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Be Happy With What You Have – Really!!!

To be happy with what you have sometimes takes a whole lot of hard work.

You want more in life and it feels as if happiness is always one step further away. At the time of writing this post however the World is under a Global Pandemic for Coronavirus and there is no better time to remind ourselves on how to be happier with what you have.

Sometimes however being grateful for what we have in life can make us feel better about the situation we are actually in. It is quite a common saying that people say be grateful because others are less fortunate than you, but it doesn’t often make you feel better. So follow the tips below to make sure you become grateful with what you have in life.

My Top Tips On How Tp Be Happy With What You Have

  1. Write down everything good that has happened in your life – quite often or not we tend to live in the moment rather than think about the good things that have happened before. So if you are finding it is tough times at the moment, think back with fond memories about those little things that made you smile.
  2. Materialistic things will not make you happy – new cars, clothes, houses are all temporary feelings of happiness. They will not give you ever lasting joy, mainly because you will get bored of them after a while. So always dream big about money and things you want I use the law of attraction for this you can find here. It is really okay to want more, but you do have to be happy with what you have and grateful of where you are to bring new things that you want into your life also.
  3. Concentrate on your relationships – we all know that partnerships can be tested at times. But if you were in love once you certainly can be again. Be grateful to your partner for all the great things they bring into your life and don’t concentrate on the things they do to annoy you. Life is about compromise and you will never get everything you want 100% of the time and sometimes you have to give to receive.
  4. Be grateful for your kids if you have them – Jeez no one really tells you how hard work kids can be but boy they will test you along the way through life. We always have to keep in mind however that we created them, they are apart of us, so hug them, talk to them, understand them, educate them and just be grateful you have that little part of you walking around this lovely planet.
  5. If your life is stagnating do something about it – Sometimes we go through stages where life just seems to pass us by and we become unhappy and stuck with where we are. If you don’t know what to do with your life then visit this link. Look back and see how far you have come in life but work out a pathway to where you also want to be.
  6. Be grateful for small things – Sometimes we so caught up in social media, work and everything else that demands our time nowadays. Get outside and have some time on your own and just breathe, listen to your thoughts and appreciate that the World is your oyster if you want it to be.
  7. You can have anything in life if you want it badly enough – If you dreams, wants and desires, go out there and get them. Once you start achieving your goals it is easy to become happy with what you have because you will be getting and obtaining everything you need and want in life. Nobody is going to do it for you though unfortunately, you really do have to get out there and make life work for you.
  8. Realize that everything could change in a flash – Sometimes life can throw us such a curveball that we can lose everything. Read my story about how I lost everything and bounced back here. You see we can be sitting there one day and lose a loved one the next, our job, our friends, family and that is why we should really be grateful for everything we have and not live unhappily because of the things we don’t have. Because if you envisaged your life without everything you have today, what would that look like?
  9. Give love and spread happiness – There is no better feeling than being loved, it is what everyone wants in life. We grow up as babies with our mums holding and cuddling us, then as adults we are throw to the wolves, with a partner that may not treat us right, friends who want to hurt you, but equally everyone wants love and it is normally through hatred that people turn against this. When you however give love to people you will have a warm glowing feeling that you are a great person and contributing to adding value to others peoples lives. When you become happy again life is so much easier to be grateful for what you have.
Be happy with what you have
Be happy with what you have – Photo by HXG20 from Pexels

I know all the above sounds easy but life is to be lived, every breath you take should be taken as if it is your last. You should love unconditionally and be kind to others despite how others treat you. Don’t let your past dictate your future and do not let one person skew your judgement of others either. One person might absolutely love you another might hate you but that is there problem not yours.

You might not want much in life apart from to be happy and that really does come from you. Even in the darkest times such as we are going through now, people help each other and we witness pure acts of kindness and learning how to be happier becomes something real rather than an issue of the past. Yes there are others who are panic buying and acting like idiots but these are the types of people you stay away from in life and try not to become.

Be yourself at all times and do not change for anyone and once you find your love for yourself you will never wonder how to be happy with what you have again. So I wish you all the very best in the future and if you haven’t joined my transformation program yet, head over today and get started. Best wishes always Scott

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