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Video 11 The Law Of Attraction

This is the eleventh video of the transformation program “The Law Of Attraction”. If you haven’t already joined the program you can do so by clicking here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk 

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Hi and welcome back. So this is video number 11, The Law Of Attraction and how to make it Work for you. But let’s just do a recap on yesterday. So we said about laughing in in the face of adversity because haters will always be haters yet. And that just means don’t say things personally. Don’t let people upset yet. Because when someone says something to you, it’s how you interpret it. It’s how you send that round and round in your head. you know, oh my God, they said so and so am I really like that. Oh my God, what they said really offended me.

you know, it’s just blow it off. Yeah, what people say doesn’t matter yet their opinion doesn’t count in your world. Look after yourself and yourself only yet. But never, ever go round in those thoughts in your head, oh my God, thing doesn’t like me. Or oh my God, you know, they said this, they said that. Get rid of it. Get rid of it. Don’t even pay attention yet. Move on like we’ve discussed before, distraction technique, laugh. Look at someone, think something’s funny but don’t like it. Go around in your head.

Yeah, if you do like it, go around in your head and you can’t get rid of it. Get in touch with them. Speak to them. Say You really offended me yesterday. I’m not happy. you know, can you explain yourself yet? But do it polite way. We balance as well. You get back to response, okay? But never let things go round in your head. The more That you get round in your head, if you never process it, it’ll just keep going. Eh? Your subconscious mind’s gonna take over and it’s always gonna stay there with you. And then it’s too late to address it now. ’cause people go, wow, that was six months ago. Why are you asking me now?

Why are you, why are you saying that now? There’s no point in you saying that now. So always address things straight away. Don’t take it personally, that’s the best view, but if you do, just address it straight away. Yeah. Okay. But now we’re gonna talk about The Law, Of Attraction. So if you know about it, you might not know how to use it, but basically the fundamental of it is, is about visualizing what you want in your mind on paper and putting a plan together really of how you’re gonna get there. I know some of this stuff says, you know, yeah, I’ll think about being a millionaire.

I’m gonna be a millionaire tomorrow. It might work for some people one day. Obviously people who win the lottery, it does somehow, but generally it isn’t gonna work out. But what they say is that matter is neither created nor destroyed jazz. So all we are really is a big bundle of energy, although we’ve got a life form as a human or whatever. Basically what we give off positively is what we attract, Jack. So everything you do in a positive way, you get the opposite reaction. Everything you do in a negative way, you get a negative reaction.

Yeah. That’s just the way the universe works. That’s just the way it is. Yeah. But there’s certain things That you can do if you have a plan of where you want to go and, and you have a visualization of what you want. And I’ll give you an example. Yeah. So when my ex-wife and I were looking for a house, you know, I spent a lot of time meditating or like meditation, like for an hour a day or whatever, and Mrs always said I was, I was having to sleep and couldn’t see why I was doing it. But when I closed my eyes, when I meditated, what I dreamt about was having a house with a beautiful view and a conservatory that I could sit in, chill out and do everything.

Yeah. And then before you know it, that plan comes together and hey ho, you know, you’ve got what you want. But what most people don’t realize is connecting those dots of what you want and when you get it, yeah. So you might be dreaming of a, of a new car, you get the new car one day, but then three months down the line you’re bored that new car and you don’t really think about it. And a lot of people don’t think about the journey they had to go together. you know, what did you do to get that car? Did you save up for it? you know, did you win the lottery? Did you get pay rise at work? you know, how did, how did that journey get you to get in that car?

So constantly, if you put goals together on what you want to do, and this is another good thing about getting those crazy thoughts, aren’t you out your mind? Is that if you think about your future, what you want and where you want to go, and you put a plan together on step by step, how you’re gonna get there, fundamentally when you visualize that, then you stand a much better chance of getting that. Yeah. Common sense, isn’t it? That’s what all these videos are all about is common sense. But the other thing is as well as that, it actually works the opposite way. Okay, so another example for you.

So how it can work in a bad way is when you visualize bad stuff. Yeah. So I was having a conversation with my boss the other day and he said, you know, really busy time at work, can’t afford to, can’t afford to, for you to be off, you know, don’t go sick. And I said, you’ve got more chance than me fall off my mountain bike. And I might have told you this before, but it’s important in this video. And then the next thing, they fell off my mountain bike and did this. Yeah. So there’s lots of other things that happen like that as well. you know, where you thought bad things and they come true.

So what you need to do is you need to connect how you are thinking with whether it’s a positive thought or a negative thought. And like the video we said earlier on about what happens if everything you thought came true, you wouldn’t think negative thoughts would you, you would do everything. You can not have think negatively. So everything is above thinking positively when you start thinking about stupid things, silly things. Just think about The, Law, Of, Attraction. Think about what you want. If you want a Ferrari, put a plan together how you’re gonna get a Ferrari.

It may sound stupid, but that’s what the universe does is connect those dots for you. If you sit down every single day and say, how can I get a Ferrari? What can I do to get a Ferrari? How much will it cost? How much can I save? What do I need to do to do this? What if I changed my job? What if I did this? What if I did that? Then the dots will connect it Sasha. And that’s what The, Law, Of Attraction is all about. Really fascinating sub guides and once you get into it and once you understand how it works, both good and bad, it can really help you out in life.

So I’ve put a link to favor information below the video. So feel free to check, check it out. But it is fascinating, honestly, And it. It really is such an interesting subject. Use it to your advantage. Yeah, use it to your advantage. Because positivity attracts positive things. Negativity attracts negative things. Connect those dots. Okay, cool. So the next video is how to start making excuses and Live your life here. So I’ll see you in the next video. Take care of yourself.

See you soon. Bye.

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