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How Can I Change My Life And Be Happy


If you ever wondered how can I change my life and be happy then you are not alone. Happiness comes from within and once you read our tips below you will be one step closer to understanding how you can find happiness in your life too.

How can i change my life and be happy

My experience in changing my life was when I lost everything. My wife decided she just didn’t love me anymore – I was a great husband and a great father but she had got used to me working away and didn’t want me around anymore. 

You can find out more about my story if you are interested and how I changed mine and how it can help you at the following link 

One thing about getting older is that you have the knowledge and wisdom to be braver and see life for what it is. When you realise that happiness is nothing more than an illusion we create for ourselves, it is so much easier to find it. So follow my tips below 

My top tips on how can I change my life and be happy

  1. You have to stop thinking you are unhappy first and foremost. A lot of the time we concentrate on what is wrong in our lives and not what is right. 
  2. We have to look to the future and whilst things may seem difficult know it is in everybody’s power to change their lives to one that is more fitted to your lifestyle
  3. First and foremost identify which parts of your life you are unhappy with and which parts you are happy with
  4. Work out what you think might make the parts you are unhappy with better. After all we are all should live a happy life and this is the start
  5. Make a plan on how you think you can achieve these things and start to head towards them.. It could be that you are lonely because you are single. So join a dating site and start meeting people. I met my beautiful wife on a dating site and she is the one I have been looking for all my life
  6. If you are not happy in your job then look at ways that you can change this. A new career direction, a new employee or something that will get you out of that environment
  7. Play positive music that makes you happy not sad stuff that makes you cry or reminds you of your unhappiness. There is a great article here on happiness by Tony Robbins
  8. Think about changing your lifestyle completely you can find out more information in this article here
  9. Hang around with people that make you laugh and encourage you to do well in life. We all have a certain skill in our lives it is just trying to find it and then find like minded people to share it with that is the difficult part
  10. Do things that are fun and make you feel good. It is no good sitting around watching television all the time. Take your plan on things to change and actively start doing something
  11. Hug your friends, support them, be interested in what they are doing, spread love everywhere and put a smile on your face. It is amazing what happens when you just smile at other people for no reason. You also never know who you might meet that could add massive value to your life
  12. Look at the bright side of things. As an example I know my wife left me to open up a part of my life to my new beautiful lady that I deserved. Once I was over the all the bad feelings it is good to look back and see why these things happen in the first place
  13. Everything is temporary until you choose to change it. You are in control of your life no one else. So dream big and do what you deserve in life. Anyone can have anything in this life if you try hard enough to find it
  14. Get out in the fresh air and enjoy the countryside. Give your thoughts some clarity about who you are and what you want in life. What you think you deserve and how you can achieve it. There is a good article here on achieving success
  15. Wake up one morning and just decide enough is enough and this is the day you are going to make a change. You are going to take control of your life you are going to be happy. Life is going to be full of  fun
  16. Learn to forgive – forgiving is not forgetting. Do not hold onto the past because it affects the paths that you take in the future. Your path should always be based on your feelings not in the pain caused by the past
  17. Just because one person treated you badly does not mean that everyone is like that. Give everyone the opportunity to prove their worth to you before making judgements
  18. Get yourself on a holiday and away from the day to day crap you are taking. If you cannot afford it go camping somewhere local but just go and clear your mind
  19. We are social animals and should be surrounded by others. If you are on your own try and get out and meet people. If you lack confidence introducing yourself join a club and just have a go. Confidence is built from within and you have nothing to lose from trying
  20. Try your best at everything you do. If you give everything your all you at least can walk away being proud of yourself and the work that you have put in 

Everything sounds easy when you are down and depressed and sometimes you know what you should be doing you just can’t bring yourself to do it. 

Life will only get better though and you will only find happiness when you force yourself to do it. For every little step you take moving forward you are getting one step closer to where you want to be. 

So as long as you make a conscious effort to change you will find happiness. If you are struggling for the motivation then join my transformation program and let me help and guide you along the way.

Wishing you all the very best for your future of happiness

Best wishes Scott

How To Change Your Lifestyle Completely In Quick Steps


Changing your lifestyle doesn’t mean changing your life it just means realigning it to your own happiness. So let me show you how to change your lifestyle completely in quick steps. 

This is all based on my lifestyle changes that I put in place that you can find in my transformation program here. You just might need a little help with some of these things and I am with you everyday for 60 days to help you transform your life completely and as quickly as possible

My top tips on changing your lifestyle completely

  1. Never be scared to make changes in your life. In order to change your life  you must be willing to push on through. Some things will be easy and some will be hard
  2. Start with your appearance and create a new you. Sometimes we spend years with the same hair cut, the same clothes and maybe it’s time to reinvent yourself. Don’t worry what others think you always look a little weird with an image change but often or not it expresses a  new you
  3. If you are a little overweight then try losing it. It is not as difficult as you may think and I discuss this in more detail on how I lost 5 stone in 3 mths here
  4. Losing weight and getting more energy does you wonders. You feel like a teenager again and I cannot recommend it enough if you want a great start to changing your life
  5. Find something you love to do. Something with a passion that gets you energised to do it at the weekends or evenings. A passion will spur you on with confidence to make other changes in your life
  6. Move house, if you are unhappy where you live, dream of a new destination a new start, new neighbours and the exciting times it might bring to you
  7. Find new friends and be nice to people, it is amazing how many people you can meet just by stopping and saying hi at the bus stop. Knowing more people will bring greater opportunities in your life
  8. Educate yourself, start reading some books on being positive and making changes. Brian Tracy is one of my favourites and has a good article here 
  9. Decorate your house if you don’t want to move. After all coming home to a lovely place should be the one thing you look forward to 
  10. Socialise and go out for dates if your single. Either that or join a dating site online. I met my gorgeous wife online and have never looked back. Yes the journey to find her was a bit ropey but heah I am the happiest man alive now. 
  11. Rekindle your existing relationships and find yourselves again. After all relationships and love is what we are all looking for and loving your partner should be the most important item on your agenda. Find out more her 
  12. Make a conscious decision to smile more and be happy – look at things from a positive perspective rather than the doom and gloom we sometimes always think in our lives
  13. Stop rushing around and take time out to sit down and think about what you really want in life, what would make you happy, what would make you smile. Then work hard to obtain it
  14. Stay consistent in your efforts and when you choose the path to change your lifestyle completely follow it through. No point trying to get there and be put off by others or lack of progress. One thing is certain in life is that if you have a plan and a positive outlook to get what you want the universe will reward you for it
  15. Change your job and find something new. Yes change can be hard to take but if you are not happy jump into a new life and give it your best. Sometimes it is good to do this every couple of years anyway just to keep you on your toes
  16. Look inside yourself and find out who you are – stop talking to idiots who complain all the time and pull you in. Hang around with other friends who want to change too and help them achieve a lifestyle change as well
  17. Watch positive things on the tele rather than things that will just depress or anger you. Television isn’t really real and your life is more important so spend time on changing your lifestyle as you will need lots of time to create and implement plans
  18. Try lots of different things, you don’t have to just jump into one thing and expect your whole lifestyle to change in one day. But it can change drastically by choosing to jump out of bed in the morning and own your life
  19. Record everything you do and the impact the change had on your lifestyle and whether it was worth it or not. Did it or did it not make you happy. Sometimes we think the grass is greener on the other side and it isn’t
  20. Relax and chill, enjoy your day, your life, you were meant to be happy but it is your choice to do something about it. You will feel amazing if your looking good, feeling good, lost a little weight and it really isn’t that hard if you put your mind to it

If you are struggling for the motivation to get started or stay consistent, join my transformation program and I will motivate you everyday through 60 videos to get you started and on your path to greatness in life. 

Good luck with your lifestyle change

Best Wishes Scott

I Want To Completely Change My Life Now


I want to completely change my life now is the thing that went round and round in my head when my wife told me she didn’t love me anymore. It was the perfect opportunity to take everything I hated and turn my life on its head.

But sometimes it takes losing everything in life to realise where your path truly lies and what you must do to find happiness. Happiness is a choice when your choice is to concentrate on you and give love and kindness to everyone.

Live without expectations or remorse and be free, because no matter what happens when you change your life for you, everything else unfolds around you. It isn’t an easy path but that is why I put together my transformation program to help you take that path with my support. You can find out more about it here

My top tips on completely changing your life

  1. You have to think about yourself first and foremost. This is not being selfish it is just making sure that you look after your own happiness first and foremost in life
  2. If you hate anything about your life one of the first things to do is come to terms with your situation and work out what might be causing it. Then you have to work out whether that is actually the cause. Often or not we might dislike something but if we have convinced ourselves of this over and over again then it might just be we have programmed ourselves badly in this situation. 
  3. If you haven’t got anything to look forward to in life then this needs to change. Every basic principle within our lives works around being rewarded for what we do and recognition that it is being well received. This does not need to be monetary but can be something as simple as doing a kind gesture for someone and a thank you being given in return. Find something you love doing that takes your mind away from any hardships
  4. You can do anything or be anything you want to. We live in a technology world where we can learn anything, be anyone we want to be and we can set any path in life to have any future we want. If we want it badly enough that it is
  5. If you are single go and do online dating. I met the wife of my dreams by doing this and yes I wasted a bit of time trying to find her but my life has so much value now I have found her. Do not compromise on this either, if you meet someone and they do not light your fire with an explosion move on until you find someone that does and they think the same
  6. If you are struggling with your relationships and you think this needs to change. First try rekindling things, everything we do is based on habit and if you have forged bad habits in your relationship then these need improving. There is a good article here from Tony Robbins on how to do that
  7. If you hate your job and you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning then either change it or look to make the most of it. Watch the video for more information 
  8. For every change you make your life will improve, measure everything you do for the outcome you get from making the change. If you want to change your life completely read this article
  9. Life is for living and you are meant to enjoy it so changing your life completely should be the first thing you address. See this as an adventure though and not something bad. So many of us think we are so unhappy that we actually make ourselves unhappy. It doesn’t take much to put a smile in your face if you follow the tips below
    1. Don’t use social media as a way of communicating with friends and family. Pick up the phone and have a good old gander and a laugh
    2. Don’t bury your head in the sand, if you think you need to change your life it is likely you do. So running away from it will only make your pain last longer. Grab life by the balls and there is no better time than now to make changes
    3. You don’t have to change everything, sometimes just a small change might give you the result you are looking for, but have a plan of what you want to change and then work hard at implementing it
    4. Have fun – if your life is dull go out there and speak to people, say Hi as you walk down the street, talk to the cashiers behind the till. I guarantee that by doing this you will meet some amazing people who can change your life as well. Watch this video for information
    5. Tackle your problems and don’t put them off. This will lead to more stress and anxiety which is what you will want to avoid when making changes in your life. Read this article by Tony Robbins – Is it a problem or a gift
    6. Hold your head up high and just be you. No one can instill confidence in you apart from you. Dress up everyday and make yourself look amazing. When you feel good inside you will radiate this on the outside too
    7. Be courageous and just start your path today, no putting off, no excuses just get changing something. Then when you change one thing you will be more confident about changing more things.

If all the above makes any sense then make sure you join my transformation program. It is my gift back to the World because I realised that by helping others, it comes back to me and I would love you take this journey with me. 

Good luck in your transformation in completely changing your life

Best wishes Scott

What Can I Do To Change My Life Forever


Today I was sitting in my conservatory and thought about everyone out there that is thinking what can I do to change my life. So I thought I would give you the answer that helped me change my life and will hopefully help you too. 

What can I do to change my life

You see sometimes in life we are forced to make changes because that is the way our lives were meant to go. Other times we are meant to make changes but find it difficult to do so. 

Most of us are scared of making changes and change is resistant in all of us to some degree, but when you learn to embrace it life takes on a new meaning. 

I talk about this and many more subjects in my 60 day transformation program that you can find here. Life can be difficult and it can be hard but can you imagine how good you would feel if you were in charge of your own life.

That you weren’t scared of making changes if you thought that your life would change for the better as a result of making changes. 

Well let me tell you when you embrace life an adventure then you learn to take all the bad times on the chin because you know that each small step will get you closer to your dreams. 

Let’s talk about how you can change your life starting today with these tips

  1. Change is necessary in all our lives, no matter how big or small we all need to look at how our lives can be improved in little ways.
  2. When we look at our lives and see whether we are happy or not there are normally always little things you can do to improve. The important thing is acting on these before they become a major issue in your life and start to eat you up inside
  3. Change is only scary when it is unplanned. I wrote more examples about this in this article here. When you plan a change however it can be a really motivating experience when that change comes to fruition
  4. No matter how big that change is if you are unhappy you need to change it. Most people make radical changes based on emotions and responses when the time isn’t right. Always take the time to find clarity in your thoughts before making the decision to make a major change. 
  5. Happiness comes in life when you look at changing your life to one that suits your lifestyle. Which means not compromising, so if you are feeling that you are not you in your life, you need to find out who you are and what will inspire you to smile everyday
  6. You have to make a conscious effort to stop complaining about your life and do something about it. So many times we all complain and things never get better, then they build up and build up until we explode
  7. Make a conscious decision to concentrate on the happy things in your life and how you can do more of them. It is easier to be happy and grateful for what you have than to think your whole life is a complete mess
  8. Keep it simple, don’t make drastic changes in your life without weighing up the pro’s and con’s about making the change. Once you reach an informed decision you will feel better about implementing the plan to get there
  9. Keep family and friends close. Discuss your dreams with them, surround yourself with people who care and support your decisions. Get rid of the nay sayers because they are not their dreams they are yours
  10. Know that when you make a conscious effort to change your life that once you start on that path then the jigsaw puzzle will build itself slowly for you from the outside in
  11. Never be scared, facing our fears gives us so much power in life and when we can look at a situation and know we are going to come out on top is such a powerful feeling. You will never look back once you start to make positive changes in every aspect of your life
  12. It is only you that can really do this, no one else can give you the confidence or the determination to move forward. Take a big deep breath in knowing that you are doing the right thing to set yourself free

I know it all sounds easy but it is a step by step approach that you have to take when looking at making major changes to your life.

Additional tips you can use to change your life for the better

  • Treat life like you have to fight for it. If you were backed into a corner and had nowhere to go you would soon come out fighting. Work out what your life is worth and how you can make it great
  • Pluck up the courage and fight the anxiety that is holding you back. If you believe you can do something you will find a way to do it. 
  • You are great no matter what anyone else says. Recognising this will change your life – we are all special and we all have a purpose in life. Find yours and reap the rewards as your life unfolds around you
  • Force a smile throughout your day, spread love and kindness to others, help people. This will take your mind off your problems and the law of reciprocity will kick in and reward you
  • Don’t worry about whether the changes will work out just believe they will and envisage how great life will be once the changes take place
  • Work hard at it and stay consistent and see this as an adventure not a challenge. From this day forward you are going to become great and your life and everything around you will change in response to your positive nature

So everything I have said above is hard to implement but when you get it right life gets good. I have had so many troubled times and continue to have but I have found true love in my life and am grateful for everyday that passes. 

But don’t be the person that looks back on life and regrets it, do something about changing it today and your new life will be just amazing and the one you deserve. 

If you haven’t joined my transformation program yet think about it as I am there everyday through 60 videos to give you the encouragement you need to turn your life around to one that is full of adventure and fun.

Wishing you all the very best in your future

Best wishes Scott

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Ways To Live A Happy Life – Starting Today


Awh I was in a good mood this morning because I realised how happy I am in life and I thought what a good idea to share my best ways to live a happy life with you

Now my life hasn’t always been a happy one and I have had a difficult time in life for lots of different reasons but I have now chosen happiness as the number one way forward in my life and hopefully it will help you live a happier life too. 

You see finding happiness is a lifestyle and if you follow my 60 day transformation program you will be able to understand all the different pieces that lead to ultimate happiness.

Ways to live a happy life

So Lets jump in 

My top tips on the ways to live a happy life

  1. Fall in love with yourself again, make every effort to find out what makes you tick and puts a smile on your face.
  2. If you have a partner rekindle your flame with them if you need to and do the below for a perfect relationship at home
    1. Remember how you were when you first met
    2. Send each other little love texts through the day to say you are thinking about each other
    3. Buy each other small gifts that are personal but mean a lot
    4. Go out and have fun – take photographs together so you can remind yourselves of the smiles you give each other
    5. Kiss and cuddle as often as you can – it relieves stress and will bond you together
    6. Go to be early and spend time finding out more about the intimate parts of each other
    7. Plan things together, your future, where you are heading where you want to be
    8. Communicate with each other about everything and talk rather than argue – agree to disagree
    9. Love each other unconditionally
  3. By using all the above in your relationship you will either bring each together more or you will find out that the person you are with is not the right one for you. Sometimes in order to change your life and bring happiness you need another soul to share these things with
  4. Play with your kids and spend time listening and encouraging them to do well in life. Kids give so much back when you spend time with them
  5. Talk and smile at strangers – you never know who you will meet and what value they can bring into your life
  6. Spread kindness and love everywhere you go – happiness after all starts with finding small pieces of life that you will want more and more off
  7. Forgive others but never forget – you have to let go of feelings that others push upon you. 
  8. Make small wishes everyday, they do come true if you use the law of attraction effectively in order to receive them
  9. Make a plan for your future, when you live day by day you lose out on all the excitement of planning amazing things for your life. You can have anything you want in life if you are willing to put the effort in to get them
  10. If you hate your job, then change it because you are at work everyday and it needs to be something you at least like not hate
  11. Spend money on yourself and make yourself look good. Appearance really does allow you to walk out the door with your head held high looking glam and gorgeus
  12. Don’t spend money that you don’t have otherwise you will always be on the back foot trying to pay it off. This isn’t a way to live a happy life at all
  13. Stop rushing around everywhere, does it really matter if you are late, does it really matter if all the jobs don’t get done. Don’t stress the mustard just enjoy everything you do
  14. Put music on and surround yourself with it so even the most boring of things keep you occupied and wiggling that booty
  15. Happiness is a choice and one that if you can look around you and feel the air, breathe its essence and see the beauty you will feel alive. Put a smile on your face too and boom you are halfway there already.

Now I know all the above sounds perfectly easy when you are stressed, anxious, tired and just fed up off life in general. But the choices are down to you, you either make a conscious decision to change your life for the better or you go down the rubbish shoot being unhappy for the rest of your life. 

If you really are at a cross roads in life then check out my transformation program as I am there with you everyday helping you find a happy lifestyle and one that is full of fun and frolics too. We will have fun and you will find a reason to smile as well. 

So good luck in your venture and I hope you find the happiness that we all so deserve

Best wishes Leigh

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I Wanna Change My Life And Be Happy


Sometimes you just sit down and think I just wanna change  my life and be happy and it’s not much to ask for is it? So how do you achieve happiness? That is the question we will try and answer for you below

I Just wanna be happy

Everything in my life changed like a flick of a switch one day – going from being happily married to having everything I wanted to having nothing. The lesson I learnt from this is that money and materialistic things do not buy you happiness in life. 

We all deserve to be happy and I had spent my entire life giving my wives everything because I thought it made them happy. But then forgot that the stress and hours of work were just too much and as a result your relationships start to falter too. 

The important things in life don’t cost anything and wanting to change your life is something you should think hard about as to what you are really wishing for. 

Talking about wishes I put a video together as part of my transformation program that discusses this very topic. What if all wishes did come true – have a watch you will enjoy it 

After losing everything I vowed to myself that I would never over complicate my life in anyway and all I thought was I wanna change my life but didn’t know how to do it. 

Now however I have a wicked life that is full of love, kindness and happiness and I put together a transformation program to also help change your life in as little as 60 days check it out here you will like it

But let’s discuss tips on how you can change your life starting today

  1. The big thing first is accepting that you want to change your life around and what would be the starting point
  2. Writing it all down and putting it in an order that gives you the biggest gains first and foremost
  3. Put a plan together on when you want to achieve this change as setting time frames is an important factor to changing things in your life
  4. Don’t be scared – unless someone is going to die as a result of your actions no change is big enough to be worried about it. See this as a massive adventure in your life. 
  5. Approach everything with a positive attitude – if you try to change and get nowhere keep trying and try different tactics until you get the result that you are looking for
  6. Talk to your friends about the changes you want to make but be weary of those who give advice that doesn’t add value to your life
  7. Find yourself again – if you are wanting to change your life in anyway it is probably because you don’t recognise who you are anymore. This happens to all of us and moving forward always commit to only being yourself and never holding back. If people don’t like you for the choices you make tough – your happiness should come first
  8. Do things you have never done before and try everything – try new hobbies and things that get you motivated to get out of bed in the morning

The thing is that happiness in life is a funny thing and to be honest with you it is a state of mind and that is it. If you choose to be happy you will be, yes we all have bad days, bad years, bad months but by having a daily routine of making yourself feel good you will find that happiness is not far away at all

Giving love and kindness to others is one way of changing your life quickly and it may seem a bit mad that making others happy will have an impact on your life but I guarantee you it does. 

You see the World is a funny place and when you are in a positive state – positive things happen – when you are in a negative state then negative things happen. If you look at this in your life you will notice that things happen like this in patterns. 

The important thing is maintaining that positive state all the time by being consistent with your approach. But when you realise all your thoughts bad or good do come true then your perception of life changes as well. 

So here are some of my other top tips on changing your life around quickly

  • Force yourself to jump out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face. The day is in your control and will work out depending on the nature of your mood
  • If you are unhappy about your weight then lose some and get a bit fitter – I discuss how I lost 5 stone and feel great here 
  • Always put on your best appearance – look in the mirror go damn I look good today
  • Smile at people as you walk down the street – engage in conversation with people you don’t know. You never know who those people are or what value they can add to your life
  • Be kind, spread love and happiness everywhere you go
  • Be kind to yourself too – laugh off the silly thoughts that come into your mind and try and stop you from doing things
  • Get your cv up to date and look for another job so you can change your career as well as your life
  • Look after your family and friends – big each other up, motivate each other, help each other to succeed
  • Read some cool books on motivation and success
  • Take action – get your plan together – motivate yourself – jump up and shout I am gonna change my life – I am gonna be rich – I am gonna be happy or whatever it is keep chanting it
  • Don’t let other people supress your dreams – they are your dreams not theirs and you can achieve anything you want in life if you believe you can do it
  • Look for opportunities everywhere because you never know what is waiting around the corner for you
  • Just crack on – don’t wait – don’t hesitate and now is the time to do it if you really want to change your life and be happy

Life is hard guys I know that I have been through hell and back but there comes a time when you just have to take control of your life. You make the decisions, you define your future, you make your path. 

Keep life simple, don’t spend money you can’t afford to, don’t give your time to people who don’t value it, make every effort to see the positives in life and stop complaining. 

Be that person you want to be, chase your dreams, achieve them and then you will find that happiness comes from giving and receiving love. 

I wish you all the best in your transformation journey and if you want to be bigger and better than you are today check out my program and let me help you everyday for 60 days. 

Take care good people best wishes Scott

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How To Change My Life Around Today


Sometimes when you sit down with a coffee and think and today I was thinking about when I thought about how to change my life around for the better and how it could help you to turn your life around too. 

For me unfortunately I didn’t have much option to change and one of the things I have noticed is that most of us don’t do anything about our unhappiness until we are forced too. 

So for me I came home from work one day after a really stressful time and decided to go to the Doctors as I was exhausted after working 70 hour weeks under immense pressure. 

The Doctor was great and said I’m not surprised you are exhausted take 3 weeks off and just chill out and get yourself back to normal. 

How to change your life around today

So I went home to tell my wife the news and that I would be home for a couple of weeks and that I would be at home to spend time with her and my daughter. 

I had noticed she had started to look at me in a strange way however recently and when I told her, she just told me to get a grip and go back to work in London. I asked her what was wrong and she just explained your a great husband and great father but I don’t see you in the same way anymore. 

BOOM that was it my life changed in a second, there was no going back there was no discussion, no way of talking her around she wanted me gone and that was it. 

I went to stay with my mum for a few days to see if she would calm down and change her mind as I was happy with my life and I didn’t want to turn it around. It was already pretty good. She didn’t calm down however and decided that she wanted to move out and take my daughter with her. 

Now unless you have been in this position before it is hard to describe the sinking feeling that you get when someone takes your children away from you. I have been in that position twice now and had to turn my life around to cope with it on each occasion. 

So I had a choice, I either sunk and became depressed and anxious or I had the choice to work out how to change my life around for the better. I have always been into personal development which is why I put together my own transformation program you can join here 

Then I started walking and getting myself fit and videoing my progression to help others and it all started with realising that we were meant to live a good life and we were meant to be happy – which is why I put this video together you can watch here 

There are just so many things I learnt on this journey about turning my life around and my top tips are below 

  1. You have to accept the situation – if you cannot change something and it is out of your control then you have to find a way to move on as quickly as possible
  2. Make a promise to yourself that this is an opportunity to turn your life around and that you may never have another chance, so make the most of it
  3. Don’t hate – you cannot hate someone for their decisions – they are entitled to live the life they want and their viewpoint will be different from your views
  4. You need to learn to recognise when you are unhappy and turn your life around earlier. There is no point living a compromised lifestyle at work or at home because you will never find happiness. Watch this video to see how giving love brings kindness into your life 
  5. Write everything down that you are unhappy with in your life. Don’t try and tackle them all at once as you will set yourself up for failure. Tick each item off as you improve yourself. Some of these things on improvement could be like those below
    1. If you are overweight it has a massive impact on your life. Make a promise to address this is as I guarantee that when you are lighter life becomes easier. I put this video together showing how I lost 5 stone in 3 short months and feel great for it
    2. Just force yourself to get up and smile. My transformation program walks you through this step by step and everyday to help you overcome any obstacles in front of you
    3. Believe that when you turn your life around it will get better. Things take time but with a positive outlook on life things will and do get better. But if you put yourself into a dark place you will find it so much harder to climb out of it. 
    4. If you really hate your job or other things in your life then look to change them. We are meant to be happy but if we don’t look for every opportunity to change our lives they will never change
    5. Buy yourself some new clothes, change your image and look fabulous when you walk out the door
    6. Hold your head high – just because someone doesn’t want to be with you doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone out there that sees you as being perfect you just have to find them
    7. Be patient with yourself and let time heal any wounds you have about your life. We cannot change the past but we can determine the future. When you set out on a path to spread love, happiness and kindness which are the foundations of life then the Universe will reward you for it
    8. Write down your progress, set goals, dream of things you want and then put a plan together on how you are going to get them. It is amazing what happens when you connect your thoughts to your goals and actively seek to change your life for the better. 
    9. Find friends who support you and can help you find the happiness in life you deserve. Don’t put up with negativity and it might be time to weed out those people in your life that bring you down and don’t add any value to it
    10. Get out in the outdoors find clarity in your thoughts and feelings and give yourself time and quietness to think about changing your mindset so you can change your life

Change isn’t easy guys and changing your life around is a decision you can make in a split second. Life is about staying consistent, staying positive and always following through with a plan. 

If we just sit there and complain about things but never do anything about it we are just treading water in life and we will never reach our true potential. 

I changed my life for the better and I am confident that you can too by following my 60 day program so check it out and start to change your life starting today. 

Wishing you all the very best in your future and know that you can change and you will 

Best wishes Scott

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How can I change my life with no money


Today I was thinking about my own situation and the question how can I change my life with no money came back into mind. You see money is important but it will not make you happy. I discuss the importance of money itself in this video post 

So let’s have a look at how you can change your life if you have no money, because life is definitely about mindset and combine that with the tips I give in my change your life transformation program you will be on your way to understanding how you can live a successful life and attract all the money that you want as well. 

Tips on changing your life without having any money to spend

  • You can attract money by using the law of attraction to guide you on the way. Now it may seem mystical that you can attract anything you want in life but the reason it doesn’t work for everyone is because of the below
    • In life you need to have a plan, you need to write down everything that you want on paper. Once you have written down what you want, you have to spend time thinking about your options to obtain those things. When you spend 30 minutes a day in the morning and the evening you are confirming in your mind that you want those things and ideas will start popping into your head on how to obtain them. Most people just have random thoughts occasionally and do not concentrate on commanding what they want. 
    • You need to start forcing yourself to be happy with your situation, even if you have no money you need to dream and envisage what it will be like for you to become rich and what you would spend all that money on and how it could and can change your life
    • Be nice to people because you never know who you might meet or bump into in your daily routine. For me I met a guy in the pub one day who changed my life forever and it was only by striking up a conversation with him and becoming friends that I got my first stepping stone into my career progression. This has happened numerous times since then when you bother to spread kindness and love to others. 
    • Spreading kindness and love will attract similar things into your life as well. If you give to the Universe the law of reciprocity will pay you back. I discuss this more in my transformation program and the video about spreading happiness here
    • If you have a job currently you should always do your best to be the best you can at it. Most jobs can be rewarding no matter what they are if you change your attitude about the way you view them. I also put a video together on how you can make your job better you can find here
    • Network with people and don’t be afraid to ask them if they have any spare jobs. Most employers nowadays are looking for honest and hardworking people to help run their business. If you show tenacity and commitment sometimes it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the skills they will employ you anyway because of your attitude

Now for me I can give advice on this subject because I have always done well in life by following some of the principles that I am going to highlight below.

But I have had money and to be fair all the materialistic things in the World will not make you happy. So if you are looking for money to make you happy I’m afraid that you have to find happiness first and foremost and then the money will follow. 

Follow these simple tips below for finding happiness and letting the money find you

  • In your current job get on the right side of your boss. Do all the jobs that are causing them problems. As a reward for taking the stress away from them you will get what you deserve. All the other employees will sit there moaning while you reap the rewards
  • Find happiness everywhere, follow my program and jump out of bed in the morning with a smile and see your life as a challenge and not something you are not happy with
  • Change your attitude from needing money to wanting money and how it can improve your lifestyle and why it would add value to your life. Most people who win the lottery fail to keep it because they have no clue about what value it can give them in life
  • As above write everything down about why money is so important to you and then put a plan together on how you can achieve it. You can make money even by creating videos on youtube nowadays on any topic and find a following that loves what you have to say. So there are no excuses here for not finding ways to make some additional money
  • Look at your life and see whether you have any special gifts to offer the World – if you do then it is about time you showed the World your worth and get yourself out there
  • Actually do something about your situation, don’t just complain you have no money. If you do this you will attract all the things that you do not want and will end up never getting the money you are after
  • Everything takes time and a little effort but if you look at your situation now, it can’t be any harder than it is to put on a brave face and go looking for opportunities to change your life in anyway you can
  • Don’t beat yourself about it, it is just the situation you are in currently and if you follow the above it is surprising how quickly your life can change if you just put a plan together and work towards implementing it
  • Most people will never have money because they believe they are not worth it. But Bill Gates and every other billionaire on the planet has exactly the same time in a day and started in exactly the same place as you. The only difference is they had a plan with a lifestyle and a go getters attitude to achieve their dreams
  • Dream big and spend everyday thinking what your life will look like when you get the job of your dreams, the money of your dreams and just stop all the excuses 

Life can be hard right guys but it is only as hard as we make it. When we take the time to forge our future and put a plan together it is just amazing what we can achieve. 

Don’t listen to others as they will only hold you back and stop wishing to win the lottery as this is unlikely to happen. What will happen however is if you put a smile on your face and follow the tips as above you will have a plan you can measure on how you are going to change your life and attract the money you deserve. 

It won’t happen overnight so you need to stay consistent for at least 6 mths but it will happen just believe. 

So get out there make a plan and I wish you every luck in obtaining the life of your dreams. 

Best wishes Scott

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Books that will change your life forever


I was thinking about a few things today and one of those things was books that will change your life forever and how the book clarity changed mine in the most dramatic way.

I even did a video on it for my 60 day transformation program that you can do yourself. You can find out more about it by clicking here 

See I have always been into personal development from when I was a teenager and that brought together with the law of attraction is a powerful beast in changing your life in the most positive ways. 

books that can change your life forever

The book clarity was my favourite mainly because it fitted in with my idea of not worrying about things and just sitting back and the answers will just walk through the door and they generally do. 

You see the mistake most people make is that they make decisions straight away which are normally not the best to make unless you are absolutely sure that it is the right decision. But if you take time out and go and sit in the quiet away from your surroundings then the answer normally comes to you when you least expect it. 

Other books that will change the way you think are

  1. The secret is a great book. A lot of people think that it is nonsense about the law of attraction and the way it can bring anything into your life but I can tell you it does work. I talk about this and many more things in my transformation program you can join here The basis of it is that what you give out in your life is what you receive back. In many forms this is true because positives attract and positives and negatives attract negatives. Examples are where you have wished for something and it has come true – negative examples are were you are really unhappy about receiving a bill for something and then more bills come in. It is really a fascinating concept and you should look more into it. 
  2. My second favourite is Brian Tracy and any of his books will do – he is just an amazing salesman and positive person that he shows you that if you want to do something well. Then go and find someone else that is doing it and copy them. Very basic introduction really but to be honest it is true, many people try and forge new ideas on to fail when you can walk the path of the successful and follow them all the way to success too. 
  3. My third favourite is any of Tony Robbins books because this guy just rocks. He has been able to change the lives of so many people in such a positive way that he is just see as an emperor in the personal productivity field. 
  4. My fourth favourite book is Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This is an awesome book and if you get it then you can work out what the secret to life is and adapt your ways of thinking in so many ways. I am not going to tell you to much about this book because you need to go and buy a copy and see for yourself. 

Not many people bother to read books nowadays and for personal development it is really important to open your eyes to different viewpoints and how the world works and how you can adapt to change yourself. 

Most people say they just do not have enough time in their busy lives to sit down and read a book in peace and quiet. Now that might be due to advent of social media but to be honest if you question how much time you spend on these and how much value they give it is probably limited to be fair. 

So next time you are thinking off doing something with your time go and do some research on the 100 must read life changing books and see if there any that float your boat enough to spend the time out reading them. 

I always take time out now because we need downtime and even if it is just 20 minutes a day at bedtime – reading and updating your skills is paramount in today’s world of survival. 

Additional searches you can also carry out relative to books that will change your life forever are below

I hope you do manage to pick up a book and also check out my transformation program on how you can change your life by watching 60 – 5 short videos a day. 

Take care and best wishes Scott

Can you change your life by changing your attitude


I am sitting here thinking about life and the question can you change your life by changing your attitude popped into my head.. So I thought I would answer it directly in that absolutely if you change your perspective on the way you see things your life can change dramatically and quickly. 

I also discuss all the ways that you can change your life in my video transformation program you can find by clicking here

You see ultimately everyone wants to live in happiness and have a fulfilled lifestyle right. But sometimes that seems a million miles away when you are feeling sad, unhappy, unfulfilled and trapped in a lifestyle that you think you can deserve better. 

I had to lose everything in my life a few times before I actually realised that it wasn’t really about changing my attitude towards things it was giving my love happiness and attention to the wrong people. So sometimes it isn’t you that is the problem it is your surroundings and once you recognize this it is so much easier to do something about changing your life forever. 

So you can change your life by changing your attitude by following the below tips

  • Spend sometime on your own and find clarity in your own mind about whether or not it is your attitude you need to change. Sometimes all we need is to find something we fall in love with doing and our attitude can dramatically change
  • Stop telling yourself you need to change your attitude and work out what bits you aren’t happy about and put a plan together on how you can change that
  • Don’t blame yourself we can all adapt and change to things and if you recognise you need to change you have already done half the battle
  • Everyone has crazy thoughts sometimes about lots of things and not just their attitude – watch this video to find out more 
  • Write down all the things that bother you about your attitude and workout which one’s you want to change first
  • Is the situation really that bad because anything you tell yourself consistently you will believe
  • The power of the mind really is an amazing thing and you can convince yourself of anything and sometimes all it takes is just a change to your thought patterns in order to change your life
  • How to change your attitude and personality is a really difficult one because quite often or not you don’t need to change. If people are telling you that you do, it is likely that you are unhappy. If you are unhappy then it is not surprising that you are not yourself. Sometimes just finding a new circle of friends that appreciate you as being you can do the trick just as well. 
  • How to change your attitude and behaviour is another different area and can again be about hanging around in the right situations with the right people to encourage you. We often beat ourselves up about things when actually the problem is caused by our environment and not us. Most people are happy and enthusiastic when they are doing things they enjoy and being with people they like being with. So if your circle doesn’t feel like this it might be time to find a new circle. 
  • If you find the need to change your attitude about life in general then it could be for a number of reasons and you might just need a little motivation from someone or your surroundings to encourage you to do better.

Sometimes in life we just have to wake up and make the most of every situation because one day you could look back and go blimey what have I achieved. 

Most people need to be rewarded and recognised for the things they do and if you are not getting this then you don’t have any motivation to change your attitude or your life. The quickest and simplest thing to do is force yourself to do things. 

So if you have been putting of going to the gym – then just go to the gym and once your in a routine of doing it you will enjoy it and won’t look back. But if you don’t do things with a consistent attitude then you will always go straight back to the beginning. 

Life really is what we make it and it can be such a great experience if you realise you are worth just as much as everyone else and deserve happiness in your life too. You just have to keep looking until you find a life you fall in love with then it will make sense. 

Don’t forget to check out my transformation program too there are loads of videos and a daily email to get you pumped up about changing your life forever and moving forward. 

Best wishes Scott

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How can you change your life in just 6 months


I was sitting here thinking just how can you change your life in just 6 months and what I can do to help you get there. You see I completely changed my life around and I feel so good everyday that I wouldn’t ever go back to the way I was even if you gave me a million pounds. 

You see most people just won’t change their life until it is too late and that is pretty common across all people. We wake up everyday, we are really busy, we want things, but we don’t want them enough to really do anything about it. This is something I discuss in more detail in my 60 day change your life transformation program. 

how can you change your life in just 6 months

Because that is exactly what happened to me and I lost everything, then I had to work out how to change my life as quickly as possible too. Otherwise those demons come out to get you and that it is a place that none of us really want to go. 

But lets jump in and work out some ways that you can change your life in just 6mths without having to lose everything first and foremost. 

Think about whether you are happy or not

If you are really not happy in your life and you have done everything you can think possible to change it, then it is likely that you need to move on. Sometimes we have hard decisions in life but if you are not yourself and you are living a compromised lifestyle then that is doing you no good at all. 

All that will happen is that your happiness will diminish over time and you will lose who you are and what your purpose is in life. Which is why I created the first video in my change your life transformation program as being you are the most important person to think about first in your life

If you look after your own happiness then you will be smiling and then everyone around you will be smiling too. But when you are down and unhappy for whatever reason this rubs off on others and before you know it no one wants to be around you and they become grumpy in your presence too. 

So always put yourself first and foremost and that doesn’t mean being selfish because your family, friendships and children should be priority but you cannot give them your all if you are not feeling yourself. 

Change is inevitable and you are better being in control of it

When you are thinking about how to change your life around, change plays a massive part in it. Change can either be something that is done to you or something that you partake in and have input into the results. 

So let me give you an example – you are unhappy in your marriage or relationship but you compromise and stay because it just seems easier than breaking up and going through all the hassle – so you settle for just an okay life. 

Then your partner runs off with someone younger as they recognise things aren’t right. This is enforced change and I can tell you that you do not want this route to happen because it leaves you bitter, twisted and can take a long time to get over. 

But and I am not saying leave your partner by the way either but you see that things aren’t going right – you do everything you can to talk and communicate with them but you can’t agree and know that it will never get better. 

You decide that you should go your separate ways – neither of you have met anyone else but are hurt by the decision. But you can negotiate the house, the kids and everything else because it is a mutual agreement that you are not meant for each other.

This is called controlled change and once you take control you get more positive results. Unfortunately most people go for the first option because they believe meeting someone else first will make all the difference. It doesn’t by the way it just leads to a world of hell. 

So take control of your life through change and be in control of who you have in your life and how your life is going to go. 

Next is learning how to make positive changes in your life

One of the major things in life is to have clarity of your thoughts. I discussed this in the video clarity in my change your life transformation program. One of the reasons we are unhappy is because we think about things when we are already stressed out. 

When you are stressed you play things back and forth in your head and then make irrational decisions because they are based on emotions and not any real thought process behind me. 

Let me give you an example because this is one of the ways that you will be able to work out how to change your life in 3 months

Example – you wake up in the morning and you are rushing around. Your partner is rushing around trying to get the kids ready and the house is just chaos. Your partner is rude to you and you are not happy. 

You jump in the car and rush to work and get stuck in traffic. Then your thoughts jump in and you replay the mornings events. Damn my house is chaos everyone hates each other, my partner is a nightmare and I hate my life.

Now this is easily done but it doesn’t help your situation because there will be loads of other times that your household is a happy one and full of love. 

One of the ways that allows you to achieve a 6 month life transformation is either by turning positives into negatives or  accepting that this was just a bad day and everything will be cool when you get home. 

Ask your yourself why and how you want to change your life around

Most people know why they want to change their life they just cannot make a decision on making the change. That is mainly down to confidence in your decisions and belief in your actions. I talked about this in more detail in this video

The fact is you have to believe in your yourself and the decisions that you make. After all it is your life and even with the great advice you take from people, no one knows you better than you. Once you learn to understand what makes you tick and what makes you happy, life and the way to transform it gets to much easier. But get the basics right first understand how to make positive changes in your life and embrace change by doing the below things

  • Work out what you want to change. Don’t go for everything in one go, although it is good to make a list of everything – you can only change one thing at a time.
  • Work out what you think would be the best path to take to achieve the change or several paths if needed
  • Make a conscious decision that you will put a plan together on when you are going to implement your plan above
  • Stand by the choices you make and do not go back. Going back is easy when you are convinced by others, but if you had clarity on moving forward – keep moving
  • Monitor the change for improvements and see if value has been added by the changes you have made
  • Make more changes that you recognise you want to make and implement the above as fast as you can. 

Look guys the truth is if you want to transform your life as quickly as possible then all you need to really do is take action on whatever you think is the right path to take without hesitation. Go with your gut, wake up one morning and think damn enough is enough I am going to change and I am going to make this work.

I am with you every step of the way in my transformation video if you need the support to help you get there I just cannot make those decisions for you. So if you haven’t taken advantage of it already you can find out more here 

Be good take care and see you soon Scott

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