have to give them what they need too. Being unselfish here means that you think about others and why they are saying the things they do, why they are acting the way they are. Then talking things through and offering each other guidance and help throughout the journey.
  • Salesperson – A funny one because everyone thinks you have to do the hard sell. But if you believe in your product and there are buyers there all you need to do is put your product in front of them. The best salesman however listen to their customers first, what do they need, what problems do they have, how can your product solve those problems. So let them talk about their needs first and foremost and then come up with ideas on how your product can resolve those problems for them.
  • After divorce and breakup – Boy this can be difficult and i should know based on my previous experience here. All you can do is accept that this is over and mutually work to the best advantage of everyone involved and especially the kids. It is hard times and the rejection might want you to react in a hateful way but become the better person by keeping calm and collected. Take time to thing about things when all the emotions have calmed down. Walk away from the situation until you get clarity off mind and are able to make wise decisions. After all you did love each other at one stage in your lives so you owe it to each other to be kind, unless the person has cheated on you of course as that is unacceptable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bettering Yourself In Life

  1. How can I better myself as a person? Self reflection is a great way of learning about yourself and the way you deal with others. Ask yourself all the time, was I kind, was I informative, was I helpful, did I do everything I could. When you can learn to self criticize you stop others from criticizing you and it is much better to change for yourself than for other people. Learning how you can be better, do better, be kinder is a great way to self developing yourself. So carry out all the tips I suggest above and see how you get on.
  2. How can I be a better person in 2020? You need to commit to this and want it badly enough that you are willing to change your habits. Remember what I said above habits take 2mths to form. all you need to do is keep yourself calm in situations, listen well, offer kindness and enjoy being the new you.
  3. How can I be a better person everyday? Believe that you are a good person and you will be one. Don’t let people take advantage of your new good nature however. Give to people that need it and will enjoy it. Get up with a smile on your face, say hi to people, help others and give yourself a pat on the back for joining the new frontier of being kind to others.

So there you have it that is all my tips for today on how to become a better person. If you want some help along the way however check out my transformation program at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk where I will help you every step of the way enjoy your life, become a kinder and better person and well just enjoy your life through not worrying and seeing life for what it should be, an amazing experience.

In the meantime I wish you all the very best of luck in life Scott.

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