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You Can Do It- You Really Can – Be Awesome

You can do it and you can do anything you want to if you want it badly enough. Well that isn’t quite it, there are lots of steps to living a happy and fulfilled life and I will give the tips I have used through my life below so that you can also adopt them in yours too.

This advice comes from years of lessons I’ve learnt throughout life by being knocked down a million times and getting back up every time with a bigger and better attitude towards life. You see life is simple once you Master certain principles in life and you really can do anything you want to if you put your mind to it. Parts of this mean believing in yourself more and having value in who you are and what your meaning in life becomes.

You Can Do It
You Can Do It – Image by Marta Kulesza from Pixabay

You see it is quite easy to hate ourselves and our lives because we listen to other people who are unkind, unappreciative, unsupportive and bring us down rather than bring us up. We end up not trusting anyone and believing that we will never be capable of great things. We try to please people that add absolutely no value to our lives and stop us from following our dreams when all we want in life is to be happy.

But why, why do we put up with this crap, why do we let it effect us, why do we let it stop us from following our true path in life. Maybe it is due to insecurities in ourselves, or our ability to overthink situations all the time. Maybe we are the one’s who cause ourselves this pain without even realizing it, maybe we are our own demons and not the people we are surrounding ourselves with? What do you think? What is stopping you from having a great life? What could you change in your life that would make it better? The saying I can do anything you can do better is probably one of the worse sayings I have ever come across, because it just demeans people so don’t say it 馃檪

No matter what the answers are. I am here to tell you that you can do it and you can do anything you want to and I am going to tell you why below.

You Can Do It Top Tips

  1. It is your mind – Most people struggle with this one because generally most people like to blame someone or a situation for what has happened in their life. We all contribute to things in some way or another no matter how small. So when you choose to accept that every thought you have is your thought and you can control them, then you can control your life too. This will you to become a better person yourself because the only person you will make accountable is yourself.
  2. Accountability – When you take control of your thoughts as above, you also control your feelings towards things. This allows you remain calm in situations and evaluate them in a different way and without overthinking. The one thing you cannot change is other people, unless they have the same ability as you to control their feelings too. But when you can look at a situation and do everything you can to make things better, that is all you can do. This means being kind, listening before you speak and supporting others throughout their path in life. So looking at situations and going it is what it is and making sure you improve as a result of the situation will stand you in good stead in life.
  3. Believe in yourselfLearn how to be confident in life. Confidence is key attribute to thinking that you can do it and you can do anything you want to. It is about having a go and not questioning yourself, thinking what is the worse that can happen and then accepting it. This means having a go in life and doing things that make you happy and keep you smiling. When you practice stuff you will ultimately get better at it, it is just a case of doing it more and more in order to build confidence.
  4. Telling yourself over and overPositive affirmations and manifestation are key to giving you a winning mindset. Tell yourself over and over that you can do it, I got this, it’s gonna be great and I can do anything I want to. By reaffirming these beliefs to yourself you will train your mind to have a positive attitude. If you tell yourself over and over that you cannot do something however then your mind will be trained to say you cannot do it.
  5. Be self critical – This is not being unkind to yourself but learning to live for yourself and be positive. Most of us hate being criticized for stuff, but when you have been self critical and understand where and how you can improve. When someone else comes and tells you it is a very freeing emotion to just say yeah – I know I could have done better and next time I will do this to improve. It also wipes the smile off the other persons face because they know that you are in control of yourself.
  6. Don’t let the past creep in – You really do have to let go of the past if you want to live freely and have a you can do it attitude in life. Many people are disturbed by the actions of other people in their lives and through bad experiences. You should never let a bad experience jade your perception of what the future will look like. Judging one or two experiences in life compared to the millions of experiences that you have will only hold you back. This is so true in relationships just because your ex was a knob does not mean that all men and women will be in the future.
  7. Dream and dream big – We all should have massive dreams and a point to our lives. You can live in the dream if you want to. What you should do is manifest as above and see what you want your dream life to look like, see it, smell it and then go out there and get it. With the right education and guidance from others you will get what you want in life.
  8. ConsistencyStaying consistent in life is key. Control your thoughts everyday and put all those doubts of your mind as soon as they come in. Replace negative thoughts with challenging thoughts, so when something bad happens you are always ready to tackle. Tell yourself you can do this, you can get through this.
  9. Fight everyday – Come out every day with a fighting attitude, tell yourself that this is going to be a great day. No one is going to stop you from smiling, no one is going to get in the way of your dreams and aspirations, no one is going to upset you and you will have a great day because you deserve it.
  10. Get rid of parasites – Parasitic relationships are not good for anyone. You cannot change anything in life if the person you are talking to cannot see it for themselves. You will just waste time trying and lots of frustration trying to get there along the way. If someone does not add value to your lives then get rid of them and move on and be with someone that makes you happy instead. We spend far to much time with the people that tell us we can’t do things that we can with those that support us, offer us guidance and help and tell us that we can do anything we want to in life.
  11. Form great habits – Everything in life is a habit, whether it is good or bad you can change it. It takes roughly 2months to develop a new habit. So if you adopt a do it now attitude and routinely change your thoughts to positive one’s on a daily basis then you will form that as a good habit in no time at all.

So there you have it you can do it and you can do anything that you want to if you want it badly enough that is. Life can be quite easy when you can control your thoughts and take control of your life. If you struggle and need a little motivation however then I put together my transformation program at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

I put a set of videos together when I was at my lowest time and what I did to not only change my thoughts and my feelings but how I now live a life full of happiness and how you can too. So feel free to check it out and in the meantime I wish you every success in life.

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