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15 Ways To Change Your Thoughts And Transform Your Life

So today we are going to talk about the “15 ways to change your thoughts and transform your life”. Some of these are examples from how I transformed my life and others from experience coaching and mentoring others.

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Now onto my 15 ways to change your thoughts and transform your life

1 – If you really want to transform your life then you need to understand that your own thoughts control everything you do. Thoughts are an amazing thing and I did a video about what if everything you thought came true you can find here

2 – Controlling your thoughts is paramount in the way you think about things. If you think negative thoughts then your subconscious mind holds onto them and gives you more negatives. The same is true for positive thoughts. If you can turn positives into negatives then you are of too a good start

3 – Make a conscious decision that you want to change your life for the better and start creating a list of things that will help you get there. This list may change over time but having one in the first place is a great starting point

4 – Stop making excuses – this is about controlling your thoughts again. As an example you might want to lose weight and you think to yourself – right I am going to get down to the gym. But the one thing holding you back is your mind telling you that you can’t be bothered and you would rather stay in. Nothing will change in your life if you don’t take positive actions to do something. So stop the excuses as much as you can

5 – You will feel like you are not getting what you want as quickly as you want it. Be patient everything takes time and therefore you need to keep at it until you get the required result. Never quit because it is harder to start again than it is to try a little harder when you are already on the right track

6 – Don’t listen to what other people say. This is not their life it is yours and a lot of people do not like seeing others excel in life and jealousy can be a very strange thing even with people close to you

7 – Try and tackle one thing at a time. If you think your life is awful and you need to change your thoughts and your life then just focus on one key area first. Knock that one out of the park to build your confidence then move onto the next item

8 – You really need to have a plan of what you are trying to achieve against a list of tasks to achieve it. Marking these off as you achieve your goals is a great way to track overall progress

9 – Always put your best self forward. There is no point trying to change your life with half a heart. If you really want to make major changes you have to give everything your all. I did a video on this you can find here

10 – Use the power of your own mind to take control of your thoughts and back it up with a daily routine that brings happiness and concentration into your life. Check out this video

11 – If you want to change your life and transform your thoughts then you probably also need To Change Your Life You Need To Change Your Priorities

12 – Hang around with people that encourage you to make major changes in your life. People that will give you the morale support to get what you want and big you up when you get there

13 – Know that any bad thoughts that try and put you off course need controlling and putting to the back of your mind. These thoughts are only there to question you but when you are 100% sure you are taking the right direction to get to where you want to be these thoughts can be dismissed

14 – Reassess every time you make a change in your life. Was it what was expected and did it give you the result you were looking for. If so then great if not then no worries just try something else instead

15 – Just believe that you are worthy of having a great life and that you are capable of great things. If you find something you are passionate about in life and continue to do it then you will become great at it. When you are great at it others will want to know how you do it and will give you the admiration and feedback you need to keep cracking on

So they are the 15 ways to change your thoughts and transform your life and there is a lot more to it than that. But life is about you and no one else and if you are unhappy and want to change things then for your own sake do it now rather than regret it later.

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Wishing you all the best of luck in your adventures Scott

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