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I Want To Change My Life Where Do I Start

I was sitting around today and thinking about what I should write about and the question “I want to change my life – where do I start” popped into my mind. Mainly because it is a great question that we all ask ourselves from time to time in our lives.

You see life was meant to be fun, we are meant to be happy and live a fulfilled life but quite often or not we fall into a compromised lifestyle where things just do not make us happy.

So in the next section I will give you my top tips on where you can start to change your life beginning today. For me it was the fact that I had no choice too and I now live the life I have always dreamed of by following the change your life transformation program I put together you can find here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

Top Tips On Changing Your Life And Where You Can Start Today

  • The biggest thing you can do to start making changes in your life is to recognize the benefits that change will bring into your life
  • You need to think with clarity on what makes you happy in life and look to find more of those things to add value to your life. If you concentrate on all the things you don’t like the law of attraction will just bring more of that to you. So it is really important you concentrate on things that will make you happy
  • If you hate your job you have two options either make it better and I did a good video on making your job better here. Or you can dust of your cv and get yourself out there and look for a job that will make you happy. After all working is a big part of our lives and if you are not happy doing it then it will have a major impact on the rest of your life.
  • I also wrote another article on I don’t know what to do with my life that you might like and will give you some more ideas on where you should start to change your life
  • If you are in a relationship look at whether you are happy or not. Often we get caught in relationships that sometimes aren’t good for us and we feel like there is no way out. Love is a really important part of life and there is a soulmate out there for everyone. So make sure that you and your partner are loving life together and sharing its experiences
  • Try different things, often or not we don’t know where we want to go in life because we are driven to make decisions about our futures from such a young age. But I am 46 and I still don’t really know what I want in life I just want to be happy and live a fulfilled lifestyle for my kids and my girlfriend
  • You really need to wrap some goals or a plan around what you want and how you can get there. This will add weight to your thoughts and your feelings and will help you keep track on whether the changes you have made will truly bring happiness into your life or not
  • Don’t ever be scared off changing – sometimes it is necessary and it is better to try than regret not doing anything later. So what if we fail, so what if others bring us down. The more we do to make sure we live a fulfilled life the closer we get to achieving it
  • Have the courage and the belief that you can have or do anything you want in life, despite what other people say. I did a good video on your own happiness being the most important thing in life you can find here
  • No one is ever going to be able to change your life apart from you but others will help you on the way if they believe that you are doing everything you can to make positive changes.
  • Talk to new people and find new places to visit and friends to find. The World is full of opportunities with great people to share good times with and you never know who you will meet along the way either
  • Spread kindness, love and happiness everywhere you go. The Universe works like a magnet and if you treat other people well they will treat you well. If you are unhappy then you will stay unhappy. But if you choose to start changing your life in a positive way, you now control your own destiny and can be proud of the journey that you will be taking in life
  • Get on the internet and search for opportunities that might interest you. Find out the question what does life have in store for me. It is so easy nowadays to create a channel on youtube or instagram and get a following on a topic you love. Find a passion and share it with others and you will find that your life will change dramatically based on sharing fun and interesting things
  • Your background doesn’t dictate your future so do not let it hold you back. If you want to do something and you don’t think you can then learn how you can do it better and keep trying until you become good at something
  • Don’t quit trying to make changes in your life. Starting to make the changes is the first step of the journey and you will have some hard decisions and choices to make but if you stay positive everything will work out in your favor
  • Look at your life and see everything that you have done as a stepping stone to where you want to be. See that you are great and you deserve an amazing life and an amazing future. Envision yourself with the dream house, the dream life. What does it look like, can you touch and feel it. Once you create a passion in your mind of what you think your life should look like no matter how crazy it appears just go for it. Work out how you can get those things and start that journey today

All above sounds really easy right but from my experience helping others, there are some major hiccups to getting started in changing your life but that one big step is just starting in the first place.

Then on a daily basis measuring where you want to be against how far you have come. Often or not we are not happy but we can convince ourselves of anything and we can become happy if we notice what things bring happiness into our lives in the first place.

So if you are struggling to make that start or you just need a helping hand then check out my transformation program and I am there with you everyday to give you handy video tips on improving your life.

Good luck in your future journey and I hope everything works out for you best wishes Scott

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