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Why Helping Others Will Change Your Life Too

By helping others you will help those people become greater in life, you will offer hope and support to those that need it most.

Karma will come back and provide kindness and help to you too. So stick around on this page for how you can learn to help people too with our top tips and frequently asked questions about this important topic.

Audio Transcript On Why Helping Others Will Change Your Life

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Hi there and welcome to changeyourlifeforever.co.uk. It’s Scott, your host talking. And today we’re gonna talk a bit helping others, because from my perspective and you might think differently than this.

I really get a lot out of helping other people, sometimes when you do help others it kind of gives you a nice feeling inside that you’re doing something that is worthwhile. That you’re helping somebody either become a better person or do a better job or just.

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Generally helping them feel better, sometimes where it can go wrong. And I found this quite a bit. It’s that kind of a mental health and anxiety. It’s really, really complicated. What one person might go through a stressful event compared to another person going through a stressful event is completely, completely different. For instance, as a student, you might find that you need some time management techniques also to manage your stress. Kind of what I see a lot is people who are suffering from mental health issues themselves, trying to help other people with it. And it’s really difficult to do that because in order to help a lot of other people sometimes, you have to get over the mental health issues and the anxiety yourself in order to really realize what you can do to push them forward.

Helping Others
Helping Others – Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

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But there are simple things that you can do every day and helping other people, you know, it’s quite simple. So I’ll give you an example of this morning. I got a phone call from a recruitment consultant looking for me to take on a new contract role, but I’m already in a contract. So I have a chat with her and help her out, by saying I know quite a few people through COVID at the moment that are looking for jobs. They haven’t had a job for quite a few months. Now, there getting a bit worried. So pick up the phone to them.

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I’m like, look this job has come up. Would you be interested? And kinda connect those people together and hopefully, one of the people I know will get that job. And then as an impact of helping them, they hopefully will then be able to provide for their family again. They will get a job that will last them for the next six months, 12 months, and see them through COVID. And it’s just simple little things like that. But when you’re think about serving others and when you think about other people on the top of your own thoughts your own difficulties, your own situation, it helps you to actually provide a little bit of light, a little bit love into someone else’s life and it can be something really simple.

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If you see somebody struggling, don’t criticize them, don’t think their doing something bad or doing a bad job, just go out and help them see what help they need to become better. I work with a lot of people and the intrusive thoughts that a lot of people go through and the self criticism and the anxiety and the stress that we feel nowadays, a lot of it comes down to the fact that the, if you lived on your own, you probably wouldn’t have any hassell, but introduce loads of other people into the equation.

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You’ve got all these different personalities with different thoughts, with different ideas. You think you’ve got to fit in and you think you’ve gotta get on with everyone and life isn’t like that. You should just be yourself. And by being yourself part of that is being kind to other people and helping people, helping other people become great. You know, I think in my career, I’ve helped so many young people, that people wouldn’t give them an opportunity to within the organizations and I have coached them and I’ve mentored them and have trained him.

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And some of them have gone off and leading global organizations, such as DELL, IBM and all sorts of other roles that they would never have been given. If I hadn’t have actually gone out my way to think that helping others was an essential part of every day life. And you don’t need to protect yourself. You don’t need to protect to yourself from other people doing better than you. And especially if you are in a management role or a supervisory role, our job is to ask people, how can I help?

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How can I help you do your job better? How can I be there for you? How can I support you? What can I do that makes your job that much better, that much easier. But for some reason, some people don’t like helping others, you know? And that might be because it so ingrained in our own lives, we’ve got so much going on now. That is the last thing that we think about. And I’m quite lucky as well because my wife is probably the most helpful person on the planet she’ll do over and above anything for anyone.

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You give her a call at two o’clock in the morning and she’ll be there for you, but everybody loves her and everybody relies on her. And she does say it without expecting anything back, she doesn’t help other people because she wants them to do something for her too. And its like those jobs today, probably those guys, when they get that job I may not even get a thank you for it because sometimes people forget that you’ve helped, you know what you’ve done to guide them and everything else, but you should do it without needing any gratitude for it, you should do it because karma really does work and karma does come back.

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So when you need help, hopefully people will be there for you. If you’ve done things for them, then when you were in your deepest, darkest place, then hopefully people will be there for you too. And I know in the world at the moment it is really, really difficult. You know, the global economy is falling apart. People are losing the jobs. There’s lockdowns. Hear there everywhere. There’s no better time than now to see how you can help other people. And if you are fortunate, enough to be in, a great job in a great place.

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And you’re being able to sit this out then see whether there is, anybody else out there that does need your help, it might be helping them review a CV. It might be helping them connect to other people. It might be helping them get a job. It might be helping them go shopping because they are in lockdown. But just think about helping others, put that as a priority in your day to help other people out and just ask them, how can I help? What can I do? Is there anything that you need?

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And I know my dad the other week? He was moving house and he is 72 now. And I kept saying to him, do you need any help dad. do you need any help or anything. And he was like, no, I’ll be OK. So I went over anyway, and some of the things that he was trying to do at his age he shouldn’t have been doing. And he actually ended up hurting himself on the last day of moving some stuff. If I hadn’t off gone over to help him, there’s no way he could have moved his house in two days, he is not a spring chicken anymore. You know, he had all these ideas that he could bung all the stuff into a trailer and get it moved.

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And it would all be hunky-dory, but it wasn’t like that. But when you think about helping others personally, I feel great from helping people. I feel great that somehow I have contributed to making their life better. I know some times it feels like you’re taken for granted. I know sometimes it feels as if giving kindness, people don’t really care or they’ll walk all over you. Do it for yourself, don’t do it for anybody else. Do it for yourself. Just learn that helping others.

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Is a really really important part of life. And in you’re day make it part of your routine, help as many people as you possibly can. And you will see that they will smile at you. They will thank you. They will be grateful, and it will spur you on. It will take your mind away from your horrible thoughts. Your horrible feelings your anxiety and your stresses because helping others, will also make you realize hopefully that you are actually in a good place.

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And if your not in a good place, then go and ask for help yourself it does no harm in asking other people to help you. Sometimes we all need a helping hand. We all need some guidance in life. We all need somebody to come and offer that hand of reassurance to make us feel a bit more positive, to make us feel a bit more confident just to give us a hand. So we don’t feel like we’re on our own. So please go out there today. Help as many people as you can see helping others as an important part of your life.

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If you can serve overs just to ask them, how can you help them and see whether it puts a smile on your face?

My Top Tips On Helping People Through Life

  1. Be patient – Some people need more help than others and just because they don’t get something straight away does not mean that they are stupid. Other people will also act differently than you would in the same situation so be empathic and understanding to their feelings.
  2. Karma – Know that for every person that you help that you have done a great deed and that Karma will pay you handsomely in rewards. What we give out is generally what we recieve, so if you would like others to help you, it is important that you help them too.
  3. Have fun – Helping people grow is really interesting and especially if they follow your advice and guidance too. It is an overwhelming feeling when you do something to impact someone’s life in a way that they will never forget.But make helping fun and not a chore.
  4. Don’t give up – Sometimes you will see someone that needs help but will refuse to ask or will turn down your offer. Just stay persistent with this and see where and when you can help them out. Eventually they will give in and let you give them a helping hand.
  5. Learn from others – Helping other people is a great way about learning more about how other people cope with things in life. We all tend to deal with things differently and seeing how and why they deal with things in this way will give you help in your life too.
  6. People you don’t know – Having great manners is something that seems to be deteroriating in todays society. So if you see someone on the street struggling, help them out. Open doors for people, give up your seat for the elderly and pregant, help little old ladies across the road. A little kindness and help really does go a long way.
  7. Smile and recognition – At the end of the day when you look back and be grateful for the day. You can reflect on all the good things you have done to help other people. Give yourself a massive pat on the back and smile knowing that you have done your best to make someone’s life a better place.

Frequently Asked Questions About Helping Other People

  1. What are the benefits of helping others? Are that you will be able to look back and know that you have made someone’s life better in some way. Despite the way we are in society sometimes with our heads down, we are meant to be in packs and helping each other, forage, hunt and eat. The way I see it is that when you help someone else you are also empowering yourself as a person. You become much more aware of your qualities and other people’s when you help them. Some people will eternally be grateful, other people will grunt but if you offer help you can hold your head up high knowing that you have been completely unselfish in your acts?
  2. What do you mean by helping other people? It means giving people a hand when they need it. It can be anything from simple things to volunteering. But when you give time to others and help them with what ever they need you are offering them something that otherwise they would struggle with. All of us deserve to live a great life and we can do so by helping people with things that they are struggling with. It is a great strength to have when we can condition ourselves to help people when they need it and without expecting anyting in return.
  3. How can we help others? You can volunteer to help the elderly, sick, children, animals and many more society’s. Also if you see someone struggling at work, shopping, in the street, wherever, then offer them a helping hand. You can carry bags for people, open doors, just where you see an opportunity, give someone a helping hand.
  4. What is the feeling off helping other people? For me, I love seeingpeople’s faces, a lot of people don’t like to ask for help as it is seen as weakness. It is not, if you cannot do something else, then always ask for help. I love helping people and like to see the smile on their faces because they know there are kind people out there that actually care in this World too.
  5. How does helping people help you? This to me is all down to Karma and when you need help, then hopefully someone will be there for when you need them too. Also you will learn a lot about yourself and other people by simply helping out. Try it and see how you feel.

There you go everything I have to say on why you should help others too. If you like what I say then join my transformation program below and we can work together on living life with a smile and helping yourself and others too.

Wishing you all the best in life Scott

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