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How To Be Happy – Starting Today

“How to be happy” is the question of a lifetime. Over 40,500 people search for happiness on Google every single month.

So what is the answer to finding ultimate happiness?

The one thing we really all need to understand is you cannot find happiness, it is something that you bestow on yourself. There are lots of reasons for this and I list them below so hopefully can find your happiness too.

My top tips on how to be happy

How to be happy tips

  • Happiness is created from within Once you realize in life that you control your emotions, then you understand why happiness, anger, insecurities, anxiety, love are all emotions that you control. You choose to be angry, you choose to be happy, you choose to love. There are lots of reasons for this but ultimately those thoughts and feelings are one’s that you control yourself. Keep reading to find out why.
  • Don’t let others control your emotional state Most of the time our happiness seems to be controlled by the way others around us act. That is true because we can get upset, we can take things the wrong way and we can make ourselves think insecure things by the things that happen around us. But what if that person didn’t really mean what they said, what if you interpreted it in the wrong way? The one thing you can train yourself to do is to overlook these situations and just think “really” and move on. If you don’t you will continue to question their motives and probably make yourself feel bad as a result of this. So if you are annoyed with someone or unhappy with what was said then ask them the question and you will soon find out. But when you know the truth you can normally accept the answer and the pondering about what if’s can make you very unhappy indeed.
  • Don’t let others control your life Happiness comes when you are in control of your life. This doesn’t mean you being selfish but means that you make the decisions, you control your destiny. When someone is controlling you, you tend to feel trapped and no way to get out. So always do things in life that you are happy with and not to make other people happy. Other people should be happy seeing the smile on your face when you are engaged in things that you love.
  • Have a plan for your life This is not goal setting but if you want things in life, new house, new car, new job, new clothes etc. Then don’t sit there dreaming about it put a plan together to obtain them. One of the things that creates happiness is moving forward in life.
  • Always keep moving forward Don’t get stale in life and think this is all it is ever going to be. It is not, life is what you make it. Regardless of education, background everyone has a talent and everyone is special including you. So just keep aiming for the stars and keep your mind occupied with all the great things you want to do in life. Then get out there and start achieving them. Knocking things off your list will be really rewarding.
  • Never be scared Our own confidence sometimes can get in the way of things. But you have to remember that failure is going to happen. You don’t become good at something without failure. So don’t listen to the critics that put you down along the way because you will wipe the smile off their face later. So always just have a go, who cares if people laugh at you, they mean nothing and add no value to your life so learn to ignore them.
  • Understand life is fully under your control Once you realize in life that you are the one that controls your thoughts, your actions and not anyone else. You can then divorce yourself from keeping other people happy and just concentrate on yourself. When you concentrate on you, you know you have done the right things so anyone poo pooing you is just an idiot and should be ignored. It is really a great state of happiness when you realize that you are the only one you really need to keep happy and then everything else will unfold around you. If you need help join my transformation program at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk where I will help you along the way.
  • Knowing what you want Some or all of happiness comes from knowing what you want in life. What makes you smile, what are you interested in, what passions have you got. What would you like to do with your life. If you don’t what to do with your life then that is the starting point for you.
  • Getting rewarded From when we are children we are rewarded with badges and trophies, stickers and stars when we do good things. This carries on through in life and when you are rewarded for things you get a warm fluffy feeling inside. So if you are a stay at home mum make sure your hubby rewards you for all the hard work that you do.
  • Achieving something Achievement is a great emotion. Once you conquer something or you win a race, get that job, pass your exams etc then you feel great. Yes sometimes you fail which we talked about above but generally when you set out to achieve things in life there is nothing better than getting there. So always have something to achieve in your life and happiness will find it’s way.
  • be kind to others One of the things I often see is people being unkind, now when you control your own emotions you can overlook these things. But most people can’t. It doesn’t matter whether you are having a bad day, are stressed out, being kind always matters and this will stand you in good stead for the future.
  • Realize Karma really does work Karma is a real thing and you may or may not have noticed it in your life. But the universe has an amazing ability to deliver the same thing straight back to you when you give it out. So always give love, always be kind, be patient and that is what Karma will deliver to you. If you are unkind and shout at people and your kids then don’t be surprised if they do it back to you. Happiness really does come from what you give out and it is really hard for people to be horrible to kind people.
  • Stop boredom Boredom is nasty and will get you into trouble. So always keep yourself busy doing something. Keep yourself moving forward as above and you will always have something to do.
  • Be grateful You might not have everything you want in life but be grateful for what you have. If you spread love and kindness too then this will follow you and if your plan to achieve the things you want is in place, you will soon find they come to you quicker than you think.
  • Don’t let social media get you down A lot of people now look for happiness through social media. They see all these stars earning loads of money and have a talent everyone loves. You post something and no one likes it, you then feel bad about yourself and bad emotions break out as a result. So always just be happy with yourself no matter what others responses are, it is you that matters.
  • Love your self Yep you may not be happy with your hair, your complexion, your height or whatever. But you are you, that very special person that has lots of amazing things to give to the world. You just have to find the people that see that in you and push you along the way. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and there will be lots of people out there that love you just the way you are.
  • Say yes to things Don’t be shy. If someone asks you to do something give it a go. It doesn’t matter what it is, if there is a chance you will have fun doing it then do it.
  • Keep smiling Life can get you down and it can get hard sometimes, that happens to everyone. If you concentrate on the bad things however they only get worse. When you turn a bad thing into a positive and keep smiling, then good things will eventually happen.
  • believe in yourself Yes, you really can do anything you want to. If you had the best coach in the World next to you training you on your interests. Then you would be great at it. However in most cases you will be your own trainer so believe you can do it and you will be able to, no matter what it is.
  • Enjoy life Wake up in the morning with a spring in your step, look at the beautiful things around you, smile at people, tell your loved one’s you love them, work hard, play hard, keep moving forward, set goals, achieve goals, be kind, give love, dismiss those silly thoughts, know everything will work out and happiness will follow.
How to be happy
How to be happy – Image by 5688709 from Pixabay

So there you have it my top thoughts on how to be happy. I hope you found it an interesting read and I really do hope you find your happiness too. Best wishes Scott

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