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Making Sure Life Is Enjoyable Every Single Day

We owe it to ourselves to make sure life is enjoyable. To look back on life and go wow what a wicked life I had.

Do you remember when you were a child? Everything seems so much fun and everything is an adventure. As we get older however things change and life becomes more serious but it doesn’t have to be that way.

So follow this page for our audio transcript, tips on how to enjoy life, and frequently asked questions about making life more enjoyable starting today.

Life Should Be Enjoyable Audio Transcript

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Hi there and welcome to the podcast for changeyourlifeforever.co.uk. It’s Scott your host talking. And today we are going to be talking about making sure life is enjoyable every single day, because you know, waking up every day with a smile on your face is a great way to start the day. But how many of us actually do it, how many of us have heard the term live every single day like it’s your last, but we don’t take notice of it, do we?

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Unfortunately, my wife’s friend, the other day, unfortunately got told she had stage 4 of cancer. And she’s had to go and tell her family and friends, everybody that she hasn’t got long to live, that she’s going to be on her last few days and starting chemotherapy and all sorts of things and when that becomes so close to you, you actually do realize that life should be enjoyable.

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And making sure that life is enjoyable every single day should be within or own thoughts and our own minds. Sometimes we all think we are invincible don’t we, we all think we’re capable of great things. We’re invincible and nothing will ever happen to us we can let the everyday day pass us by, but when every day passes us by the week’s go quickly. The months go quickly and before we know it, we might not be enjoying life as much as we should be and its really down to us to overcome all the obstacles in life, to stop making excuses, to get over our self-doubts, to stop all the obsessive intrusive thoughts that make life un-enjoyable you know, you come in from work or you work at the same place for years and years.

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You’re unhappy in your job. You come home, you know you’re home life, it rubs off there, you sit down and watch the tv. You don’t achieve anything there is no self-reward. There is no self-achievement at the end of the day, there is no rewards and recognition for what you do. And when you live life like that, it’s easy for that to form a habit. It’s easy for it to form into something that feels as if it’s impossible to change, but it’s not impossible to change.

Life Is enjoyable
Life is enjoyable – Photo by Renda Eko Riyadi from Pexels

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And you can change your life in a fraction in a moment by looking at yourself, looking at what you want in life, looking at what you are capable of. If you don’t enjoy your job, get your CV together, get a job that you do enjoy. If you are having trouble with your family or your relationships, then fix those problems, learn how to communicate with people. Don’t argue. Arguments are futile to learn to understand who the people are around you.

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What makes them tick? What value you can add to their lives and can to yours. Travel the world, go on adventures. Have a do it now, attitude that goes, yes, I am gonna do this. I am gonna plan for this. I am gonna make sure that life is enjoyable from now on. I’m gonna wake up with a smile on my face. I’m not gonna let any rude or horrible people ruin my day because I wanna feel good. I wanna feel great.

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I wanna have an enjoyable life. I want to make sure that I can look back later on in life and think, wow, look at what I’ve done. Look at what I’ve achieved. And it’s so easy. Nowadays to get sucked into Life. Everybody is on the rat race. You know, we went to the pub the other night and a big family sat down at the table, you know, and everyone was on the phone, apart from the dad who looked miserable. But yeah, we need to learn to communicate again. We need to learn to understand that the value in life comes from getting rewards and recognition for what we do, for adding value to our own lives.

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To other people’s lives to make sure that, what we want in life, is what we aim to achieve. And once you realize that life is for the taking, you can do anything that you want to. You can achieve anything that you want too. If you just put your mind to it and all those obsessive intrusive thoughts that come in, that stop you doing it, adjust your own thoughts there, your own thoughts that are stopping you, making life enjoyable.

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I know kids are hard work and everything, but every single morning, wake up good morning and make sure that the kids are happy. You know, sit and talk to them. Don’t tell them off and just understand how they are feeling today. How are you getting on? Did you have a good day? What are your plans for the rest of the week? You know, are you going out with your friends? Are you gonna go to football or, or whatever? And you can get so much pleasure out of turning a bad situation, into a good situation.

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Because half the time you can wake up in the morning and your feeling tired. You don’t want to go to work. The kids are doing your head in there, running around the house, creating havoc. You can’t get them ready for school. And before you know it, you’ve stressed yourself out. You go to work, you know your not really that focused. You’re not really that happy. But life shouldn’t be like that it should be fun. It should be enjoyable and you can do things to make it enjoyable by changing your mind about things, changing your perception of things, and waking up with a smile.

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And if you have a purpose in your life, if you have a meaning in your life, then, you will always be striving towards that. And that can be either a passion. It can be something, a hobby. It can be anything that just drives you. That takes your mind off all the pressure. The stress, the anxiety but gives you something to aim for in life. Something that you can personally hold yourself accountable for, hold yourself responsible for, and then reap the rewards of doing it.

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And that is how you make life enjoyable by having a plan, working out the goals that you want to get to, working out, how are you going to do them work every day fearlessly to overcome any obstacles to make life enjoyable to go to bed feeling is if you’ve achieved something in that day, that your worth something that your life is truly valued in one way or another. So it’s down to us to make sure that life is enjoyable.

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That life is fun. That life is happy. We say yes to doing more things we also say no to doing some things as well. But it is about all of us being in control of our lives to take control of it, to understand where our destiny is, where we want to go. And you might not have any idea how to do that, how to get there. But the first part of the process is just starting. If you are unhappy in life, start on a process to make it better, understand the pieces that are making you feel unhappy.

0 (7m 20s):
And I think sometimes we blame our own happiness on external factors, but it’s not, the only factor that affects our happiness is ourselves and our ability to feel good about who we are, what we stand for, and what value we give to the world. And then go and achieve it. If you want a new car workout, how to get it. If you want a new house work out, how to get it, if you want to travel the world, start making plans, don’t put stuff off, get out there today.

0 (7m 51s):
And Change your life. Change it for the better and make sure that life is enjoyable for you. When you start to do that, everything else will start to unveil and magical things will start to happen in your life. When you walk around with a smile, you’ll meet other smiley people, people that want to help you. People want to do things for you and you have to stop all those other thoughts that tell you any different in life they’re just there to protect you and stop you from moving forward.

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But when you have clarity of mind of where you want to go, nothing will stop you. So that’s all I’ve got to say. Today I hope you go out there and make sure that your life is enjoyable and that you smile every single day.

My Top Tips On Making Your Life Enjoyable

  1. Own life – Own your own life and don’t ever let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams in life. You own your performance, you own your attitude, you own your destiny, you own your future. Take control and set out on a path to find your passion and meaning in life and go out there and smash it.
  2. Your thoughts – We are our own worse enemies in life and we can stop ourselves from achieving what we want by simply self-sabotaging ourselves. The self-doubt and obsessive intrusive thoughts kick in and ruin the journey. Don’t let your thoughts consume you but turn them into positives, learn not to question yourself but push yourself forward and if you fail, so what, it is always better to try and fail than not try at all.
  3. Your attitude – Your attitude is everything in life. If you can switch on the positive attitude and just enjoy life, then your life will change dramatically. It is easy to sit with the moaners who never have a good thing to say about life. This will only rub off on you eventually though, so surround yourself with the do it now people, the one’s that love life and have a zest for it. Join the winners in life and see how quickly things start to change.
  4. Don’t be scared – When we are kids, we are fearless, we learn to walk, bump into things, fall off things but we get through. Because we are not scared of the dangers ahead. Treat life like everything is new and an adventure. Give it a go and overcome your anxieties because the more you do stuff, the less you will question yourself about whether you can or cannot do something. Yes some things can seem scary but it is a bit like a horror movie, makes you feel scared but it’s not real until your mind makes it real. Give everything a go and embrace fear as your friend.
  5. Enjoy life – There are so many things out there to make life enjoyable but in today’s society all people do is seem to moan about things. Moaning will get you nowhere, living life by the seat of your pants will get you everywhere. Smile at people, have fun, and leave all the negativity behind you, as negativity is like a disease, it spreads quickly, and before you know it you become a moaner too.
  6. Never give up – Embrace everything in life as a challenge. Some you will win and some you will lose. But challenge yourself to be the best that you can be and never give up. Go out there with a do it now attitude and say you can do this, it doesn’t matter about the pain, I am going to get through this. Having this attitude will give you the strength in everything you do and is paramount to your personal success.
  7. Be part of something – Did you enjoy being part of a team when you were a kid? Have you ever felt that jubilation of winning something and celebrating with your teammates? If you haven’t then now is the time to do it. It can be anything from sports to charities or whatever. But join a group of like-minded people that make sure that you are enjoying life as part of a worthy cause. On our own we can be great, as part of a team we can be amazing.
  8. Reward yourself and feel proud – Don’t look for acceptance, gratitude, or praise from others. It should be yourself that you are trying to impress. That you know what you are capable off and that you are pushing your personal barriers to the maximum. Other people’s opinions do not matter unless they are going to add massive value to your already great attitude. So reward yourself at every opportunity you get and give yourself a massive pat on the back for every achievement you do.
  9. Keep pushing yourself to do it – Whatever you want in life, have a do it now attitude and go out there and smash it. Don’t make excuses and don’t waste the time either. If you want to make life enjoyable then this is down to you. Have the courage and the attitude to strive forwards and do things that make you happy in life.
  10. Pat yourself on the back – If you listen to these words and you realize that life is what you make it. Then you are in the top 10% of achievers. You are amazing and you own your life and your destiny. You get it that hard work, dedication, commitment, consistency pays off. You get that failure is positive in life and is just another lesson learned. You get what you want and are willing to do anything to get it. So well done you and a massive pat on the back from me too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Life More Fun

  1. Is life supposed to be enjoyable? Of course it is. When we are kids, you have so much fun it is untrue. When we are adults, bills, jobs, pressure, anxiety all builds up because we have responsibility. But it is our own choice whether to make life enjoyable or not. To get excited about thing coming up in our diaries, to book events, to go on adventures, to have fun. So yes life is meant to be enjoyable and you should be doing everything you can to live a fulfilled life yourself.
  2. What does it mean to enjoy life? It means being in control of your destiny and valuing yourself and your life. To wake up with a smile and do your best in life for yourself and everyone around you. To know that we really do only get one opportunity to enjoy life. So make the most of it. Learn to live every day and throw those stupid thoughts that try to bring us down to the back of our minds. To find the fun in things and with the people, we hang around with.
  3. What makes life more enjoyable? That depends on who you are. I love being with my family and seeing my kids happy. I love seeing other people enjoying themselves and having fun. We are very sociable creatures and therefore we are at our best when in other people’s company. Have a laugh with friends, talk, enjoy each other’s stories. Play games and just walk around with our head held high and see the beauty that the world has to offer. Making things enjoyable doesn’t have to cost anything, you can have a laugh and a smile for free with anyone at anytime that you want to.
  4. What is the best age to enjoy life? We never know what life has in store for us. So every age is important to enjoy life. We should overcome the daily challenges and hardships and know that things will get better in life. We have to adopt a positive approach to this though and not let those intrusive thoughts carry us away to a dark place. So my advice is no matter what age you are, make sure you are living life to the max.
  5. How can I be happy? This is down to you. Whether you want to take control of your life and make it the life that you want it to be. Don’t let other people suck you into their story, make life enjoyable with the smallest things. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy being alive. Have a plan in life where you get some sort of self-achievement and reward from. Be kind and give love to others unconditionally. Don’t let your thoughts tell you that life is crappy, even if it is, because of negativity breeds negativity. It is really hard to pull yourself out of a dark place than it is to force a smile on your face. So do things that make you happy and share your feelings with others.
  6. How do I enjoy being alone? We never have to be alone in life. There are so many options nowadays to meet other people. There are clubs, dating sites, communities that we can join. Meet new people and although it can be terrifying at first, the more you do it, the more you will get used to it and the more friends you will meet. If you like being on your own, however, have a plan in life, keep your mind occupied on getting what you want in life, stay busy, stay healthy and do things that make you happy.

That is everything I have to say about making sure life is enjoyable. If you like what you have read then do join me on my transformation program below and we can take a journey through life together.

Wishing you all the very best in your future. Scott

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