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How To Stop Being Annoyed by Someone

Hi there and welcome to our post on how to stop being annoyed by someone. We have all been there and thought jeez will you just shut up, but are those the correct thoughts to have if you want to have a successful relationship with others.

Or will you think that people annoy you on purpose or for the sake of it.

My take is that most people do not purposely mean to annoy you unless they are a bit jealous of you or they are purposely being rude because they think they can be.

Inherently though we all get annoyed by different things right, my step daughter is consistently getting annoyed with my wife because she says she talks with her mouth full. Now my wife is the chattiest person on the planet and hates moments of silence.

She doesn’t open her mouth when she talks and it is not full. But when we bring our kids up we tell them not to talk with their mouths full right?

So if my stepdaughter is getting annoyed by this and my wife can’t help doing it, then who is in the right position? Or is there a right position?

See we have a choice to be annoyed or not about things, most of the time it is our personal interpretation and rules that dictate whether we get annoyed or not.

So something might annoy you but it might not annoy someone else right? What makes someone annoying may be very different to you than it is to that person.

Here are my top tips on how to deal with people that annoy you

  1. Don’t rise to it – If you feel yourself getting annoyed by what someone says, then try and push this feeling out of the way. Unless of course, you are happy to tell them that they are being annoying in the hope that they will stop what is annoying you. This is a difficult one though as I guarantee most of the time the person will take offense and get offended. This can often lead to an argument that you might not want to have. So sometimes it is just better to let it brush off you.
  2. Change the subject – If someone is annoying because of the conversation you are having then it is better to shift the conversation quickly onto something else. If they keep pulling it back then you might have to deal with the part that is annoying you, however. But a quick shift can quite often change the conversation to something a little lighter instead.
  3. Let them know in a polite way – Don’t just jump in with two feet and go jeez man you are annoying the crap out of me doing that. Again this will likely offend someone and we never want to hurt their feelings, we just don’t agree with whatever behavior has kicked off our issue with being annoyed in the first place.
  4. Don’t let it do your head in – Sometimes we can be our own worse enemies by letting stuff go around and around in our thoughts. So we tell ourselves this is really annoying me and the more you say it the worse it gets. So sometimes we just have to take a deep breath and go hmmmmm let that one pass. It is hard to control yourself because you will feel yourself getting irate about it.
  5. Try not to make the situation worse – I love kids and adore spending my time with them but sometimes someone pestering you all the time can really annoy you. This is where you have to instill some patience in yourself and just let things drift out of your mind. If you spend all the time shouting at your kids because they are annoying you, then don’t be surprised if they adopt that behavior themselves. Then when they start shouting back it makes you even more irate, so best to have some patience when this occurs.
  6. What to do if someone is annoyed at you – This happens all the time right? Because everyone gets triggered by different things. Especially when you are in a relationship and getting to know each other. The best thing to do is speak to them about it but don’t be accusational but calming about the best way to approach this moving forward. if you just blurt out what’s up with you I guarantee that will get the persons back up in no time at all. Nothing worse than someone saying what is wrong with you all the time.
  7. Laugh it off – If someone is intentionally trying to annoy you and you are finding it hard to cope with, then just laugh it off. This will make the other person question their sentiments and thoughts because they will realize that it is not annoying you at all. Hopefully, this will stop them from keeping on doing it.
  8. Stay calm – If someone is trying to rile you then just try and be calm about it. Take your thoughts to another place, a peaceful place that allows you to remain in a state of calmness. People cannot argue with a polite calm person because it makes them feel as if they are the one in the wrong instead. Which is exactly how you want them to feel.
  9. Move away – If you really are having difficulty with the situation and feel that you cannot cope. Then simply leave the area and make your excuses. Sometimes we are just not in the mood to put up with stupid, so it really is best just to walk away sometimes and let things settle in your mind.
How to stop being annoyed with someone
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Frequently asked questions about how to deal with people irritating you

  • How do I stop being annoyed so easily? If you recognize that things are annoying you easily then only you can change this. Sometimes we have been educated through life to feel this way so you have naturally picked up some of these annoyances subconsciously. All you can do is be aware that when you are feeling annoyed is to take a step back and think am I really annoyed. Why would I be annoyed by this? Is it really annoying? Can I stop myself from being annoyed? Being aware of our own behavior is a massive big step towards developing ourselves. Also if you are unhappy in life this might be why you are getting irritated in the first place. So it might be just a thing to try and breathe through it and learn good new habits as you move forward.
  • How do I stop being annoyed and weird? Not everyone is everyone’s cup of tea I’m afraid. So you thinking that you are weird, you are probably just not with the right type of people that get you. So don’t be hard on yourself especially if you are young as you are wanting to experience different things that might be different than the norm. Life is about being open-minded, hence the need for the right of speech. Not everyone sees through the same lens, the trick is seeing things through everyone’s lens in an empathic way. When you see why someone might do something you can prepare yourself against the annoyance and get over it. For instance, someone might do something that annoys you, they have no idea that it annoys you and didn’t mean it to either. They could be doing it because they are nervous, shy, in pain, or anything else. So just be a little patient with people but also learn more about yourself and why these things annoy you in the first place.
  • Why do I get annoyed so easily? This could be any number of things, to be honest. It could be that you are grumpy, wrong time of day, taken something in the wrong way, against your morals, thinking the person is an idiot, hormones, and lots of other different things too. So the thing to do is just recognize when you are irritable and try not to push this onto other people. if you don’t it could be that people then label you as a grumpy bum instead.
  • How to stop being annoyed by your partner? if you are in love then you will find a way to agree to disagree on this one. We all annoy each other sometimes, it could be leaving your clothes on a chair, change on the side, toothpaste in the sink. The best thing to do is be open and honest with your partner and tell them why you are getting annoyed. if your partner is clever they will change their habits around your morals. If they are not and keep doing it, then you have to make a decision to live with it or just be annoyed with them every time they do it. We are all different and some people can stop these things quickly and others never will.
  • How to stop being angry at someone that hurt you? Everything in life happens for a reason but nothing is worth letting other people hurt you. If you can then forgive them for what they have done because you don’t know the reasoning behind it in the first place. Unless you have a truly open and honest conversation with someone, you will never get the exact reasoning anyway. These conversations can be hard and take diligence by either of you not getting offended but trying to work out how you can see this through without hurting each other’s feelings.
  • How to keep calm when someone is irritating you? I am probably the calmest person on the planet, on the outside that is. The way I deal with this is when I feel myself getting annoyed or irritated I take a deep breath. When I feel the pressure inside rising my face tends to go red too, so I can feel it like a pressure gauge about to burst. I then just calm my mind by saying, it’s okay, it’s just normal, and keep taking deep breaths. This is hard at first but once you get used to it then it becomes second nature like everything else.
  • Dealing with being annoyed with someone for no reason? We all get this, you can be annoyed with someone who isn’t even there. This is what is called universal thought, our minds are taking in millions of things at any one point. When the mind is unoccupied the little voices pop into our heads, why did they do this, why did they do that, then we try and answer those questions for ourselves. This can be dangerous however because we are making our minds up for someone else that isn’t even there. So at times like this, you need to occupy your mind with either quietness or keep it busy with something else. The important thing is not to repeat the even over and over in your mind as this will drive you crazy. What will be will be and if you need an answer to something, then ask the person involved, and then you will know the true answer.
  • How to stop getting irritated about small things? We can all get irritable and for no good reason. Sometimes we are just stressed or frustrated with things. The important thing here is not to create a bad day for someone else as a result of your issues. Learn to recognise when and why you are getting irritated and follow the tips above for success.

So there you have it all my knowledge of stopping getting annoyed at things in life. If you want help and advice in life and want to live a happy and fulfilling lifestyle then stop by at my transformation program, where I will help you every step of the way at https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

In the meantime have a fantastic life, keep smiling, stop stressing and do everything you can to enrich yours and other peoples lives on a daily basis. All my best wishes Scott

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