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How To Cheer Yourself Up And Put A Smile On Your Face

Yay today’s topic is “how to cheer yourself up” and come out of your day smiling. We will look at lots of tips and find something to cheer you up, that’s a promise. I used to have a hard time finding happiness in my life at one stage, as life was just passing me by and everyday felt like it was going nowhere and trying to cheer myself up became a near impossible task.

It didn’t seem to matter what I did to cheer myself up just nothing seemed to work. Then it hit me and one of the major lessons I’ve learnt through life is that you can only find happiness when you choose to be happy again.

Life is full of choices and if we follow the rules and laws of attraction, then like does attract like and if you are in a positive mood then you will be influenced by positive things around you and if you are in a negative mood you will attract negative things into your life.

Sounds a bit cryptic right but it’s not. It is just there are certain rules to life that allow you to stay in a state of happiness and brush off the little problems that occur by living a life for yourself and looking after your own happiness first and foremost. I guarantee by following the steps to changing your thoughts below and using some of the principles I discuss below you will be able to cheer yourself up much quicker than normal.

Life is very much a process of receiving recognition and rewards for what we do. If we aren’t receiving these things then life can sometimes feel a bit worthless and you may need cheering up as a result of this. When however you set yourself goals in life and do more things that make you happy and achieve something measurable everyday in your life then life becomes more fulfilling.

How to cheer yourself up
How to cheer yourself up – Photo by Anthony Garand on Unsplash

Below I am going to go through the things that can cheer you up straight away and also the times when you might need cheering up in different situations.

My Top Tips On How To Cheer Yourself Up And Put A Smile On Your Face

  1. Your Thoughts – Sometimes we can just be in a bad mood right, having a bad day, week or month, someone has said something we didn’t like, too much overthinking and you are just feeling like crap. Once you realize that these are just your thoughts and when you tell yourself over and over that you are having a crap day or your not happy then you will convince yourself of this. Even if someone comes up and tells you the best joke in the World, you probably won’t laugh because you have convinced yourself that you want to be unhappy and cheering yourself up doesn’t feel like an option. So whenever you find yourself telling your own mind you are unhappy believe in yourself and change those thoughts to something positive instead. Learning to master and control those emotions is the biggest step to changing that you have full control over, after all they are your thoughts.
  2. Waking up in the morning – Have you ever just woken up in a really bad mood and not looking for the day? Yep everyone does right but how you feel first thing in the morning generally sets the tone for how you will feel for the rest of the day and whether you are going to need cheering up throughout day. So make sure that you jump out of bed in the morning with a meaning for life and a zest for the day. Put some music on and have a bounce around the bedroom, give your partner (if you have one) a big kiss and a hug, same for your kids or your pet too. Put yourself in a good mood, feel it, smell it and believe that you are going to have a great day. Most of life is about perception and we can either see things for being crap or we can see things that we want to see. I guarantee if you make the effort so will everyone else around you too.
  3. Put a smile on your face – If you need cheering up at any stage throughout any day then putting a smile on your face will turn your day into something completely different. I dare you to try it, rather than walking around being unhappy and looking down at your phone, walk past people and smile at them, ask them how they are. Doing this will make other people smile back at you and there is nothing better than seeing others give you a whopper back in return. Ignore the miserable people along the way, they will need to find their own path.
  4. Have something to aim for – In order to live a happy and fulfilled life we should have some purpose to our day. Something that we can do that will give us the appreciation and rewards we were looking for above. If you set yourself daily goals and then hit them you will automatically cheer yourself up because you will feel a sense of achievement that you have done something worthwhile for the day. All you have to do is stay motivated on this one and see things through.
  5. Watch something funny – My wife is amazing and always happy all the time by choice but in the current lockdown we are all under it is hard to think of things to talk about as no one is able to do anything. So one of the things we have done with our daughter is we spend at least one hour a day together, no tech, no interruptions and we put something funny on the tele. Laughter is one of the greatest emotions and when you share this with your friends or your family then you will soon have a massive smile on your face too. Check out Afterlife with Ricky Gervais – it is a great story and comedy on life after his wife died but there are loads of things it will teach you on how to cheer yourself up.
  6. Talk and don’t text – Texting is the worse thing that has ever been invented as we can lost the art of communication by just sending people quick messages. If you really want to be cheered up, then get on the blower to your bestie or whoever makes you feel great and has good banter. Don’t put it off because they might need cheering up to and will love your call. Conversations are great way of lifting up your spirits and cheering each up along the way.
  7. Do something kind for someone – When you are just in a bad mood, then being kind to someone can do wonders to uplift your spirit. It doesn’t matter what it is, opening a door for someone, helping someone with their shopping ,making a cuppa for someone. Just do something unselfish to actually help someone you know or not and put a smile on their face too.
  8. Gratitude – A great way to put a smile on your face is thinking about your life and being thankful and grateful for things that you have in life. We often get sad or miserable about the things that we do not have and sometimes forget about all the wonderful things that have happened to us. So open up your phone and flick through your memories, see them, feel them and remember all the laughs you have had and put a smile back on your face.
  9. Take time out – If you are really struggling with your thoughts then take time out. If you find you are hating life as a result of being unhappy then you need to seek some help. This is more than just getting yourself out of a bad mood and you might need to talk to someone about it. The best thing you can do in the meantime is look after your thoughts and try not to take them out on others until you feel a little better about yourself. Spend time talking to the right people and get yourself back on your feet as quickly as possible and don’t give into it.
  10. Spread love – Love is the greatest feeling of all time and one we all desperately want in our lives whether we realize it or not. We are held by our mothers generally at birth and cuddled by everyone, but when we turn into adults everyone casts you off onto your own and all that security is stripped away. So at every opportunity give your loved one’s and friends massive hugs and tell them that you love them. Hugs are a really great way of lifting your spirits in any situation.
  11. Exercise – Everyone hates this one and probably because it requires effort. If you are a little unfit then yep it will be hard to get going but once you get into a fitness routine it is a great way of clearing your mind. When the body is tired so is the mind and the little things you thought were getting on your nerves will just disolve into the background. So give it a go and join a class too.

Situations Where You Might Find You Need Cheering Up

  • After a bad day – Just take a deep breath on this one and know that tomorrow will be better. Erase memories of the day and have something to look forward to when you get home. Whether that is a glass of wine, a gym class, hugs with your kids or whatever just erase and don’t spend any more time giving it any further thoughts.
  • After a bad exam – If you have put the work in on this one, then you can and will have only done your best. So don’t beat yourself up about it. If you didn’t put in the work then just learn the lesson that you have to do more next time. Self acceptance of how much work you put in is dependent on the rewards should be your thought process here. Sometimes a little more effort pays off big time and will stop the anxiousness and worry afterwards too.
  • After a breakup – You really will need cheering up after this one. It is one of the most heart breaking things that we can go through in life. After my second wife left me I learnt lots of lessons on this one. That is, there is always something better around the corner and if they weren’t right for you they weren’t right. In a relationship you want someone that loves you for who you are, will do anything for you, understanding and supporting and you are equals in every way. The quickest way to get over this is go and find the person that is meant to be in your life as quickly as possible. I met my 3rd wife by doing this and it made me realize the other two were just there to teach me how to love her properly and not lose her instead. Be brave put a smile on your face, cheer yourself up and go and find that perfect partner for you instead.
  • After being rejected – Rejection is the hardest thing ever to deal with. I have been rejected so many times in my life it is unreal. The only thing I can suggest here is that people and things will come and go in your life and everything does and will happen for a reason. So you have to pull your belt in on this one and dig deep and know that something better will come in replacement of this if you stay positive, keep smiling and cheer yourself up along the way. Look at things you might have done wrong in the situation and learn a lesson from it and don’t make the same mistake twice. We all make mistakes and some of them can be costly and the only way we can deal with this is by learning to change those things and not being too hard on ourselves in the process.
  • After a bereavement – This is the hardest time for everyone because it feels like life will never be the same and it probably won’t be. The only thing that keeps me in good spirits on this one is that if you spend your time thinking how would they feel if they knew I wasn’t happy? That is not what anyone would want for anyone, what they would want is for you to celebrate their life at every opportunity you can, to look back with fond memories but to also make them proud of who you are. We really cannot change this and it is easy to sink into a depression as a result. So celebrate them, miss them, cry for them but always remember they would not want to know that you were sad and not living life anymore.
  • After losing a friend – friends will come and go through life and sometimes the separation can be quite bad also. Sometimes you may never work out why things ended. The best thing is to try and talk that person open and honestly and resolve your issues together. Apologize if you need to or work out how you can avoid the problem again in the future. Great friends will always come back, people who are too pig headed to discuss things properly are probably better out of your life anyway. You should always surround yourself with people that add value to your life and not make you feel bad about yourself.
  • Before bed – If you need to know how to cheer yourself up before bed time then there are a few things you can do. If you have a partner, I probably don’t have to explain this one 🙂 the other is writing a gratitude journal of what you achieved and what you are happy for in life. This is a great way to sum up the day and then also work out your goals for the next day too. But make bed time a relaxing time and stay off your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheering Yourself Up Quickly

  • How can I cheer myself up at home? – There are loads of things you can do here. Some examples below. The options are limitless here, you just have to make an effort to put a smile on your face.
    • Put on your favorite music and dance like crazy
    • Get on the phone to your bestie and have a laugh
    • Put a comedy on the telly
    • If you have family get a game out and have a play together
    • Tell some jokes to your family and friends
    • Watch something that makes you smile
    • Do some exercise
    • Make something nice to eat
    • Sit down and chill with a glass of your favorite
    • Read a good book
  • How can I cheer up fast? – All of the above and more. Just realize that sometimes we are making ourselves sad. Yeah we might have been let down, we might have had a crappy day, things maybe bleak. But just sit down close your eyes and see what you want your life to look like. What does happiness look like, smell like? Feel it with your eyes closed and then open them and go darn it that is the life I want and go out there and get. We are all capable of great things in life if we control our thoughts and emotions along the way. Put a smile on our faces and see everything as just a challenge and things will get better.
  • How can you cheer a girl up when she’s sad? – Ooh there are loads of things you can do here. Check out the list below
    • Talk to them about the problem. But don’t talk to them, listen to their problem, ask them if there is anything you can do to help.
    • Get them some nice flowers or a small gift
    • Give them a massive cuddle and tell them everything is going to be alright
    • Cook them a nice meal
    • Take them for a nice walk and hold their hand and let them know you are there for them
    • Try and change the subject and make them laugh a little instead
  • What food can cheer you up? – This depends on your favorite tastes I guess. For me I absolutely love Mexican and go to a good restaurant with some music and fantastic service and you have yourself a great night out. I would say however here that most people would go for a nice desert, usually chocolate I would guess.

So there you have it they are all my best tips on how to cheer yourself up and I hope you like them. I know what it is like to feel down and unhappy and life really is what you want to make of it. If you need help cheering yourself up or just want to be little happier in life then I put together my own transformation program that teaches you how to change your daily habits and it will help you too.

In this life we have to just keep striving forward so check it out at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk for more information and in the meantime I wish you all the very best in life Scott.

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