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Video 17 The Secret To Happiness In Life

As part of the 60 day transformation program this is Video 17 The Secret To Happiness In Life and if you haven’t started the programme yet you can do so by visiting this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk


Hi there and welcome back. So yesterday we talked about meditation and yoga. And I know you wouldn’t have jumped out there and gone and joined a yoga class just yet, but I, hope you did. Check out the meditation machine because it is a, i a really good and useful product. you know, I use it on a train when I’m traveling and all sorts of stuff. you know, you can use it on a plane, whatever, you know that. I absolutely adore it. It’s a wicked machine, you know, check it out. So today we’re gonna talk about the Secret to Happiness.

Yeah. because there isn over a million searches in Google per month, just on people’s searching. How to be happy. to be happy and, you know, I mean, use an example again. Yeah. When I was a kid, we used to go and see my grandma. Now my grandma had a really, really tough time. you know, she worked hard. She was working in the morning when my granddad was at home, scrubbing floors in the marketplace, fishy marketplace or go. And then later on, after she finished caring for my disabled uncle, she’d go out to work again.

She had it really, really hard, you know, did all the cooking, the cleaning, looked after the family. you know, she, she could’ve not been happy, but whenever you seen her, she had the biggest massive smile on her face all the time. She was never unhappy. She was never sad because she loved her kids. She had a purpose in life to bring them up to look after them. you know, she just had fun with everything And. she, she used to trump all the time.

Right. And not very lady like it. I know. Yeah. But when she did it, she, she, she just laughed so loud, right? That the whole room would burst out laughing as well. you know, it’s something me and my family have carried on as we’ve got older to tradition. But I’m not saying you should do that. It still makes me laugh to this day. But you know, with everything that goes on in life, it’s easy for us to feel sorry for ourselves. It’s easy for us to come inside ourselves.

I’ve had a really bad day at work. This has dummy. I’m doing things, I’m going, well, you know, oh, they said this on Facebook about me or so-and-so’s doing this, or so-and-so’s got that. They’re going on holiday. We can’t afford it. you know, you think about it. Yeah. The amount of things that we can say to ourselves for reasons for not being unhappy, it’s unbelievable. We can put ourselves in any state. We’ve talked about that. Yeah. Because whatever we tell ourselves is what state we’ve put ourselves in. you know?

And when you get home, whoever you are with, whether you’re on your own, whether you’re with your family or girlfriends, boyfriends, whatever, you know, it’s really important. That, you don’t bring that back with you. you know, like when you’re going to work and you might have some troubles at home and you say, don’t bring your personal life to work and you can’t, can you? ’cause you’re getting paid for it. You’re getting actually paid for it. So you have to perform regardless of what’s going on inside here or what’s going on at home. So why is it that we bring work things home? And I was unlucky enough with my first wife that I actually got her a job working with me.

Oh my God. All that ever happened was you would talking about work consistently in work, come to work. It was just work, work, work, work, work. Do you know what I mean? And all of a sudden you just find yourself becoming unhappy ’cause you’ve taught yourself into that state. But what happens if you just decide your decision, your mind, you control it to wake up feeling happy to not give a damn about whether you’ve had a bad day or not. We have bad days, we have bad weeks, we have bad months, we even have bad years.

Do you know what I mean? But there’s a saving grace that we know that things will get better, things will improve. Things will, you know, get better if we’re positive and we think about things in a positive nature, you know, we deal with it and then we move on. But it’s so important to keep smiling. Not smile is really, really important thing. How many, how many times do you walk down the street by the way? If you tried it and smile at people? Do you see how many people are naturally smiling every single day?

Not many. ’cause they’re all struggling with the, oh my God, I’m not happy. you know, this is going wrong. What am I gonna do about this? I’m got a new dress for the prom. Or whatever it is that’s doing your adding. You have to stop it. You have to meditate, you have to do yoga, you have to do excitement things. You have to, you know, put a little bit of money away to give yourself a pat on the back. Gratitude, everything else. You wanna wake up in the morning no matter how bad things are. ’cause things can and will always get better. So you visualize stuff, you put a plan together, you envision yourself being happy.

you know, that’s all it takes, guys. That is no Secret. you know, I’ve been depressed, you know, I’ve been on medication for anxiety and stress and all that stuff and you know what, right? I don’t suffer from it at all. Now, not even a blip. you know, I give presentations in front of audiences of 300 people. you know, a coach ’em mentor to people. I don’t get it anymore. Do you know why I don’t get it? Because I don’t care because nothing is important enough to me because I’ve lost absolutely everything twice in my life now that I don’t care about those things.

Those things are unimportant, you know? and if you asked to do presentations as an example, if you don’t like doing them, if they scare you, practice them. Do them more often. Do them more often until you become comfortable with it. Where it’s, when we become afraid of something, when we become afraid of something, it eats us inside. We worry about it. Oh my God, I’ve gotta give this presentation next week. What am I gonna do? What am I gonna say? But what people gonna think? Oh my god, I’m so nervous. Just chill. Don’t think about that.

Think about the presentation itself. Do a good presentation. One That you understand one night you’re comfortable about answering questions with and walk forward and deliver the presentation as well as you can. If people ask you an no awkward question, That you don’t know, that’s fine. you know, you write it down. Great question. Don’t know the answer to that right now. but I will come back to you and I’ll find out. But just cheer. Do you know what I mean? Guys? Just chill. Stop stressing ourselves out. Stop stressing ourselves out. Stop running for the bus stop rushing to work.

Stop rushing around everywhere. Just chill. That’s all we need to do is chill. Relax a little bit. Think about the positive things have happening. Like you’ve gotta give a presentation. Think how well it will go. Think what it’d be like after you’ve given that presentation when it goes great and everyone goes, wow man, that was awesome. That was a great job. Because most people won’t even try. If you try and you deliver something good, you will get massive pats on the back. you know, when my kids were forced into all those situations, like helping to see my daughter, right?

She speaks Welsh in the local village as well. And they put them on stage at like four years old. You know what I mean? Like finding little star lights, start singing Welsh. Oh my God, we didn’t do that when we were kids. But these kids today better educated than us that the brought up knowing that they’ve gotta do these things. you know? But older people like me, yeah, we, we, we didn’t get that type of education. We didn’t get that, you know, encouragement to do well in those specific things. So just get out there, just chill out, stop rushing around, take time to process things.

Smile. ’cause Happiness is a choice. It’s a lifestyle. Guys. Don’t get hooked up on, you know, I’m suffering from depression. You may be today, but you might not be tomorrow. you know, don’t label ourselves with something. Don’t label ourselves that we can’t do this, that we can’t do that we can do anything we want to. But you, you know, it’s like a, you go on a big challenge. Yeah. Or whatever. And at first you try it. Say you haven’t played football for 10 years. Yeah. You still think you’re Aussie r dealers or whoever’s famous today, you know, and go out there and try and play football and you’re absolutely rubbish.

Yeah. Because you’re not gonna be good at it because you haven’t practiced it every day. you know? So if you’re nervous about something, practice it every single day until you become comfortable with it, you know? But don’t let it stress you out. Think about the end result, the positive result, not the negative result. Yeah. And keep smiling. Alright. That’s it. So. I. Need to look now, right? Let me grab this piece of paper. What’s on next video? Because I wrote them all down. ’cause it is a 60 day program. Okay? So tomorrow’s video is gonna be why society has changed and what you need to do to adapt and gain a competitive advantage.

Sounds a bit mystical, doesn’t it? Where it is a, a good thing, And, it will highlight to you, you know how you can keep smiling as well. So look, hope you’re enjoying yourselves, guys. I hope you’re being good. I hope you are, you know, feeling better about yourselves. And I’ll see you in tomorrow’s video. Take care. Bye.

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  1. Scott, you’re great!! So authentic, down-to-earth, FUNNY ?, great sense of irony!!
    Thank you for your videos. You’re helping me a lot and you’ve put a smile back on my face! I have been really LOST + hopeless for quite some time but I don’t want to give up my quest for truth, Beauty and happiness….plus, I have had enough of suffering!!!!!!!
    CIAO from an Italian VERY complex woman who lived 8 years in London ?
    EnzaTheTerrible 😉

    • Hi Enza. What a lovely comment thank you ever so much that has made my day. I love Italy, I worked in Sesto San Giovanni for a short while just before COVID. Lovely people and an amazing place and I am sure that you are just as lovely, even if you are a VERY complex woman 🙂 Wishing you all the very best in life and I hope you get to live everyday with a smile.

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