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Do These Things If Your Having a Bad Day

If your having a bad day one thing is for sure and that is, if you take it out on others your day will only get worse.

Sometimes things could definitely be worse and currently, we are living through a pandemic and India is taking a massive hit for the worse at the moment.

Good thing there are great companies around like Entain that have donated over £100,000 to the cause, however.

But seeing other people’s grief does not make you feel any better on your bad day though either.

As you will generally only care about how you are feeling, which is what we would normally all do.

So no one else will understand how you are actually feeling unless you tell them specifically that you are just having a bad day and tell them.

If you are having a great day playing PartyCasino however I am sure that they will notice the difference in your mood. So no two views of a situation will ever be the same.

So how can you make a bad day disappear like it never happened? Well it can be easier than you think if you approach things in the right way and look at it from a sensible perspective. Read our top tips below.

How to get over a bad day and turn it into an amazing one instead

  1. Don’t take it out on other people. The last thing you should do when you are in a bad mood is take it out on others. If you do this then they will just think that you are being rude or narky and will most likely probably hold this against you in the future as well. Impressions of people are really important and if you are giving off the impression that you are a moody bum to others then they will think that is the case. People always judge others and hold memories of this so please do not take your moods out on other people. We should always look to make a difference to other people’s lives and think about the grassroots of our behaviour.
  2. Take some time out. Once you know that you are having a bad day, then take some time out. Go for a walk or get some time on your own so that you can work out why you are feeling the way you are and turn it around with a smile on your face instead. We all instantly react to things in life and sometimes cannot help taking things personally and sometimes this just sparks us off in a bad mood anyway. So give yourself some time to think about things and just calm down.
  3. Don’t let other people upset you. We can all let other people’s words and judgements or actions upset us but we shouldn’t. They could just be having a bad day and they have taken it out on you. They could have lost a load of money gambling and just lash out with horrible words to you or treat you rudely. Just because someone is rude or horrible to you does not mean that you should then take it personally. Just shrug your shoulders and think idiot, they will calm down later when they have gambled themselves back into a positive position they will be a different person.
  4. Shrug it off. Sometimes life is a pain in the bum and it sends us massive blows that are hard to deal with. But the one thing we cannot do is change any of it, all we can do is change the way that we react to it instead. In the past week alone, my muns dogs were shot by a farmer, my wife mum died tragically and all of this could send you into a spin. One massive really bad day that is hard to get over. But as I said you cannot change these things, you just have to learn how to deal with them in the best way possible instead. It really is easy to curl up in a ball and not deal with your bad day but this will only make things worse. Learning how to deal with situations is paramount in order to live a happy lifestyle.
  5. Things do and will get better. There are such forces out in the universe whether you believe in them or not that do make things worse when you are having a bad day and do make things better if you can get over your bad day. I always look at bad things when they happen and think, what was the reason for that, looking back later on you will always see a reason for it of some sorts and this could be a good thing or a bad thing, but we can always learn from those things and make sure we don’t react or do the same thing again in the future either. So if you can stay a little bit positive no matter what happens things will get better a lot quicker.
  6. Master your emotions. Everything we think is down to our thoughts. All the things that happen around us are our perception of what is happening and we deal with things, how we have been taught to react. So for instance, if you do have a gambling addiction of some sort, then every time you tell yourself to go and do it, no one else is doing this but you. Although it sounds easy the only person that can stop you from doing anything is yourself. By making a conscious decision to say no to yourself, you can move past things, they might come back and tempt you occasionally but this will be less frequent. So when you actually realise that is your own thoughts that control your destiny you can think about anything you want to. This is one of the key skills to learn in life is to deal with your thoughts in a positive manner as they are your own thoughts.
  7. Cheer yourself up. Just accept that today was a really bad day and do something to cheer yourself up and take your mind of it. if you sit around feeling sorry for yourself, your thought process will kick in and just make you feel worse. Smiling and laughter is the best medicine for anything in life, so shrug it off as above, move on and know that tomorrow things will get a lot better moving forward.
  8. Take your mind off it. The more you think about something the worse it will get. Because you will play the situation over and over in your head. Quite often probably making up another story and expanding bad thoughts on your already bad day. We cannot make judgments of what other people would do or think, what we think is not the same as everyone else either. I can guarantee you that if you have a conversation with someone that they will interpret it differently than you. So if your bad day is caused by someone else, then just reach out and talk to them about it as it is quite likely they could be having a really bad day themselves too. I remember a girl that worked for me thought that her boss on a project hated her. I told her to speak to the lady in question and she did. It turns out the lady didn’t realize that she was being rude at all and that was in really bad pain with her back and so came across in the wrong way. They are now the best of friends and get along really well because they had an open and honest conversation together.

Common Questions About Having a Bad Day

  1. How do you fix a bad day? There are a number of things that you can do to fix a bad day. You can ignore it and just let it pass and just do something to take your mind off it. You can accept that it was a bad day and move on. You can something kind and considerate for someone else that will take your mind of it. I like this one because doing nice things for others always makes me feel better inside anyway. Give yourself some thinking time by going for a long walk. Nothing is as bad as it seems when you have time to think about things properly. Having moments of clarity will help you make the right decisions. Because everything is on demand in today’s world it is easy to get sucked into it and make rash quick decisions that you may regret later. But also remember everyone else feels like this too. Everyone is walking around frustrated and some days you will have great days and others not so great, that is just life. The quicker you accept this the easier it is to deal with.
  2. Is it okay to have a bad day? Of course, it is, sometimes you just wake up in a bad mood right? Nothing particularly wrong you just don’t feel great and cannot put your finger on what it is. This is just normal and everyone feels like that occasionally too. You just have to motivate yourself enough to keep on going through the day and look for the little pleasures that will make you smile again. I get up and go to the gym at 5:15 a.m as it sets me up for the day and I am much less likely to be affected by other people’s moods or problems throughout the day.
  3. How to stop a bad day? Make a conscious decision to let it pass. You have heard the saying sleep on it. Well when anything ever goes bad for me I go to sleep knowing when I wake up things will be different. We deal with things differently at different times. Often if we leave thinking about things then clarity will come through. You just have to stop those thoughts you get coming through telling you everything is crap, the world is falling apart, no one loves me and all that overstuff our personal demons try and throw at us. So just take your mind of it, do something to cheer yourself up and know that whatever it is will get sorted eventually anyway.
  4. What to do when you have a bad day at school? School can be tough sometimes, right? Other kids can be cruel, you are bored and probably don’t enjoy being there very much. Life is to be lived however though and we all deserve to live a happy life. So if you are struggling at school, try and join a team or a club where you can get involved and meet like-minded people along the way to cheer you up.
  5. Having a bad day mentally? Anxiety and depression what a nightmare they are. They come out of the blue and knock you for six sometimes. All you can do with this is be kind to yourself and not let your thoughts destroy you. Slow everything down and say no sometimes. Anxiety comes from the pressure and stress of doing things, in this fast-moving world we all need to learn to just slow down and give ourselves some much-needed relaxing time so that we can think straight. Sometimes you will have bad days, but like above, don’t take it out on others including yourself and don’t think this will last forever either it will pass.
Image by Jessica Wood from Pixabay

So there you have it my hints and tips on what to do if you are having a bad day. Go out there and live life and enjoy it have fun and play games at PartyCasino , have fun in life. Wake up smiling and say to yourself that today is going to be the best day ever and if you need help getting over your bad day then check out my transformation program at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk where I help you through daily videos live a happier lifestyle.

Keep smiling and catch you soon. Best wishes Scott

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