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Is It Possible To Change Your Life In 30 Days


I thought I would set myself a challenge today and write about whether it is truly possible to change your life in 30 days. Well what if I said it can take 30 seconds to change your life what would you think about that?

To be fair as we live life and the experiences we go through you realize with age that most of us never do anything to change our own happiness until it is too late.

We moan and complain that we want to change but grasping the concept of actually changing it is the hardest piece. So let me tell you my story quickly and see if you can understand that you can can change your life in 30 days or 30 seconds as it is completely up to you. 

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

If you can imagine this yourself – you are working away all week doing 70 hours under an extreme amount of pressure with 45 people working for you.

You have 5 hours train journey to get home but when you do you buy flowers for your wife to say thank you for looking after your daughter whilst you were away. 

You cook the tea and bath your daughter and put her to bed as she loves her daddy and has missed him so much. Then one day the pressure at work gets so much after 18mths of running flat out you go to the Doctors and he says to take a few weeks off to rest. 

Going home you let your wife know and then she turns around and says she doesn’t love you anymore even though you are a great husband and father she would rather live on her own. 

Yup it takes things like this that make you change your life in a split second because you are forced too. Now I was not particularly happily married at the time and I knew things could be better but there was no talking this through with my wife so I had to change my life and in those split seconds of the realization kicking in I did the following things. 

My top tips on how I changed my life dramatically and quickly

  • I put a plan together on changing my life and created a program that I could follow to achieve everything I needed too. You can join the program too here if you need help to change your life
  • I was overweight at the time and decided that I needed to get fit again and started walking everyday to get my thoughts straight amongst other things. I lost 5 stone in 3mths and you can see more in this video here 
  • I made a vow to myself that I would never ever compromise in life again and that I would only accept the best things that life had to offer. I wrote an article about being happy here 
  • When you realize that your life is open to anything that you want and there is no one to hold you back. The feeling becomes quite liberating really as you are free to be anyone you want to be and on your own terms
  • If you want to change your life then you really need to look at it from the outside in and determine whether or not you are ready to make the decision and go for it. If your heart isn’t into you will you only start off badly and probably fail to implement the changes you need
  • You might find that you really don’t know what you need to change to make yourself happy again. This is pretty common but if you are just plan bored of life now is the time to take action in your life and get out there and just what options are available to you
  • It is easy to think the grass is greener on the other side too but often or not small changes in your existing life can bring massive results, like reigniting your relationships, finding a new hobby, going out more, reading and exercise. If you want to change your life then just try some new things and break the boredom 
  • Believe that you are worthy of great things. All of us have a special skill in life it is just finding it and using it to the greatest ability is the hard thing. Once you find something you enjoy and are really good at it is amazing how quickly your life can change for the better
  • The biggest decision you can make is just getting on with deciding to DO IT NOW – stop the excuses, recognize you need to change and just sticking a boot up your bum and getting on with it. 
  • Stop convincing yourself that life is crap and concentrate on how to make it better. You don’t need money to make things better in life as most of the rewarding things in life are FREE
  • Be in control of your own destiny make your own decisions and be guided by your own judgement and make wishes to the Universe of what you want and when you want it by

I know some of the above does sound easy but I know it is not. When you do make a conscious effort however to change your life and stick to the changes you can do it really quickly. The hard part is just saying I need to lose weight and then getting out there and walking for 20 minutes a day.

Once you start forming new habits it takes around 60 days to change bad habits into new one’s. Then when you build a routine around your new habits, whether that is smiling in the morning, being happy, changing things in your life everything will become easier. 

So just give it a whirl and if you need help getting there join my transformation program and I will help you everyday for 60 days to get to where you want to be. 

Have a good one and wishing you all the very best for the future Scott


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