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How To Make The Most Out Of Everyday

It’s hard sometimes to stay in a good mood is it not? There are so many influences everyday that can make you just want to curl up in a ball and pull the covers over your head.

But how do you learn to deal with all the things that could potentially put you off having a good day?

How do you make sure that no matter what happens throughout the day you can keep smiling?

I did a really interesting video you can find here on the topic too. But in the meantime below is my list of everything you can do to make sure your day is full of cheer.

  • Communicating with people is paramount in your relationships with your partner. Friends and children. If they are annoying you the best thing you can do is work out what is wrong and fix it as soon as possible. You can read more about that here.
  • Happiness really is a choice and you can choose whether to let things get you down or whether to rise above it and just keep smiling through it. I did a really good video on why you should smile at others you can find here.
  • Don’t let things get you down. It is easy sometimes to become annoyed with things that happen but when you just overlook them and think damn I am not going to let this spoil my day then things do become easier.
  • Just because someone is in a mood now doesn’t meant that they will be later in the day. You never know what is going on in other people’s minds so give them some space until they come around in their own time.
  • Find a hobby or something you really enjoy doing everyday and you can always look forward to the time you spend doing that.
  • Give yourself some space and time too. Our lives can be so busy nowadays that quite often or not we don’t get any peace and quiet to ourselves. So take sometime out just to unwind.
  • Always think that everyday is going to get better than it is today. That is if you are having a really bad. I was so frustrated the other day it was unbearable and I just had to take off on my bike before I started arguing with everyone for no reason. Sometimes our own frustration just needs dispersing in some way or an other.
  • Learn to give others a little space when they get in from work or arrive home. Sometimes there is nothing worse than arriving home and everyone is jumping all over you when you just need 5 minutes to settle in before you put that smile on your face again.
  • Smiling really is a great emotion and if you are finding that you are in a bad finding somethin fun to do can lift your mood. I love playing with my kids for the simple reason that you can see how much energy they have for life for absolutely no reason what so ever.
  • I always like having a really good morning routine. It tends to put me in a good mood for the day. I did a video here you can watch on setting your good morning routine too.
  • Look around you and see everything with open eyes. When you have the time to enjoy your surroundings and life itself then you can see the beauty that surrounds you. If you aren’t anywhere you can appreciate it this then take a walk into the country and enjoy it there.
  • Phone a friend that cheers you up no end and just have a laugh and a catch up with them. Half the time now we rely on social media or texts or but there is nothing better than a real laugh with your friends.
  • Organize a night out at short notice and go for a well deserved beer or wine with your friends.
  • Put some music on and just have a dance around and act like a goon for a while until you put a smile on your face.

It really really can be difficult to stay happy at times I know that I have been there myself. But now I just take the view that I am lucky to be here and enjoying life and just make the most of it.

When you become bullet proof to other people’s moods and the things that annoy you then you can just take life in your stride.

If you would like some help in enjoying a better lifestyle and overcoming the bridges of unhappiness then join me on my 60 day transformation journey where I will help you get there. You can find out more about it here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

Hope you have a happy and smiley day. Best wishes Scott

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