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Video 7 Why You Should Smile At Everyone


This is the seventh video of the training course “Why You Should Smile At Everyone” if you haven’t signed up for the 60 day program yet you can by going to this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

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Video Transcript

Hi, and welcome back to Video Number Seven.
Quick recap on yesterday’s video, so we talked about waking up in the morning, dancing around the bedroom, making yourself feel good, putting a smile on your face, looking smart, going out there with your head held high, and being the best you possibly can be.

So I hope you did that today, I hope you’re walking around looking smart, looking cool, feeling good about yourself. If you’re not, watch the video again and get in there, wake up in the morning feeling happier.

So today’s video is about smiling and being nice to people. So I’m going to use some examples as well. I’ve worked all over the UK, so I have to kind of be nice to people because I always end up in situations where I’m in a new place, I don’t know anyone, I haven’t got anyone to talk to. So naturally what I have to do is I have to smile at people.

I walk to work every morning, it’s funny, right? Because I walk to work and I’ll go, “Good morning!” Some people just go, “Hm? Weirdo. What’s up with him?” Other people, you see their faces light up, you know, “Good morning!” And to be fair, those people walking down the street, those people that you pass by, you have no idea what’s going on in their head, at all.

I met this one guy one day, and he was looking a bit glum, and I made a big point to walk past him, and I said, “Good morning!” And he turned round and he went, “Good morning, mate.” I said, “Are you okay?” Because obviously you say that, you notice someone’s not feeling too good, in focused conversation. This guy was about to top himself that day, he was about to go and take his own life because he was in such a dark place.

So I sat down and started talking to him, I gave him my phone number. He started calling me, I started talking to him about some of his problems and stuff. I’m not a doctor, I’m not a physician, I’ve just been in dark places myself. Eventually this guy, he had so many scary things, he was worried about flying, all sorts of things, his family letting him down, all sorts of crazy stuff going on in his mind. You know what, right? He emails me now.

He’s flying all around the world, he’s got a great job, he’s sorted his life out, he’s happy. But if I hadn’t have taken the time out that day to smile at him, to be nice to him, then anything could have happened in his life.

It’s like, you know, I worked in London for years, and you walk past and you see the homeless people on the street. Those homeless people aren’t homeless because they want that choice to be homeless. They don’t want that. They’re in real bad situations. So even if you don’t give them money, even if you don’t give them food, just recognize them as a person and say, “Good morning! I hope you’re okay.” So they feel just a little bit valued in life. That’s all you have to do, guys. Stop looking at your phone, walking down the street, stop ignoring people. A smile means a world to so many people in so many ways.

If you can smile it’ll make you feel better, and it’s really easy. It’s a bit weird at first because of some of the weird looks you get. But actually, you know, some guy in a pub, I smiled at him one day, started talking to him, and he turned out a bit of a weirdo, he started saying some weird stuff to me. So I said, “Look, if you don’t stop saying the weird stuff, mate, I’m going to crack you one.” You know what I mean? He then spoke to me and said he didn’t think he was being weird, he thought he was being funny, so had a sarcastic sense of humor and he thought he was being funny. So I got to know him and I got talking to him, and actually I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for that conversation.

My dad always taught me, if you want to know anyone, if you want to do anything in life, go to the pub. The people in the pub will talk to you, you’ll meet craftsmen, tradesmen, people will do jobs, people will help you, everything. But you have to go and smile at people, guys, feel good, make other people feel good about themselves, that is part of the law of attraction as well, when you feel good the people around you will feel good, and consequently, if you smile at people, they will smile back at you.

But don’t expect to live a happy lifestyle living in a bubble, looking at your phone, ignoring the rest of the world around you. It’s beautiful, look at it out there, look around, take in your surroundings, look at all the different people, look at how they interact with things, look at, you know, “Oh my god, look at her, she looks well stressed. Look at her, she looks really happy, she’s singing to herself.” You can observe and notice so many things about people.

So yeah, the important thing is, go out there, smile, say hello to people, and make a change in your day, and make a change in their day too, okay? Really important, make sure you remember that one.

So, next one is, how to make your job enjoyable. So if you don’t enjoy your job, and you’re still having problems from the last video where we said, “Stop saying you hate your job”, I will give you lots of different ways that you can see your job in a completely different way than you do today.

So have a good one, guys. Keep smiling, when you walk out the door tonight, big smile at everyone you meet. Try it, and I bet it makes you feel good. See you soon. Bye bye now.

Video 2 The Power Of The Mind


This is the second video of the training course if you haven’t signed up for the 60 day program yet you can by going to this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk 

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Video Transcript

Hi, there, and welcome back to video number two, which is about the power of the mind. But before we move forward, we’ll just talk about yesterday’s video, which is all about just concentrating on you and your happiness. Yeah?

So, if you wanna go buy a BMW convertible, go and buy one. If that’s what makes you happy, go and buy one. You know, if you wanna go out riding your horse, go out riding your horse. You know, do whatever it takes to make you happy in that day, in that month, in that week, whatever it takes. Just keep yourself being happy. Everybody needs something that they can look forward to. You know, you work hard at home. If you’re a house mum, house husband, you know, looking after the kids, cleaning the house, or you go to work all week. You’re working away. You’re working 60 hours. You need something for you to make you happy at the end of the day, and it may be difficult because you might not have something in your life, but just go try different things.

Like I’ve tried, uh, mountain biking, uh, paddling at the moment- I mean it’s paddling, rowing and stuff like that. It’s really interesting. I’m gonna try surfing. I’ve done some sky diving, as well, so I’m gonna get into that. But just try different things until you find something that gives you the ultimate thrill and the ultimate happiness that can keep you going all the way through the week and something you look forward to. Your happiness is the most important thing that you need to concentrate on because, if you’re not happy, no one else around you will be happy, yeah?

So, onto today’s video … is all about the power of the mind. Now, the mind is really a powerful thing, you know, and it’s easy to get caught up, you know, and this is where you get to dark places and why it’s so hard to get out of them is because subconsciously we keep telling ourselves that we don’t like things or we’re not happy with things or we’re worried about things all the time. You know, we hate our job. We hate our lifestyle. We can’t see how we can get out of it. You know, when you constantly tell yourself that all the time, you can believe anything, absolutely anything.

You can make the weirdest stuff up on the planet, and you will believe it. You really will believe it, and then panic and the anxiety starts because you’re like, “Oh, my God, you know, this is really happening,” when it’s not real. It’s just stuff that we’ve told ourselves. It’s just thoughts, little thoughts that go on on our, in our mind.

And it’s like, you know, in the age of the dinosaurs. It’s like the fight or flight mechanism, they call it. You know, so a dinosaur comes up, and, oh, my God, you’re gonna poo yourself, you know? And then you’re gonna run off. That’s the flight mechanism. Or you’re not gonna have the fight mechanism with a dinosaur, but alternatively in life, if you feel threatened, if you feel as if you’re anxious, it’s because that fight and flight mechanism comes in because you’re not happy with the situation. And it might not be the situation that’s got anything to do with it whatsoever. It could just be that the trigger in your subconscious mind has kicked it off.

Like, for me, I got divorced, uh, first time, uh, because I was driving all the time, I handled the divorce really well, but unfortunately, it took the stress out on the driving. I had an anxiety attack when I was driving on the dual carriageway. Really put me off, but it had nothing to do with the driving. It was the consistent messages going round in my head all the time, now. “Oh, my God. What am I gonna do? I hate this. I hate that. I hate my lifestyle. What am I gonna do. I need to change this and the other,” and before I knew it, I pushed myself right over the edge, and I did it while I was driving a car.

You know, so, the power of the mind is unbelievable. You know, if you look at something and you don’t like something, you can convince yourself of that. If you look at something alternatively that you like it, you will like it.

It’s just about programming how we think about things and getting used to not saying negative suggestions in our mind because the power there is just enormous. You know, if you say, “I hate waking up in the morning, I hate going to work,” you’re gonna hate it.

You’re gonna hate it. And the more that you say it, the harder it is to shift. So, even if you went to work, um, they gave you a ten grand pay raise or whatever, you still wouldn’t enjoy your work. You might be happy for a couple of weeks when you enjoy spending the ten grand, but ultimately you won’t because it’s embedded in your mind, and you can’t get rid of it.

So, you need to concentrate on what your thoughts are, and I know how crazy those thoughts can be sometimes. Well, sometimes what you have to do is just distract yourself. Take your mind away from it, and it’s like with kids, you know. They hurt themselves. If you distract them, “Oh, there’s a pig in the sky,” or whatever, you know, they, they will come round eventually. They’ll see the funny side, and it’ll take the pain away.

But, as we get older as adults, we take things more personally. We store more things. We worry about more things, and we really need to address those things straight away so we’re not worrying about them, so we’re not telling ourselves we hate our job.

Any of those thoughts that come into your head, if you can recognize how often you do it and what those thoughts are, you can stop doing that. But it takes time, yeah. It takes about six weeks to change a habit, and that’s why this is a 60 day program, and it’s step-by-step, so that you can understand how to connect your mind to your body to the universe. Keep smiling and deal with all them silly thoughts. Program your mind in the right way, a positive way. Keep smiling. Enjoy life and be happy moving forward.

So, the next video is what if everything you thought came true? Now think about that. Yeah? So, think about it until the next video. What if everything you thought in your mind came true? And I’ll see you in the next video. You take care. I’ll see you soon. Bye, bye now.

Video 5 Finding Clarity


This is the 5th video of the training course “Finding Clarity” if you haven’t signed up for the 60 day program yet you can by going to this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

Please feel free to share or leave comments below.

Video Transcript

Welcome back to video number five on clarity and innate thinking. But we’ll just recap on yesterday, because we were talking about, what about if everything you thought came true? Yeah, so I hope you’ve had a think about that from yesterday, because again, some of the things that we do think do come true, so be careful what you wish for, even bad things, do you know what I mean?

Good things can come true as well, which we’ll come to later on in the video series. But just bear it in mind, guys, yeah? Whenever you’re thinking bad things, switch it off, be positive, yeah? If you want good things to come true, keep thinking good things.

But today is all about clarity and innate thinking. So life is a nightmare, yeah? It is hard. Everywhere you go, it’s busy as anything, you know, bumping into people, you’re at work, you’re under pressure, you’re at home, there’s loads of things to do; oh my god, how are you going to get everything done? What’s going on? You’ve got people questioning you, people talking to you. You know, it drives you insane, it drives you absolutely insane.

So I got made redundant after 17 years and it took me about nine months to get another job. So I got a really great job, absolutely loved it, I got sent down to London within the first week, kind of got promoted, they gave me this job to run to install all the Windows 10 machines for the Ministry of Justice across the UK. So it turned out it was like a 15 million deal. I had to build a team of 45 people. From the moment I got into work at half past seven, oh, not from half seven actually, I got in at half seven because it was the only time I could get anything done, there was a queue of people trying to get hold of me.

The Messenger app that I had, there was like 10 people on there, my phone was ringing, I was supposed to be at meetings, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, all the time.
I come home at the weekend, I have to look after my daughter, she was blah, blah, blah, blah, and my wife, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It was just crazy, man. Never, ever, ever been in a situation like that in my life.

It’s situations like that that cause you not to be able to think properly. You know, I’m here all on my own, with a broken arm at the minute, as you know, and I’ve had lots of time to think, and I’ve also been reading some great books as well, and this one is an unbelievable good book, I’ve put a link to it below the video, it’s called Clarity, and it’s all about clearing your mind, back to before …

Video 4 What If Everything You Thought Came True


This is the fourth video of the training course “What If Everything You Thought Came True” if you haven’t signed up for the 60 day program yet you can by going to this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

Please feel free to share or leave comments below.

Video Transcript

Welcome back. (Laughing). So yesterday, I said it was video four, and I got it in the wrong order, and it should have been video three. So, today’s video three, but we’ll call it video four. Okay? So, I don’t get confused.

So, this is day four. It’s the fourth video anyway. So, this one is all about what if everything you thought came true, but let’s just recap on yesterday, yeah, because we were on about crazy thoughts, yeah, and, and they aren’t nice and, in all seriousness, yeah, they can set you off all day for sure. But it’s like with a child. You know when a child starts screaming, and, you know, they’ve hurt themselves, if you distract them and say, “Oh, look at that pig in the sky,” they’ll look around and they’ll start laughing eventually. Might not do it straight away, but they will because distraction techniques really work well, yeah.

So, whenever you’ve got them crazy thoughts coming into your mind, distract yourself with something funny, something crazy and just switch your thinking, yeah. It doesn’t happen straight away, but it will happen over a period of time. The more that you practice it and the more that you’re aware that you have got an option to switch your thoughts when you start thinking those things it works, so give it a go. Yeah?

But today is all about what if everything you thought came true? And you know I like giving examples, so, uh, let me give you the most recent one, yeah? So, kinda the, there’s a lot going on at work at the minute. It’s really, really pressurized. Yeah? Really, really important time at work and a lot of people have come down with stress. So, uh, the boss phones me the other day, and he says, “Scott, you know, we’ve got all these people awfully stressed. Make sure you don’t go off your okay aren’t you,” and I said, “Yeah. You have got more chance of me falling off me mountain bike.” Yeah? Now what happens? Two days later, the face plant happened. Yeah. (laughs) I had to phone my boss on Monday and explain to him. Now, unfortunately, I must have jinxed myself. Uh, you remember that word? Jinxed? Yeah. (laughs) We can do it to ourselves quite a lot, yeah?

So, there’s lots of times when you think things, it does happen, yeah? So, if I said to you if everything you thought came true, what would you think? What would you actually think about? What would you wanna think in your mind? Would you wanna think, “Yeah, man. I could win the lottery today. Yeah, man. I’m gonna get a Ferrari tomorrow. Yeah, man. I’m gonna go to the Bahamas next week,” or would you think, “Oh, my God. Do you think I might die next week?” No. You’re not gonna say that, are you?

Would you say, you know, uh, “I’m a gonna go lose all my money next week.” No. You wouldn’t say that either because, if you knew every single thought about you have in your mind could come true, you would do anything you could not to think bad things, not to think anything bad at all.

And that is, to some degree, the way that the law of traction works, and I’m not gonna go into that now ’cause that’s another topic later on, and this is a step-by-step process, but just think about it, guys. Sometimes just thinking about things that you say, things that you do and how they connect to your real word, yeah. How they connect to your real world.

I’ll give you another example, yeah. Uh, my wife, big horse lady, always out on a horse, always out until she was quite pregnant, as well. Very safely, by the way. But, uh, we went into the hospital one day. She was perfectly fine. Just for a routine checkup ’cause the doctor’s wasn’t open. When we got there, uh, we found out that she had low blood platelets, and that my daughter was the wrong way round, as well. So, she immediately got kept in hospital, yeah? What was her biggest fear about having a baby? Her biggest fear was that she wouldn’t be able to ride her horse, that she wouldn’t be able to get on that horse immediately after she’d had that baby.

So, the next few days were a nightmare, yeah. My wife got rushed off. You know, the, she had a cesarean under morphine because she couldn’t, give birth naturally, but she couldn’t have, uh, normal drugs because her blood was too thin, so she had to have an operation. She was really, really ill for a few days. And then my daughter was born. We went home five days later, and we had the worst, worst snow ever, yeah? But we were lucky, really, really lucky because my daughter was due to be born that week. With all the complications that my wife had, if we had been in a position where that hadn’t been recognized, we could’ve been stuck at home in a deep snow in real big trouble, yeah.

But the story is, guys, is sometimes when you connect some of those bad things that happen to you, we think those things in advance of them happening, so it’s always, always, always best to think positive things, positive of every outcome that happens.

There’s a reason for it, but always think good things, yeah. Don’t start putting seeds in your mind about, “Oh my God, what about this? Oh my God, what about that? Oh my God, what about that” because, actually, you can make those things happen. So, be conscious in your mind what you’re doing, and when you do that, turn it into a positive thought. “No. That’s never gonna happen. That’s just silly.” Boom. Move on. And then do something else, yeah. Take your mind off it, but do not think negative things all the time. It takes a while to train yourself to do that again, but, once you start turning those negatives into positives, every thing starts to become cool.

So, the next video is why clarity and innate thinking will help you more than anything else, yeah? So, we’ll discuss that in the next video, and I’ll see you very soon. Have a great day. Ta ta now.

Video 3 Why Everyone Is Crazy In The Same Room

This is the third video of the training course if you haven’t signed up for the 60 day program yet you can by going to this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk
Please feel free to share or leave comments below.

Video Transcript

Hi there, and welcome to day four. So, yesterday we talked about what if everything you thought came true. Yeah? So, that was about trying to think positive things and not negative things in your life, so that, you know, you convince yourself of bad things all the time because it goes round in your head and round and round and round, you know, and you can convince yourself that you either hate something or you love something just by telling yourself consistently on an ongoing basis what’s going on.

So, I hope you took that lesson in because it is an important one. Today’s lesson is all about the fact that everyone in the same room is just as crazy as we are. Yeah? Bit of a weird one, but let me explain, yeah? So there was a study done. Um, they were talking about how people react, and, ah, oh, by the way, if it is a little bit windy, I needed a bit of fresh air today. I’m getting a bit house-bound, so I thought I’d come outside and just get some fresh air for a bit.

But anyway, they said, like, if you take a doctor’s reception as an example, yeah, and, uh, you walk into the doctor’s, you sit down, there’s like 15 or there are 20 people in the room, and it’s normally quiet an awkward silence of … Nowadays, it definitely is an awkward silence ’cause most people are kinda flicking on their phones. What’s going on on Facebook? What’s happening with this? What’s happening with that, you know, and they’re not very conversational, whereas years ago, you probably would have found that there were situations where people might talk to you.

But what they said is that, if you plugged everybody into a speaker within that room, then you would think that absolutely everyone in the room was crazy. Because, you know, you think strange things sometimes. You know what I mean? You don’t even know where they come from, but you could be sitting there just, you know, all smiley. You could be sitting there thinking, “Did I leave the cooker on? Hm. What time am I supposed to pick the kids up? And we do it … What happens if I don’t get back in time, and I miss my meeting,” and, uh, all sorts of strange things, really. It’s just amazing what your mind can conjure up when it’s not kept busy.

You know? And that’s where one of the difficulty comes in, understanding what those crazy thoughts mean and how it’s processing ’cause the crazy stuff, it can get real, real crazy, as well, if you’re not in a good place. Yeah. Some of those thoughts are not nice whatsoever. But the thing is is they are just thoughts. They are just your mind wandering off and questioning yourself about things and asking you about stuff and bringing things into your mind. Some of it can be around worry. So, if you’ve left things in the closet that you’re consistently worrying about, then, yeah, they’re gonna come back to haunt you.

But it can just be innocent thoughts. They may not seem like innocent at the time, but that’s what they are. It is just you talking to yourself is the strange thing. That’s right. It’s that sometimes we talk to ourselves, and it’s us that drive ourselves crazy. Why? Silly isn’t it? We’re in charge of our own minds, you know so why do we drive ourselves crazy.

So the quickest and easiest way to do it is take your mind off it and switch your thoughts. If you get a weird thought, and I mean a seriously weird thought, you just laugh. You know? I’ve had some strange thoughts even today. It’s like, you know, um, “Oh, my God. What happened if I tripped and banged my arm? What happens if I die next week?” All sorts of strange stuff, you know? There’s no limiting factor to what you’re gonna think of in your mind sometimes, but sometimes, if you recognize that it is just a thought and that’s all it is, doesn’t matter how bad it is, you just laugh and say, “You’re crazy, fool. You’re crazy, man. You’re nuts,” you know, and make yourself laugh.

Distract yourself from it and think about something else. Look at the person over there, and say, “Wow. Yeah. Love your pink socks, dude,” or anything that can take your mind off what those thoughts are doing to you because they’re just silly, but the good thing is is, once you learn to control them, and once you learn for them to become a positive thing, all those thoughts start to, you know, turn to good thoughts, productive thoughts, great thoughts. You wanna come out, you know. Yeah. I’m gonna smile. Man, I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna have a great day. I’m gonna feel happy. I’m gonna get on. I’m gonna do that. 

You have to be aware that they are just thoughts. That’s all it is. Yeah? It’s just a weird thought, no matter how weird it is. So, just don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about what your owns thoughts are saying about you. Excuse, uh, the couple of cars. I don’t normally get cars coming past here, but today I have. I should’ve asked them for a lift to the shop for a bottle of wine seeing how I can’t get out with my arm. (laughs)

Okay. So, listen. Control your own thoughts. Don’t worry about them. If you get them scary things in, distraction, yeah. Smile. Laugh. Do whatever. Just take your mind off it. Focus your attention in a different way.

So, the next video tomorrow is gonna be why clarity and innate thinking will really help you move forward, yeah. Okay? So, think about that for a while. Go away and start laughing and joking about your own weird thoughts that are going on in your head, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Video 9 How To Get Anyone To Do Anything For You


This is the ninth video of the training course “How To Get Anyone To Do Anything For You” if you haven’t signed up for the 60 day program yet you can by going to this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

Please feel free to share or leave comments below.

Video 6 Waking Up In The Morning


This is the sixth video of the training course “Waking Up In The Morning” if you haven’t signed up for the 60 day program yet you can by going to this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

Please feel free to share or leave comments below.

Video Transcript

Hi again, and welcome back. So we’ll do a quick recap of yesterday, we’re talking about clarity of mind. Taking time out just to process your thoughts, just to think, just to make good decisions and if you do that, then the answer will always walk through the door the next day, the right answer, the one that you’re comfortable with, the one that you don’t have to worry about. So I hope you put that in place last night and from today, make sure you are getting that time.

So today is about why waking up in a morning is the most important thing. So again, six months ago … I’m going to use an example, I started … no, not six months ago, 18 months ago, I started the job in London and at first, it started going really well yeah, because I was going the gym every day, half five, I was feeling pretty good and stuff and then as I said, all the stress started to build up and those 45 people that I employed, some of those I’ve worked with before, so we were all staying in hotels and things.

So after a while, everyone was like … you’re in London, go for a pint, “Yeah, let’s go for a pint.” You start work at half seven, finish at half seven. So what happened was, I just ended up going drinking every night, eating three course meals every day and I got fat as a house.

The train journey … I’m like six foot tall so I was cramped within the seats on the way down here, so by the time I got there, my knee was hurting me, my Achilles tendon was hurting me, I was limping around, I was pulling my trousers up all the time because I’d gotten so chubby and stuff.

It wasn’t good. I remember I used to go back the hotel, I used to look in the mirror, I’d look at my belly and I’d think, “Oh my God, what have I done to myself? What have I done to myself? This has got to change, man.” That’s where this comes from because now, in the past six months, I’ve lost five stone. Under here, I’m pretty ripped by the way, I’m about 13 stone, or I was pretty ripped until I did this, so it’s put me off exercise for a little bit until I can work out how to do one arm stuff anyway and at least I’ll have this side still in touch anyway.

No, the important thing is, when you get up and look in the mirror in the morning, you look at yourself and you go, “Man, I look good dude.” You have a shave, you wash yourself up, you make yourself feel good, you jump out of bed, stick some nice music on and I know it’s hard when you got kids running around you but when your kids come in your room go, “Good morning,” and just cheer yourself up because a good start to the day is the best start ever.

If your partner is difficult and walking around going, “What you so happy about eh? What’s making you so happy?” But you have to ignore that, you have to ignore that, that’s not you. That is not you. But if you wake up in the morning and go, “Oh no, I don’t want to go to work, look at me man, I’ve got more gray hair, look at my belly, look at me, I’m not happy. God, I need some new clothes, I look awful, my shoes are knackered.” How do you think you’re going to feel when you walk out the door? You’re going to feel crap, aren’t you? You’re going to feel crap.

You know what, right? You can buy a pair of trousers, you can buy a shirt, blouse, shoes or whatever for five quid, 10 quid from Matalan and Primark and all that stuff nowadays so you don’t have to wear expensive clothes, but just make yourself look good. Get up in the morning, make yourself look good. If you haven’t had a haircut for a while, go get a haircut. Do anything to make yourself feel good because when you jump out of bed, you want to be ready for the world, you want to be smiling. You want to walk out the door and go, “Look at me dude, I look great.” Know what I mean?

It’s like, even for work, I’m the only person that wears a tie because everyone else likes the open collar. I wear a tie because it makes me feel good. Makes me feel important, it makes me feel like I’m going to do an important job and whether you like it or not, people respect you more because they think, “Hey, he’s got a tie on dude, he must be really important.” Yeah, so they treat you differently but when you look after your appearance, when you look after yourself, when you feel good about yourself, then you can walk out the door with a smile, you can walk out the door with your head held high.

Yeah, some days we have bad days, but the majority of the time just wake up with a smile. Stick your best songs on, dance around the room, do whatever, give your kids a hug, give your wife a hug, give your girlfriend a hug, your husband, whatever, whoever it is. Just wake up and feel good and go, “Today is going to be a great day.”

So do anything you can to make that happen, just try it. Even if you don’t feel like it when you wake up in the morning, or even this morning if you’re watching this video now, just go, “Damn, I’m going to make myself feel good man. Do my hair differently, put a bit of gel in it, shave beard.” Do whatever but make yourself feel good because it’s the most important start of the day. Really important lesson, always make yourself feel great before you walk out the door, okay?

Next lesson is going to be smiling and being nice to everyone. So I’ll see you in the next video. Remember in the morning, wake up, jump around the bedroom, naked if you want, dance around, do whatever, look in the mirror, look cool.

If you’re worried about your weight, if you’re worried about money, all of that stuff, we’ll address those things in later videos. So don’t worry about all that, okay? I transformed myself in six months, you can transform yourself in less than six months so it’s all going to be good. Think about it, make yourself feel good, be good every day. See you tomorrow.

Video 21 – Change Your Mindset Change Your Life


This will be the twenty first video in the series of the transformation programme “Change Your Mindset Change Your Life” and if you haven’t started the program yet you can do so by visiting this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

Video 33 Live Life With Love And Respect For Everything Around You


Hi there and welcome to video no 33 “Live Life With Love And Respect For Everything Around You”. This is part of the overall transformation journey you can find here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

The World is an amazing place and so are people and nature once you open your eyes and see the beauty all around you. This video discusses why you should just take a deep breath open your eyes and enjoy it.

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Video 11 The Law Of Attraction


This is the eleventh video of the transformation program “The Law Of Attraction”. If you haven’t already joined the program you can do so by clicking here https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk 

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Video 31 Help Someone Today And See How Good You Feel


Hi there and welcome to video 31 of the transformation series that you can find at this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk

This video is all about helping others and that we should do everything we can in life to be kind and considerate to others because it will boomerang back to us in a positive way. Also people need our help sometimes and it doesn’t take much to put a smile on a persons face and yours after helping them with even a small thing.

Enjoy the video and feel free to share if you like it

Video 22 – How To Make Your Kids Respect You


This is video twenty two of the transformation series and is a mixture of how to live a happy life with your kids and also an update on my personal transformation journey too and the amazing things that have happened to me since recording this series and how they can happen for you too if you really want it badly enough. So enjoy “Video 22 – How To Make Your Kids Respect You” and if you haven’t started the transformation journey yet you can do so by visiting this link https://changeyourlifeforever.co.uk


Video 27 – Forgiving But Not Forgetting


So this is the 27th video as part of the overall 60 day transformation program that goes into “Forgiving But Not Forgetting”. It is easy to eat ourselves up inside when someone does something terrible to us or a situation presents itself in a negative way.

But the longer you hold onto these feelings the longer it takes to bounce back and live the life that you justly deserve. So watch the video for more details about how you can forget about all those horrible things and move on in life.

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Video 29 Opportunities Will Come When You Least Expect Them


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I hope you enjoy it

Video 24 Be The Best That You Can Be


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Video 17 The Secret To Happiness In Life


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Video 25 Living Life with No Regrets


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Video 18 Why Society Has Changed


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Video 23 How To Have The Perfect Relationship


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Video 19 Always Believe In Yourself


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