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I Wanna Change My Life And Be Happy

Sometimes you just sit down and think I just wanna change  my life and be happy and it’s not much to ask for is it? So how do you achieve happiness? That is the question we will try and answer for you below with our tips on how to be happier starting today.

Everything in my life changed like a flick of a switch one day – going from being happily married to having everything I wanted to having nothing. The lesson I learnt from this is that money and materialistic things do not buy you happiness in life. 

We all deserve to be happy and I had spent my entire life giving my wives everything because I thought it made them happy and I forgot how important living for yourself really was. But then I also forgot that the stress and hours of work were just too much and as a result the relationship started to falter too. 

The important things in life don’t cost anything and wanting to change your life is something you should think hard about as to what you are really wishing for. 

Talking about wishes I put a video together as part of my transformation program that discusses this very topic. What if all wishes did come true – have a watch you will enjoy it 

After losing everything I vowed to myself that I would never over complicate my life in anyway and all I thought was I wanna know how to be happier but didn’t know where to find it.

Now however I have a wicked life that is full of love, kindness and happiness and I put together a transformation program to also help change your life in as little as 60 days check it out here you will like it

But let’s discuss tips on how you can change your life starting today

  1. The big thing first is accepting that you want to change your life around and what would be the starting point
  2. Writing it all down and putting it in an order that gives you the biggest gains first and foremost
  3. Put a plan together on when you want to achieve this change as setting time frames is an important factor to changing things in your life
  4. Don’t be scared – unless someone is going to die as a result of your actions no change is big enough to be worried about it. See this as a massive adventure in your life. 
  5. Approach everything with a positive attitude – if you try to change and get nowhere keep trying and try different tactics until you get the result that you are looking for
  6. Talk to your friends about the changes you want to make but be weary of those who give advice that doesn’t add value to your life
  7. Find yourself again – if you are wanting to change your life in anyway it is probably because you don’t recognise who you are anymore. This happens to all of us and moving forward always commit to only being yourself and never holding back. If people don’t like you for the choices you make tough – your happiness should come first
  8. Do things you have never done before and try everything – try new hobbies and things that get you motivated to get out of bed in the morning
I Just wanna be happy

The thing is that happiness in life is a funny thing and to be honest with you it is a state of mind and that is it and if you are looking for more information on how to be happier, you will probably come across the same information. If you choose to be happy you will be, yes we all have bad days, bad years, bad months but by having a daily routine of making yourself feel good you will find that happiness is not far away at all

Giving love and kindness to others is one way of changing your life quickly and it may seem a bit mad that making others happy will have an impact on your life but I guarantee you it does. 

You see the World is a funny place and when you are in a positive state – positive things happen – when you are in a negative state then negative things happen. If you look at this in your life you will notice that things happen like this in patterns. 

The important thing is maintaining that positive state all the time by being consistent with your approach. But when you realise all your thoughts bad or good do come true then your perception of life changes as well. 

So here are some of my other top tips on changing your life around quickly

  • Force yourself to jump out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face. The day is in your control and will work out depending on the nature of your mood
  • If you are unhappy about your weight then lose some and get a bit fitter – I discuss how I lost 5 stone and feel great here 
  • Always put on your best appearance – look in the mirror go damn I look good today
  • Smile at people as you walk down the street – engage in conversation with people you don’t know. You never know who those people are or what value they can add to your life
  • be kind, spread love and happiness everywhere you go
  • be kind to yourself too – laugh off the silly thoughts that come into your mind and try and stop you from doing things
  • Get your cv up to date and look for another job so you can change your career as well as your life
  • Look after your family and friends – big each other up, motivate each other, help each other to succeed
  • Read some cool books on motivation and success
  • Take action – get your plan together – motivate yourself – jump up and shout I am gonna change my life – I am gonna be rich – I am gonna be happy or whatever it is keep chanting it
  • Don’t let other people supress your dreams – they are your dreams not theirs and you can achieve anything you want in life if you believe you can do it
  • Look for opportunities everywhere because you never know what is waiting around the corner for you
  • Just crack on – don’t wait – don’t hesitate and now is the time to do it if you really want to change your life and be happy

Frequently asked questions about the topic – I wanna change my life and be happy

  1. How can I change my life to be happy? – Do something about it is the answer to changing your life to be happy. The more you tell yourself you are unhappy the longer it is going to last for. When you take responsibility for your life and happiness however you know that it is only you that can make these changes.. If you are not sure how then just start with one little thing that would have a big impact on your happiness in life and change it. Once you start to change little things, everything else will start to come together and pretty quickly.
  2. How can I completely change my life? – Sometimes in life you just lose your mojo and a change is often the best thing. So get yourself out there with your cv and look for another job with more money, buy yourself the house you were after, make your relationship with your partner and kids if you have them special again. Everyone can find happiness if you look for it. Sometimes we just become complacent and bored in life so a few changes are normally all it takes to get on the happiness track.
  3. How can I change my mentality in life? – The best way for you to change your mentality in life is to start to associate with more motivated and happy people. If you are having problems in area of your life then self motivation might quite not be enough to get you through. Recognizing your mentality does need to change however is a great thing and you are one step there already because if you cannot recognize it yourself then nothing will ever change. Sometimes you just need to force yourself to make the changes and then normally when you reap the rewards you are grateful your mentality changed naturally.
  4. How can I make myself really happy? – It depends on you but happiness is everywhere. Get out there and smile at people, have fun, create new relationships, have fn in existing relationships, stop complaining about stuff and just see the light of every situation and have fun with it. Watch a comedy and have some banter with your friends, it really is a choice whether you want to be happy or not, even depressed and anxious people can be happy as it is the emotion of choice.
  5. What makes a person happy in life? – This really depends on the individual but in my experience it is someone who has the following
    1. Is happy with themselves and has learned to love and respect themselves for who they are.
    2. Someone who does not try to change to impress others
    3. Works as hard as they possibly can and works towards their goals
    4. Achieves their goals and gets rewarded for them
    5. Gives love and kindness unconditionally
    6. Makes an effort to smile even when times are bad
    7. Turns negative emotions into positive outlooks
    8. Has a great family life and friends who respect them

Life is hard guys I know that I have been through hell and back but there comes a time when you just have to take control of your life. You make the decisions, you define your future, you make your path. 

Keep life simple, don’t spend money you can’t afford to, don’t give your time to people who don’t value it, make every effort to see the positives in life and stop complaining. 

Be that person you want to be, chase your dreams, achieve them and then you will find that happiness comes from giving and receiving love. 

I wish you all the best in your transformation journey and if you want to be bigger and better than you are today check out my program and let me help you everyday for 60 days. 

Take care good people best wishes Scott

If I didn’t answer all your queries on this page you can search again here using this link on the topic of I wanna change my life 

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