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5 Things You Would Like To Change About Your Life – What Are They


Today’s topic is all about “5 things you would like to change about your life – What are They? I am only interested because when my life fell apart it was really important for me to concentrate on the 5 things you see below that changed my life dramatically and you can tell me what 5 things would change your life too.

5 things you would like to change about your life

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The 5 Things I Used To Change My Life

  • I swore to never give my time to those people that didn’t give anything back
  • I swore to never let my past have an impact on my future
  • I swore I would never ever be overweight again and chose fitness to be a lifestyle choice I will never go back on
  • I swore to be happy everyday and not let anyone bring me down
  • I swore to love my partner and my children and put them first each and every time they needed me

Now those 5 things might not seem much to you but let me explain why I chose these in the first place and what impact it had on my life.

You see one day my life fell apart my job was in jeopardy and as a result my wife couldn’t take the pressure and decided she didn’t see me as the man I once was.

Now when you have 2 massive life changing experiences happen at the same time you have 2 choices – go down with the ship and live a life of depression and anxiety or you rise from the rafters and never put yourself in that position ever ever again.

Sometimes you never know people or what they are really thinking in life. People interpret situations and conversations in an entirely different way than you think they have taken them.

Everyone is allowed in this World to make choices and decisions that impact their life and to live a life they justly deserve. Once you grasp the concept that sometimes you can be wrong, you can improve, you do make mistakes and see them as something you can use to improve your life then your life itself will change.

So I decided to cut everyone out of my life that said anything negative about my ex wife or couldn’t see her side of the story. Many people where riddled with anger due to the circumstances but I didn’t feel that she deserved it. I also cut out anyone from my life that wasn’t there for me in a positive way either. This was great at really sifting through the useless parasites in my life that added no value at all and giving me time to concentrate and spend time with those that did matter.

I told myself that I wouldn’t let this situation or my other previous divorce dictate how I would feel in the future either. I became determined to only give my time to my true love this time. No compromises nothing, they had to be absolutely perfect in every way and adore me for my kindness and generosity.

It is sometimes easy for us to get caught up in life get whisked away with the feelings of love and finally get married. But I knew those 2 times it just wasn’t going to be right and I shouldn’t have gone ahead with getting married. But I now have 3 amazing and beautiful children I adore and they are the best thing ever so I don’t regret anything whatsoever.

By the way I put together a transformation program for you guys too on how I went from being anxious and overweight to absolutely loving life by changing my habits and my priorities. You should really check it out if you need help changing your life too. You can find it here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

The next thing I did was lose the weight I had put on through working away and eating too many meals and too much beer. You can find out more about me losing 5 stone here It was actually pretty easy to achieve as all I did was walk for an hour a day up the hills and ate fish or chicken with salad or vegetables and ketosis kicked in and the weight dropped off me.

I now actually train 3 times a day to keep myself occupied and busy but being fit and eating home cooked foods and cutting out the beer has changed my life dramatically. It is great to have so much energy and be able to play with the kids all day long.

If you look after your body your mind will also look after itself too. So if you are suffering from anxiety or depression fitness really is the way to go. The reason most people don’t like it or fail is because they think you have to beast yourself in the gym and that is not true.

Exercise is about burning calories and all you have to do is get on a treadmill put the incline on full and walk as fast as you can for half an hour a day. This will burn around 500 to 600 calories but you will continue to burn more afterwards. This is more than enough to kick start your metabolism and if you eat healthy the weight will drop off.

I also swore to be happy everyday because I realized that I am very lucky to have everything i have, although sometimes it can be hard to be grateful. But when you realize that life is for living and you are fit, you look forward to doing things, you are happy to make changes to your life, you can brush off things that annoy you and smiling really is the best thing for you and everyone around you. I did a video about how smiling at others can make you happy here

I swore to always put my partner first and family. You see I am very lucky in that I asked the Universe for a perfect partner after I was fed up of being on my own and that is what I got. The most beautiful and amazing lady that cherishes every minute she spends with me. Her love makes me want to buy her flowers, be a true gentleman, write her love letters, tell her shes beautiful because she puts as much effort into the relationship as I do.

I put my kids on the back burner for holidays to save up for new stables for my ex and other things. When it wasn’t ever really appreciated and I often regretted not spending that money on making memories with the kids.

You forget that children only ever want your time and your live. Anything else they really do not need, they just want to be encouraged, told your proud of them but sometimes taking them away so you can spend that time with them should be paramount to escape your surroundings.

I also wrote an article on What To Do When You Want To Change Your Life that you might find interesting.

So the one thing I have learned through life is to just keep moving forward, stay happy, keep smiling, stay focussed and have big dreams in life. Don’t let life pass you by and make excuses of how you are unhappy.

We control our own destiny’s we are in charge of our own futures and if you are struggling to change your life then do check out my transformation program as I am there everyday to help you along the way to change your life and change your mindset.

So now you know what things I concentrated on in my life let me know the 5 Things You Would Like To Change About Your Life in the comments section below.

Wishing you all the very best in the future Scott


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