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Following Your Dreams Like A Boss

Following your dreams is an important part of life.

Whether you have any dreams or not we are going to give you some great tips and tricks so you always follow your dreams in life.

You can also map dreams to goals in life and if you want to look back on your life as if you have lived a fulfilled and happy lifestyle.

Then you will want to keep reading.

I am quite lucky because I got into LOA and manifestation when I was quite young.

It might sound gimmicky to some people but concentrating on what you want in life does attract what you want too.

Think about it, if you spend 30 minutes every day closing your eyes and seeing what you want in life, the perfect marriage, the house, the car, kids or whatever is that you want.

Do you think this would bring you closer to following your dreams? Of course it would because you are proactively telling yourself what you want in life.

You really can have anything you want in life if you are willing to work hard enough to get there.

It is okay to follow your dreams but if you don’t put a plan together on how you are going to achieve them. They might just stay dreams inside your head and never come to anything at all.

We all deserve to live a life of happiness for ourselves, after all if we feel like we are being recognized and rewarded for our hard work then you will want to put in more effort and follow the dream everyday. So let’s make a start on how you can start living in the dream and become happier with your life.

Following Your Dreams
Following Your Dreams – Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash

My Top Tips On Following Your Dreams Like A Boss

  1. Don’t listen to others – If you share your dreams with other people and aspirations, don’t be surprised if people try and pee on your fireworks. Just because they may hate their lives or think that they couldn’t achieve their dreams does not mean that you cannot achieve yours. People might say you could never do that, or you wouldn’t be good enough, but you have to rise above this and truly believe in yourself and your abilities. If you want it badly enough then you will put in the effort to follow your dream and through hard work and trying you will get there.
  2. Don’t listen to the negative thoughts – Don’t let yourself put you off either, just go for your dreams at every possible opportunity you have. Our negative thoughts are something that we can control by changing those thoughts and staying positive instead. For instance, rather than saying you cannot do something, say I could do that, but I need to do this, I need to do that. It is not often unless you have a true talent that we can start something and immediately become the best at it. Things take time and practice so have some patience along the way.
  3. Seeing is believing – One of the questions you will quite often get asked through life no matter what you are doing whether it is in sports, interviews, jobs at home. People will say where do you see yourself being in xyz amount of time. This is where the dreaming and manifestation comes in, when you close your eyes and envision what you want in life. What is it that you want? Do you even know what you want? If it isn’t something specific then start of with feelings. So if you want to be happy in life, have a big family, travel the world, be a business man, a lawyer, a policeman. Whatever it is that you put into your mind should become the dream and that is what you should chase.
  4. Write it down – Write down your dreams so you can spend 30 minutes a day seeing it and believing it. When it is just in our heads it gets buried with all the other thoughts that we tend to have throughout the day. I have a vision board on my desk and I routinely set a timer so I can just look at it and remind me of the things I want next in life. This reminder of what you want will also make you feel like doing more things that make you happy, because these dreams are supposed to make you feel fulfilled and happy too.
  5. Set a plan – Start thinking about when you want to achieve these dreams by. Put a date on them. I want a nice Jaguar F Pace by Sept 2020 – I want a 5 bedroom house with gallery and balcony by January 2021. It might seem silly to do this but when you do this the Universe will guide you with ideas on how you can finally get them. This is on the basis that you want them badly enough to try and get them in the first place however. You are highly unlikely to win the lottery here, so chasing your dreams actually means moving forward at every opportunity in life and not letting it pass you by.
  6. Stop making excuses – You will find that you put up loads of barriers along the way here. That is just natural and your thought processes will try and stop you in your tracks. Things will come along and you will lose faith in your vision. This is why a lot of people do not achieve their dreams in the first place so just let go of the past and move forward. This is because following your dreams is all about the future and not the past so you shouldn’t get stuck there.
  7. Be prepared to fail – You will fail and some will be enormous failures and others will be small ones but they will all be sent to test you and see how you cope with them. Once you adopt and attitude of remaining calm and understanding that all these bad things in life are just a challenge. You can adopt a more positive approach find a way to cheer yourself up and just move onto the next challenge. It really is quite liberating when you can teach yourself not to get stressed about stuff and just accept failure and put it behind you and is an amazing skill to have in your life.
  8. Confidence is key – Really believing in where you are going is key if you want to reach your dreams in life. Building confidence is done by doing things over and over again until you reach a level of expertise that makes you think god darn it I did it. Having a sense of achievement and when you do reach that dream place you will be so happy with your results it is untrue.
  9. Empathy Having empathy with yourself is important too. Sometimes we look after other people and not ourselves and forget that we really need to live for ourselves in life first and foremost. If we adopt this approach and are kind to ourselves then we can help ourselves grow. When you are proud of yourself and what you do, then most other things in life do not bother you. When you are kind and work hard in life and do everything you can to help others, then you know that you are giving life your all. This quite often means that others will also help you to chase your dreams too if you are helping others, this is the laws of reciprocity and will pay you well in life.
  10. Believe you can have anything – You can manifest anything into your life. It doesn’t matter what it is that you want. Whether you want to dream about money, dream about friends you should always look to pursue them. For instance you do dream about money, then go and get a better job, further your education and do everything you can to move forward. When you make the effort, as above you might find failures but eventually you will get there and when you realize dreams do come true you will be amazed.
  11. Gratitude – Once you realize that your dreams are coming true and you get what you have manifested or dreamed about. Then you need to be thankful and grateful for it too. If you are not grateful for it, you will have put all the hard work into get it, but then you will find that you either, lose it, or it loses its value because you don’t appreciate it anymore. Have you ever dreamed of having a new car, got it and then 2 years later you find yourself thinking, yeah it’s okay but I would really like xyz instead. That is okay to think that way as long as your next dream involves how to get xyz and be grateful for that when it arrives too.
  12. Overthinking – We all overthink sometimes. Stopping overthinking really is paramount here, if you are going to question yourself about where you are going and how to achieve your dreams. Then you need to make every thought a positive thought about how you can get what you want and not overthinking negative things. Adopting an approach of things happen for a reason will help you loosen up and realize we can’t change anything all we can do is do our best and if that isn’t good enough. Then it will be next time
  13. Find meaning – If you find a meaning in life then you will also be able to integrate that into your dreams. Try and look at things that make you passionate, make you smile, make you feel great. Close your eyes and realize that you were meant for something great in life, that you deserve everything that life has to offer and your meaning if you don’t have one will all of a sudden start to become more visible.
Following Your Dreams Transcript

Frequently Asked Questions About Following Your Dreams

  1. What does it mean to follow your dreams? It means manifesting and using something like the laws of attraction to attract things into your life. Having a dream about what you want your ideal life to look like, setting a plan, following goals, rewarding yourself, receiving the gifts you deserve in life. The thing is most people dream but then spend their lives complaining they didn’t get what they wanted.
  2. Why is it important to follow your dreams? Because if you don’t you will look back on life with regrets. You don’t ever want to do this. When you get older you want to look back on life and say damn that was an amazing experience and it couldn’t have been any better. Why throw your life away when it is as easy has having the motivation to do anything you want in life. It is all about motivation, education and effort. So motivate yourself to chase that dream, educate yourself where you need to and then put in the effort to achieve it.
  3. Is following your dreams realistic? Of course it is. The only person that can control your life is you. In this day and age you can do anything and anything is possible. If you clear your doubts and stop excuses, believe you can do it, you will. Start will small steps in changing the way you think about things in life. Ask yourself what is life for me? What does it mean, what does it look like when all my dreams come true. Then just get out there and do it and do it now.
  4. When should you follow your dreams? You should follow your dreams at every opportunity you get in life. Start with small things and work from there, make them realistic and achieve able. Don’t sit still in life and take it by the balls. Encourage yourself, say yes to doing more things and no to the things that don’t add value to your life. They are your dreams and don’t let anyone stand in your way on getting to where you want to be. That doesn’t mean treading on others either, it means being kind, working hard, being generous, giving love and working hard.

So that is everything I have to say on following your dreams and I hope you got some value from it. I know how hard life can be at times, I have been there and got plenty of t shirts. But that that is because I am not afraid to fail, I know that life and my dreams can be taken if want them badly enough.

I put together my transformation program to show you that anything can be achieved in life if you adopt an approach of everything I have included above and I will help you get there. So please do check it out at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk and start on your path to changing your life and following your dreams too.

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