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9 Tell-Tale Signs You’re A Starseed From A Distant Light System

Are you among those people who constantly feel nostalgic every time you look at the stars, and you can’t explain why? Or perhaps, you frequently daydream about traveling to different galaxies or flying to space and seeing extra-terrestrials. Better yet, maybe you’re among those rare people who feel like they don’t belong to Earth. If you’re feeling one or more of these signs more often, you might be a Starseed from a distant light system. If this sounds new and bizarre to you, this article is for you.

Defining A Starseed

For starters, a Starseed is a person with an old, advanced soul who originated from the stars, distant planets, galaxies, constellations, or anywhere far from Earth. People with these souls tend to have deep spiritual wisdom and possess unique abilities or gifts that ordinary humans don’t have. They’re also believed to have reincarnated multiple times from their past lives on the other planets, and they have descended here on Earth to heal or inspire human beings.

To simply put, a Starseed soul doesn’t exactly belong here on Earth as they’re only sent here to complete a deed or a specific mission regarding the planet’s evolution. Starseeds are often born in places where they’re highly needed, and when one dies, they’re replaced by another Starseed soul.

However, a Starseed can only be of service and activate their special abilities only when they voluntarily go through Starseed awakening. That’s why some people claim that they feel different yet can’t seem to remember their mission or figure out why they’re here for.

Signs That You’re A Starseed

So, how can you tell if you’re a Starseed? Most of the time, people take a Starseed test to help them figure out if they’re one. But besides the test, knowing the signs might also help you understand yourself better and see if you want to go through Starseed awakening.

Here are nine tell-tale signs that indicate you’re a Starseed from a distant light system:

1. You Always Seek For Freedom

Starseed souls are known to be free-traveling souls, which means it’s in their nature to constantly seek freedom and adventure. Thus, one indication that you could be a Starseed is you want to be free and highly value your independence.

You probably don’t like to be stuck in one place for a long time, and you’d rather work on something that requires your creativity or leadership rather than following orders and borders from others. Furthermore, you also love to travel more often than most average persons, and you’re not afraid of becoming a nomad.

2. You Love Learning

While learning is a lifetime process for everyone, you’re the kind of person who loves to dig deeper into anything that most people don’t pay much attention to. For instance, if you get curious or fascinated about something, you’re willing to spend hours, days, or even weeks learning about that thing until you’re satisfied with your knowledge.

You’re also curious about what your next life or next destination will be like. Among the types of Starseeds, the Orion Starseeds are known to be fast learners and would willingly devote their life to doing research and expanding humanity’s knowledge and discovery.

3. You Constantly Crave For Nature

You love nature more than anything, and you constantly crave to be surrounded by living things like tall trees, flowers, or mountains. Thus, it’s always essential for you to take nature walks or hikes every day or go camping more frequently than most people. For this reason, some Starseed souls prefer living in the countryside than in prominent and busy cities, so they can easily bring themselves close to nature anytime.

4. You’re Emphatic

When you’re a Starseed, it’s easy for you to be empathic without even trying or thinking twice. You can effortlessly put yourself into their shoes and feel the pain or other emotions they might have. But with this characteristic, it also makes it easier for you to see the world’s problems and think of ways on how you’d like to help. Not only for humans, but you’re also empathic towards animals and other living things.

5. You Prefer To Be A Vegetarian

This may not be the case for all Starseed souls, but some of you highly value the life and rights of animals. And so, you’d prefer to be vegetarian and restrict yourself from eating meat or other animal products. You’re also firmly against animal factory farming.

milky way, star, with happy girl on the mountain

6. You Love Animals

That being said, you also love animals, and sometimes, they’re even more drawn to you without you even trying. If you’re familiar with Snow White, birds and almost all sorts of forest animals easily get attracted to her every time she sings or whistles to them. Most animals can sense when a person is innocent, harmless, and pure.

As a Starseed, animals find your aura welcoming and heart-warming for them. And eventually, you love them in return and would even prefer their company than most humans. Furthermore, it also brings you much anger and frustration every time you hear or witness anything about animal cruelty.

7. Babies And Children Are Mysteriously Drawn To You

Besides animals, babies and children are also mysteriously drawn to you even if you don’t know them or they’re just strangers you meet on a bus or train. A good example is when you get to sit beside a mother with a baby on your way home, and the baby feels at ease with your presence, or sometimes even smile or laugh when you look at them.

Keep in mind that most babies and children often freak out or cry when surrounded by someone they barely know. So, when kids and babies seem to like you, it could indicate that you’re a Starseed soul.

8. You Sense That You Still Have An Unfulfilled Purpose

As mentioned, Starseeds are sent here to Earth to complete a mission for the planet and human beings. And so, when you’re one, you’re still actively searching about your life’s true meaning and purpose. You also tend to feel uncontented and dissatisfied whenever you feel stuck, useless, or purposeless. You have this strong urge that you won’t stop learning, walking, or exploring even the less-travelled paths until you find your purpose and complete your mission.

9. You’re An Active Daydreamer

Many people daydream as it’s their way of imagining their future or events they want to happen for themselves. But when you’re a Starseed, you tend to daydream way more often than ordinary people. Your daydreams are your way of getting into your creative side. Some Starseeds also tend to daydream a lot as they find Earth pretty dull and exciting, making them imagine other planets or universe that are more interesting and livelier than Earth.

Are You A Starseed?

Hopefully, these signs will make it easier for you to find out if you’re a Starseed soul. Don’t worry if you don’t fit into some of the signs. You don’t necessarily have to resonate with all of them. If you strongly believe that you’re a Starseed, you can start using your special gifts and play a vital role here on Earth by going through a Starseed awakening.

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