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You Deserve To Live A Happy Life – You Really Do

Today we are going to look at why you deserve to live a happy life and what you can do to make sure that life is enjoyable for you moving forward.

By giving you some top tips to simplify your life and answering all those frequently asked questions people have about living a happy life. So keep reading and enjoy

Living A Happy Life Audio Transcript

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Hi there and welcome to changeyourlifeforever.co.uk it’s Scott, your host talking. And today we are talking about why you deserve to live a happy life.

And it guess happiness is, is one of those things isn’t it, you know, one minute you can be happy.

The next minute you can be down and, you know, circumstances come along you think that everything is in hand, and then something comes and knocks you off your feet, or someone says something to you that changes your perception about things.

And we kinda hide in our own little heads in regards to looking at situations and, seeing weather, we are happy with them or not.

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And when you sit back and you look at your life and you sit there, honestly, and you say to yourself, am I am truly happy? You have to answer that question, honestly, and if you’re not truly Happy, you deserve to be Happy and it means that you need to do something to change the way that you see things, the way that you view things or the way that things are, so that you can have and live a happy life, because life isn’t to be wasted.

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It isn’t something that we should throw away. And by the choices that we make, sometimes that can lead to our own un-happiness. But when we take ownership of what those choices mean and why we made those choices in the first place, then we can look at it a little bit more holistically. And when you look back to times that you were, Happy like today, you might not be happy in your job, but there would have been a time when you were really happy, you went for the interview, you we’re over the moon that you got the job, you know, you worked really hard, you loved it, but then all of a sudden something changes and you don’t like your job anymore.

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It could be for numerous different circumstances or it could be, certain life changes have come along and your not happy with it or it could be, you’ve decided to have a family, bringing up a family is tough. You know, staying at home. Looking after the kids is the hardest job on the planet. As the kids get older, they may seem a little bit ungrateful and you can look it, you know, the choices you’ve made there and think that you’re unhappy, but that is all just the way that you perceive and you look at things.

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And the only reason that I say this is because most of you will know that, you know, I’ve been divorced twice, I’m on my third marriage. Now, when you know, looking back on those two marriages, I have absolutely no bad feelings about why those marriages didn’t work. But what I’ve done is fundamentally looked at the two marriages that failed, and always looked at the reasons why, and the reasons were is, that you become entwined in somebody else’s life.

You Deserve A Happy Life
You Deserve A Happy Life – Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

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You become responsible for other people’s feelings. You know, all of a sudden, you kind of forgot who you are. You forget that happiness comes from within. And that happiness is something that you drive. But when somebody else is unhappy or your at work, and everyone’s unhappy or your home, and everyone’s unhappy. You got sucked into that and trying to be happy when everybody else around you is just a miserable git or whatever. It’s really difficult to pull yourself over and above how everyone else is feeling.

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But happiness does come from inside and kind of looking at that, you know, I made sure this time, when I married my third wife, that there was a lot of lessons we learnt, you know, relationships are tough, relationships are hard work, you know, and if you want to be happy in your relationship, you really do have to look after each other. You have to remember the days when you, met, when your eyes were sparkling and the way you felt about each other and the way you feel about each other now, and you have to know that you are real soulmates and any indifferences or problems you have, will just make you both unhappy.

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But if you commit to being together, then you will of overcome those challenges. Some of the things that me and my wife do, we give each other hugs in the morning and a kiss for the day. We make sure even if we’ve argued the night before or whatever, we still make sure that we give each other hugs. And it’s the same with the kids. Give the kids a big hug in the morning or good morning, and how you doin? you’re gonna have a good day, you know, and then you’ve got something that you can hold onto that you’ve got a starting point to make yourself happy.

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And I think part of happiness at the moment, as well as being present, I think all of us suffer at the moment from talking to people, whether its our kids our friends and people are on the phones and they’re just not paying attention. It doesn’t seem as if they’re giving you their time properly. And in order to be happy, we do need to be valued. We need to be rewarded for what we do. And we need to be recognized for the actions that we take and the things that we do.

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So if you’re a parent, you want to know your a good parent. If you’re at work, you wanna know you’re doing a good job. You know, if your at school, you want to know that the people like you and you’ve got friends, and if your not getting any of that, then that leads to you being unhappy in life. And the way that I view this, and this is over years and years is I don’t take things personally. So if I talk to somebody and somebody upsets me, I know it’s not that they want to upset me.

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I know its not their behavior. Its how I’ve interpreted their behavior. That normally makes the difference. When you allow those intrusive thoughts to come in and make you feel like that person really meant to upset you, really meant to hurt you then you do yourself that own damage but when you look at it and you go, Oh its okay. You know they might be having a bad day or they didn’t really mean it or I’ll talk to them later about that.

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And have a conversation with them, you don’t go making yourself unhappy about situations. And what you do is you look at everything from a learning perspective. Sometimes we do do things wrong. Sometimes we do make mistakes. We cannot all be perfect. So sometimes when people do say something, there’s probably a reason for that. But when you can look at it and learn more about yourself, you will become more happy with who you are as a person and what you stand for.

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And it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got, how much fame you’ve got. You cannot buy that happiness. That happiness will come and it will be temporary and that’s all it will be. It’s a temporary solution to an ongoing problem. But if you wake up in the morning and you actually look at what you’ve got to do that day, you feel valued. Do you feel rewarded? You can get recognized for you. You will be happy. And yet, sometimes you might fall into a bit of a depression.

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Sometimes you might be angry sometimes, or you might just have a bad day, but that is all okay. But our bodies or our minds sorry are there to protect us. So, you know, we’re constantly thinking all the time. Why did they do that? Why did they do this? You know, why is the bus late I’m stuck in traffic? Oh my God, I don’t know what I’m doing at work and before we know we’ve bombarded our thoughts with so many things that we’ve got confused, we’ve got upset. We get angry. Then we got frustrated.

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Then we probably take it out on our nearest and dearest or our closest. And rather than actually just chilling out and thinking about stuff. If something goes wrong, it’s okay. It is alright for things to go wrong. It’s okay to have a bad day. And if you want to live a happy life, you have to overlook, those things and look at them and go, yeah, okay. So this has happened. What am I gonna do about it? How am I gonna gonna make it better. How can I change that for the next time?

0 (8m 20s):
You know, and it’s all about being open with your communication, not being hurtful or spiteful to people not being hurtful or spiteful to yourself in those circumstances, but just making sure that you guide your life where you want it to be. And that you look after yourself as the main priority in your life. And I know kids are important and I know partner’s are important, but if you don’t look after yourself, you won’t have a happy life. That means doing things that do make you happy, doing things that make you enjoy life.

0 (8m 56s):
And it might be that you don’t know what that is, it might be that you don’t know how to get that. If you set off on a path for things that you want. And that might be just simple things you want to have your nails done. You want to get your hair done. You want to go out with the girl’s or the lads or, you want to go on adventures or you want a new job, or you want to create your own ecommerce store or whatever that is. There must be something that you can see in your life that you can aim for.

0 (9m 27s):
You can work towards and when you learn that failure is just one of those things. Then you can make a really good and happy life for yourself. By striving, towards making yourself feel important, making yourself feel valued, making yourself, look at life in a holistic way and thinking yeah, it’s okay. You know, worse things could happen. Lets just make sure that tomorrow is a better day that we do better tomorrow and just try and have a positive outlook on life.

0 (9m 59s):
But if you sitting there with no passion, no meaning, and no guidance, no rewards, no recognition, no value. Then you’re not gonna enjoy life, but nobody can change that for you. Nobody will make you happy and your own unhappiness sometimes comes from within you. And I know working with my teenagers, you know, one minute they love me the next minute they hate me. And it isn’t anything that I’m doing wrong. But if I rise, if I raised myself to their challenges all the time, we’d end up arguing we’d end up getting into fisticuffs and arguments about stupid things that don’t matter.

0 (10m 35s):
But when you look and you understand, they’re frustrated, they’re busy their getting text messages all over the shop, you know their having to be happy all the time to people and show probably some sort of side of them that is hard to maintain all the time. Kids and teenagers have got a lot going on nowadays. There’s a massive whole world just in their phone. Yeah. So don’t let anyone suck you into their frustration, their problems, their issues.

0 (11m 5s):
They’re unhappiness, stay on the outside and help and guide other people and help guide yourself to making sure that you live a happier life too, because you do deserve it. And we all deserve it. All of us should be able to wake up in the morning and smile and be ready for the day. And know that we’ve got a future that is bright, that we own, that we control, that we can make sure that living a happy life is something we look back on later on and go, wow, that was amazing.

0 (11m 37s):
But you owe it to yourself. And I know it sounds easy on this podcast, but I’ve got a load of hints and tips on the blog as well. changeyourlifeforever.co.uk/blog, where I’ll show you how to break your life down into simple living concepts, how to follow some of the things that I’ve said in this Podcast, so you can live a happy life two.

My Top Tips On Finding Happiness In Life

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff – Some things are just not worth pursuing in life and everyday annoyances will always come up. Sometimes you cannot change things that happen but what matters is your reaction to them. If you are getting frustrated and annoyed with small things, then they will build up together until you have a massive mountain to climb. My answer to this one is if it isn’t important enough to worry about then let it go.
  2. Don’t judge – This is about situations and people. When we look through our own eyes at a situation and judge it in a negative way, it impacts our happiness massively. We might have a different viewpoint on something but we should not let other’s viewpoints affect our happiness. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and will see things very differently than you. What is right to one person can be totally different to another. Be open-minded and always see situations from an outsider’s perspective.
  3. Be patient – Most of us are impatient and in the world, we live in today, we expect immediate responses and answers. Give people time to come back to you, give people time to learn, give people time to change and most of all learn that the importance to you may be less important to someone else.
  4. Frustration – Dealing with frustration can be key to living happily. Most of the arguments and miscommunications I see are when people are frustrated. I never shouted at my kids, but always sat them down and asked them why they did or said the things they did. By giving them this opportunity to see things for themselves, it was almost always down to just feeling frustrated. When we are frustrated we tend to lash out and learning to control this emotion will lead to increased happiness in your life.
  5. Slow down – We all tend to rush around these days, so much to do and not enough time to do it in. This is unhealthy as we don’t give ourselves time to enjoy things properly. The rushing around leads to anxiety, frustration, and ultimately unhappiness. So either plan everything you need to do or accept sometimes that what can’t be done today can be done tomorrow.
  6. Make good decisions – One of the things I tend to do is look at situations and see what value there is in pursuing a problem or issue. If there is nothing to gain from it, then I won’t pursue it. Sometimes we do just have to leave sleeping dogs lye. So making sure we make decisions about what we want is paramount to not looking back with regret later in life.
  7. Listen and be empathic – We cannot control anything in life apart from our own thoughts and thinking. Everything else, time, friendships, partnerships are out of our control. So when you hear yourself getting annoyed or frustrated by something, put yourself in their shoes first before responding. Sometimes we just need to think before we speak to get the output we need.
  8. Stop overthinking – Half the time in life we self sabotage ourselves by making our minds up for other people before talking to them properly. This overthinking is a nightmare and can cause untold damage to yourself and other people’s relationships. So always nip things in the bud and do not let your mind wander creating negative thoughts that do not need to be there. Let the situation unfold in its own way without prejudging what you think will happen.
  9. Take control – If you are living your life controlled by someone else. Then take control back and start to live life for yourself again. You are a person in your own right, with your own right to be happy in life. Yes as a parent or partner you give up part of this to look after the family but does not mean that you should be undervalued and lost who you are. So take back control as quickly as you can.
  10. Don’t get sucked in – When someone attacks us, says nasty things, etc. It is our first response to attack back. Don’t do this, just smile and wave and come back to it later. When we get sucked in, we too find ways to get back at that person and it creates a tit for tat situation that quite often gets worse. Just walk away from the situation until you are both in a better place to talk about things properly.
  11. Don’t get walked over – Do not let people walk all over you. Stand up for yourself and let them know you are not happy with the situation. If they continue to treat you badly then get rid of them from your life if you have done everything you can to change it.
  12. Tomorrow is another day – Yes we are all going to have good days and bad days. But if we hold our thoughts and stop rushing around to make decisions. Things will always be brighter the next day and if they aren’t things will get better at some point. You have to be optimistic about this and have faith things will work out.
  13. Make life valuable – When you have a passion or meaning in life and it doesn’t matter what that is. It makes life worth living when you look forward to doing something so much that you smile when you think about it. That is what makes living happily ever after easily attainable. A lot of people do not have a hobby or something that they love, but it really is important to find something you can just escape within your life that gives you the rewards and recognition you need to be happy.
  14. Make other people happy – When you look at life and help others and you are willing to put a smile on your face no matter what happens. Life becomes amazing because you can see through all the bullshite, you know that life is what you make it, you know that happiness comes from within, you know that having fun makes you happy, you know helping others makes you happy, you know that everything you see and hear is down to your own interpretation, you know you are in control of what you say to do and take action on. So make other people happy by getting out there with a smile on your face at every opportunity you have and see if it makes you happy too.
  15. Live by these principles and you will find living happily ever after becomes a reality and not a dream
    1. You own your life, thoughts, and feelings, and no one else
    2. If you work hard, you will eventually get to where you want to be
    3. If you help others, they will help you too
    4. If you are kind to others, they will be kind to you too
    5. If you want something, go and get it
    6. Don’t make excuses
    7. Don’t blame other people for your mistakes
    8. Don’t judge situations or people you know nothing about
    9. Be open-minded and learn from everything that happens in life
    10. Be courageous and believe in yourself and don’t let others put you down
    11. Life should be enjoyed every day
    12. You become what you think, so keep your mind busy moving forward and with positive thoughts
    13. Give life your all and be the best that you can possibly be in life
    14. Be kind, considerate, and love life

Frequently Asked Questions About Living Happily Ever After

  1. What is a happy life? For me, it means to be content and do your best in life to help yourself and other people. To know that life is for the taking and you have to work hard to get what you want, stay consistent, and just keep moving forward. You have to overlook the upset and the problems and keep striving for that better life you so deserve.
  2. How can I live a happy life? Make a conscious decision to enjoy life and put a smile on your face and other people’s. To know that you will have downtimes but to make the most of the good times, friendships and see life for what it is, an amazing experience when you stop worrying about what other people think and start to live for yourself.
  3. What is needed for a happy life? To be proud of yourself and what you stand for. To know that you are respected, valued, and loved. To be part of something that makes you feel at home with yourself and to work hard and get your just deserts in life. Look internally and smile at yourself, because you are amazing and you are the one person you have to live with for the rest of your life, so tell yourself happiness in life is key.
  4. Can you ever be truly happy? We all want more in life sometimes and that it is where unhappiness comes in. Yes, you can be truly happy in whatever you do if you look at anything over 70% in your life being good. then that is a really good outcome. You will never hit 100% happiness consistently all of the time but if a good proportion of your life is great, then the downtimes are just expected too.
  5. How can I live a free life? By freeing yourself from making other people happy. Your job is to look after yourself and your own emotions first and foremost. When you don’t take things personally and you do everything you can to excel at everything in life. There are no come back if you are always doing and striving to be the best version of you. Free your mind, your spirit, and your body and for what you want in life.
  6. What are the 3 things you need in life? My three things – LOVE – RESPECT – VALUE

So that is everything i have to say on living a happy life and it takes work to find happiness but when you free yourself from all the crap that everyone and everything throws at you and just enjoy the ride. You will be truly liberated in life.

Feel free to join me on my transformation program today if you liked the post and I will be with you everyday to make sure you live happily ever after in your life too. All my best wishes Scott

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