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Things Will Get Better – You Have To Believe

If you need things to get better in your life then hopefully this article will help you to get there.

I have suffered a lot of personal tragedys in life and the below is how I made things better for myself by controlling my thoughts and believing that life had more in store for me than just misery.

It can be hard to control our intrusive and obsessive thoughts because the voices just go round and round in our heads telling us things that just are not good for us to here.

The mind is a powerful thing and can trick you into all sorts of feelings and thoughts that can easily run away with you.

The important thing to realise is that you can control them and they are your thoughts and if you put the below into action then you will be one step closer to making your life better in the future.

My Top Tips On Things Will Get Better In Life

  1. Stopping the intrusive thoughts – When something bad happens to us in life, our thoughts can run away with us. Sometimes we just have to disconnect our brains in order to have moments of clarity and stop those thoughts from becoming damaging to our souls. We have to switch our minds from the negative paralyzing feelings to one’s which show that the future can be brighter in everyway. One way to do this is by always moving forward in life and we will discuss this more in the below points.
  2. The 7 stages of grief – Which are defined in detail by healthline here you will more than likely have to go through. Your emotions will highly be all over the place and your intrusive thoughts will at times just get worse and no matter how hard you try and control them. So you are not alone in this and everyone tends to go through these steps when something bad happens in life.
  3. This is just temporary – Everyone says that time is the best healer right? But that doesn’t help you because you want the thoughts and the feelings to stop and stop now? The only way you can do this is really to move your thought processes onto something else and refuse to think about it. There are consequences to this also as holding back your thoughts might stop you from being happy again at a later date in life. This is because they might come back to bite you on the bum if you haven’t got rid of those emotions. The way that I deal with this is by the following
    1. Acceptance – Once you have accepted that the situation has happened and that everything really does happen for a reason and you cannot do anything about it. Your thoughts will be able to move on. If you can do something about the situation however then you will need to address it in the right way until you resolve it with a positive action.
    2. Move forward – When something leaves your life, it will need replacing with something else. So do what you can to find comfort in something that makes you feel the same way as quickly as you can. This will transfer the thoughts onto a more joyful feeling as it will replace the negative thoughts. I know this isn’t easily done in some situations but it will help.
    3. Keep your mind focussed on new things – It is time to be the best person you can be by having a plan in life and keeping your mind occupied on what your life will look like. We really all are capable of doing or getting whatever we want in life and by having a pathway in life. Your mind will be concentrating on getting what you want out of life and the past will slowly fade away.
    4. Take other people’s advice with a pinch of salt – This is your life and you need to think about how you feel about things and not how you should act based on other people’s ideas. I remember when I got divorced twice and everyone slagged off my ex wives. Now I am a pretty kind person and don’t like putting other people down. Sometimes we are also to blame for things and being bitter about others just eats away at you. So you have to happy with how you want to deal with the situation. I chose to be kind and move on in life but if I had off listened to other people, I probably would have done all sorts of unkind things. Just to pee my ex’s off. Would it have made the situation any better?Absolutely not.
    5. Learn to communicate – Part of life is accepting that things do go wrong, that we do say things we shouldn’t, we do things we might regret, we hurt people’s feelings. This is normal and what we have to recognize is that we are not always right. What might seem the right thing to do for us might be completely different for someone else. So we have to be empathic in our behaviour and learn to treat people sensitively and in a way that adds value to both your lives. Arguments and tit for tat conversations are just harmful and if we can apologize and move on then you will be in a much better place. Unfortunately though when someone draws us into an argument it is hard not to retaliate. Just be the bigger person and learn to apologise when you need to and make up as often as you can.
    6. Don’t be hard on yourself – It is really easy to blame ourselves and beat ourselves up about stuff. When we mull everything over in minds we really can come out with all sorts of outcomes. Sometimes we just have to accept the situation and move on, no matter how hard it is sometimes. Things where just meant to be that way. Just concentrate on being the better version of yourself and stay kind and conscious in your actions.
  4. The time is now – If we want to make things better then we have to deal with the situation as quickly as possible. As an example someone wants to try parachuting. They are crapping themselves when they finally come to jump out of the plane. They spend 20 minutes, crying, screaming and scaring themselves half to death before they are forced to jump out. They land and absolutely love the experience but they spent 20 minutes scaring themselves when they were going to have to do it anyway. So always try and save yourself some time in life and stop scaring yourself and accept as quickly as you can. That you need to move on.
  5. Believe in yourself – Never have regrets in life. Sometimes we do things we are not proud of or wrong things. Or just bad things happen. Recognise the situation and learn from it and don’t make the same mistake again in the future. This will allow you to accept that if a situation like that arises again in the future, then you will actively deal with it better. If you beat yourself up about it however and you can’t change it anyway, then you are only making your mental health worse. When we cannot do something about anything there is no point beating ourselves up about it.
  6. Find yourself – Life is all about finding ourselves. Life is a test of our strenghts and weaknesses and will throw so much at you that sometimes it is hard to take. Our ability to just jump straight back on the horse or not will dictate whether things bet better quickly or over time. Every emotion we have is triggered by our own thought processes, when we learn to control them we can decide what upsets us and what doesn’t.
  7. Be kind to yourself – No matter what happens your own mental health is really important and you really do have to be kind to yoursef along the way. Beating yourself up over and over will just bring you down and you have to get over the anger and realise this is what it is. My wife always asks me how I feel about things and I don’t. Until something actually happens then I don’t deal with it. My thought processes are always on fixing things when they happen, not doing something about something that may never happen in the first place.
  8. Smash life – For every time that we get knocked down it is an experience. There are billions of people on the planet that will love us for who we are, there are billions of people in worse situations that we are in, there are billions of opportunities to make life better. We just have to recognise that we either live a life in gried or we accept that we have to move on. No matter what anyone tells you things will get better and you have control over this. So put a smile on your face and make everyday of your life count no matter what happens.
Things will get better
Things will get better – Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Frequently Asked Questions About Things Will Get Better

  1. How do I get hope that things will get better? Some things in life there are no answers for and there is no hope unfortunately. These are the situations that leave us without meaning and feeling angry about the results. Losing people in our lives, sickness and lots of other things. The only thing that we can do in these circumstances is accept that they have happened. The journey will be hard and you will go through the stages of grief and things will get worse before they get better. You just have to live with some things, but we do have a choice still to live our lives or become consumed within it. We have to move forward it is just when we can. Our minds are powerful at creating problems and issues and not letting us move forward. I just now accept that things I cannot change or control then i have to let them go.
  2. How do you tell someone that they will get better? It depends on what situation this is in as there are dramatic things that can happen to someone from splitting up, becoming sick, losing their job and many other things. All you can do is be empathic to that person and don’t judge them and listen properly to their story. You don’t need to do anything unless they ask you too as they might just need to get over the stages of grief first themselves. We all have an inbuilt survival mechanism that will kick in at some point, it just depends on how long it takes to get there. So support them by being positive and not getting down with them, help in everyway you can by adding value to the conversation. Reassure them that you are there for them at anytime they need you. Cry with them, laugh with them and do everything you can to help them move forward.
  3. What does i can only get better mean? Sometimes this is said because people shrug of situations by saying things can only get better. It is a way of transferring your thoughts so that you let your mind know that the situation could have been worse. Our thoughts are really powerful and can convince us of anything if we let them. So moving forward with a postive quote such as things can only get better just realigns our thoughts to a more positive sping of things.
  4. What gives you hope in life? Being kind and offering help to others. Giving love freely and supporting everyone through their growth path. We all want to be loved, rewarded and recognised for who we truly are. Unfortunately life can be cruel and we can also be governed by those people and let them hold us back. Life should not be like that and everyone should and deserves to be happy in life and i see at as my job to help other people feel good about themselves. Life is a big education and staying positive and looking at life through rose tinted glasses takes time. It can be done however and when you master your life and help others life does change.
  5. Can you live without hope? I would say not in this case because we all have wants and desires in life. When we feel that we are not getting them we lose faith. We bad situations present themselves we hold onto them and think that life will always be this way. Just because one thing has happened however, does not mean it will happen over and over again. If it does then we are more capable of dealing with it as we should have learnt our lessons from the last time. We should live freely and not cloud our minds with issues and problems, but fill our minds with hope and dreams that we can have whatever we want in life. If we are willing to work hard for it that is.

I know sometimes life is hard and it is really difficult to see that things will get better too. But you do have to move forward and as quickly as you can. So feel free to join my program below and let me help you make your life better moving forward too.

It really just a change in perception and how we transform our thoughts into positive one’s, don’t take things personally, learn to be the best person we can be and just have fun with life. So I wish you all the very best in life and hope to catch up soon. Best wishes Scott

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  1. It’s truly hard to believe when all of this time you’ve been trying and you seem to keep missing. My efforts have been honest and with good intention but still I feel like a failure….

    • Hi Mick and thank you for leaving a comment. I am really sorry to hear that you are feeling like a failure. Life is hard sometimes and we cannot control the thoughts / feelings of others but just our own. Once we are comfortable with who we are and concentrate on ourselves rather than obtaining happiness from others we become content with life. If we know that we are working hard, being kind and doing what we can to help others then the burden sits with them and not you.

      Keep smiling, keep staying positive and keep growing and eventually things will start to work out. Every day we live is another lesson in life, we never fail, we just grow and adjust through the pain we receive until we become strong enough to know that most things don’t matter anyway. The important thing is not listening to the voices in your head that tell you these things, because they are wrong and you are amazing, you are great and you are doing everything you can to live a happy life.

      Always here if you need help. Take care warm regards Scott

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