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Living A Joyous Life And Being Happy

So today’s question is about living a joyous life and being happy. Is it achievable? Of course it is if you follow the tips given below and implement them in your life too.

Sometimes in life being joyous is a lifestyle and one that can be accomplished when we understand how life works and turn every experience into a positive one. 

Sounds easy doesn’t it but believe me I have searched high and low in life over my 46 years of existence to look for happiness and have finally found it. So have a gander over my tips below and see if they help you live a joyous life too.

My top tips on living a joyous lifestyle

  • Most of our unhappiness in life comes from a lack of communication. One thing I have learnt in life is that when you say something people can take it in a completely different way to the way you explained it. If you cannot talk openly then those differences in thought processes can make a massive impact on your life. So it is often a great idea if you are discussing serious matters with anyone that you go over the key points so everyone comes away with a common understanding of the conversation in hand
  • Relationships need to be nurtured every single day with your partner. I have had two ex wives and a World of pain surrounding that and what I found was you cannot live your life for someone else. They have to want to be part of your life and you have to want to be part of theirs. If you haven’t ever felt true love where you just look at your partner and think OMG you are amazing in everyway and I just cannot stand being away from you. Then you have to look for it and find it. There is no other joyous thing in life than being truly, madly and deeply in life with someone
  • We quite often get caught up in our lives as being unhappy because we haven’t achieved our goals, or life gets boring and tedious. We have thoughts that go around in our heads convincing ourselves we are not happy. The more we convince our conscious minds of something the more we have to try and reverse those thoughts at a later date when happy things come along. I did a video on this as part of the change your life transformation program you can find here 
  • Living a joyous life should consist of being kind to others and spreading love everywhere you go. Putting a smile on your face and enjoying the World around you. People are amazing when you take the time out to say Hi and strike a conversation with them. I did another video about making other people smile here
  • Looking back at your past and seeing it as an education rather than a regret is a great way to understand that life is about experiences. Good or bad everything is there to educate us in the system of life and make us better people. Never be bitter and never live with regrets, you can find a great video here on this subject
  • Always wake up in the morning in a good mood, starting your day with a smile and ready for the day will set you up throughout your busy day
  • Stop rushing around and take things calmly. Rushing around to meet deadlines, traffic, dropping kids of at school will just stress you out. Living a joyous life therefore becomes difficult when all you are worrying about is getting to places on time
  • Have fun with things. Everything you do whether it is boring or not should be fun, put some music on or get others involved so you can chat and have a laugh while you are doing it. Laughing is one of the greatest gifts in life that will raise your spirit and keep you positive in every way
  • Nothing is really important enough to worry about things. Take time to think about your problems and deal with them with clarity in mind. If you make decisions based on your emotions you will quite often just add more stress to your life
  • Organize get togethers with friends and family. Share moments of happiness. Don’t make excuses on this one as we all say we should meet up more and never do it. Family and friends and our integration with them will always bring joy into your life because you are sharing happy times together
  • Have a plan for life. If you are not happy and want to live a joyful life you need to look at what will make you happy. You might not get the answer straight away so try different things and see whether they put a smile on your face or not
  • If you are suffering from anxiety and depression this is probably down to being unhappy. Believe me when you find your happy place this slowly goes away. It is just a process of replacing those horrible thoughts with one’s that are amazing instead. So let me give you an example. I was destroyed when my last wife left me and for days I broke down wondering how I was going to cope with my daughter being taken away from me. Now everyday I live life to the full, I lost 5 stone and replaced all my thoughts with my plans on building a future. I now have no space in my mind for horrible thoughts as I am too busy implementing my thoughts and learning from the experience. Also because I dealt with the divorce in the correct way my ex is happy and so is my daughter and I get to see her and involve her whenever I want to

I know the above can sound easy and it takes time to change your attitude from being unhappy to living a joyous lifestyle. Which is why I put a 60 day change your life transformation program you can find here  together

It is a daily video I send out that coaches you through how to make the changes necessary in your life to live a joyous future. I really want you to live a happy lifestyle because I enjoy seeing people smile so if you haven’t signed up yet please do you will enjoy it. 

Wishing you all the best in living a joyous lifestyle Scott

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