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How To Find Happiness Wherever You Go

Todays read is all about “how to find happiness” wherever you go. Finding happiness is easier than you think, but some of the time we get bogged down with life’s nudges and find it hard to see the brighter side of things. So today I am going to give you some top tips on how to be happier in yours and your families lives.

How To Find Happiness Tips And Tricks

  1. Look on the bright side of life – yes I know sometimes life feels really hard and like you can’t cope but you have to remain optimistic. Every day is a new day with new adventures and if you follow the tips below then your life will change. I will discuss more about using the law of attraction in your life here.
  2. Happiness comes from within – when you realize that happiness really does come from inside of you and that you control your own emotions and your own thoughts, then life starts to make sense. If someone upsets you it is your own dealing with these emotions that stop you moving forward and becoming happy. It is our own crazy thoughts that take what people have said personally.
  3. Don’t rely on others to make you happy – Other people can either bring you up or bring you down. So ultimately you have to control your own happiness in order to stay on top of your emotions. Do not let others control whether you wake up with a smile on your face or not.
  4. Try smiling at people – In todays day and age people walk around with the faces down looking at their phones and trying to avoid the world. There is nothing on social media that is more important than your own happiness. So keep your head up in the air and look around you at the people that have their heads held high too. Smile at them and wish them a great day. Ask them how they are. This is a really great way to find happiness inside and it will make you feel great. Try it and keep it up and notice how a bad mood can lift quite easily when other people smile at you.
  5. Don’t live with regrets – It is easy to look back on past mistakes or the behaviour of others and judge that the same situation will reoccur in the future. It won’t there are millions of people on this planet so don’t let one individual skew your opinion about life. Some people are just born idiots and will hurt other people, but there are plenty more that will support you and love you. I just got married for the 3rd time and this time I know I have got it right as my new wife is just unbelievably amazing. But if I had off let my 2 previous wives put me off life, I would never off continued searching for the wife of my dreams. So live happy life with no regrets.
  6. Don’t be moody – Nobody likes a moody bum. We all have to face our fears everyday, motivate ourselves, make ourselves happy and moodiness is for those times when you are on your own and you can think with clarity, sort your head out and bounce back. It is not for taking your moods out on others as this will just skew their thinking about you as a person.
  7. Give love and create happiness – Love the people around you and show them your appreciation for their friendship. Give lots of hugs, big them up and support them. Tell them everything will be okay and you are there for them. Love is the greatest emotion and when you surround yourself with likeminded people you can have a hug fest and all feel great.
  8. Know that tomorrow is a chance for things to improve – Sometimes we don’t know what to do with our lives. It could be that a disaster has struck, it could be you feel you are in a dead end job, it could be your family life is not great. But just envisage how you want the future to look like, write it down and read it daily. This will lift your emotions as you will be concentrating on what you want and not what you don’t want.
  9. Be careful what you tell yourself – The one big thing you need to remember is the more you tell yourself something the more likely it is to happen. So if you tell yourself consistently you hate something, you are going to hate regardless if the situation changes because you then have to spend lots of time convincing yourself that the position has now changed. If you tell yourself positive things, yeah work is a bit crap today but tomorrow it will be awesome, you are exchanging negative thinking with a positive outlook. When you look at things from a positive aspect less things bother you and you attract more positive things in life.
  10. Your future is in your own hands – You really are capable of doing anything you want in life. Yes you may be scared of following your path in case of failure, but no one can push you forward more than yourself in life. If you get a coach to help you then yeah a partner in crime to motivate you is a great way to make yourself happier and feeling great. If this sounds like a great option for you then check out my transformation program where I coach you everyday to finding happiness in your life. You can find out more here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk
How To Find Happiness
How to find happiness – Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

So they are my top tips on how to be happier. believe me I have been in some dark places and had most of life’s disasters smack me right in the face. But when you take responsibility for your own actions, thoughts and feelings you become happier as you only have to be responsible for your own actions.

When you know that you had done everything you can to spread love, be kind and caring you know that any other events are completely out of your hands. Then when bad things happen you can put a plan together on how to turn them into happy events instead. Worrying about blaming others or yourself about your happiness will not lead to a life of a freedom.

Knowing that if you get up in the morning and make everyone elses lives better however will bring you the rewards you need and you will no longer need to ask the question of how to find happiness ever again.

So I hope you will join my transformation program and wish you all the very best in your future and letting happiness find you. Best wishes Scott

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